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The Elemental War - Just_a_guy

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

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Act10 Aftermath|Unkown location, Canterlot and Canterlot High

Welcome to part 2 of a My Little Pony 2 part episode. I apologize for not revealing Twilight's fear on the Last Chapter because when I wrote the ending it felt like the ending of Infinity War of when Drogon sat down looking at the sky. Also I forgot to add it due to being a "fast" writer. Let's continue to where we left off, starting with Twilight's fear.

In the gauntlet Twilight woke up and stood up. All she sees is black everywhere. She said to herself

"where am I? Is this the gauntlet?"

She blinked and she sees Canterlot in ruins and many corpses of other ponies. She walked in fear and sees her friends dead on the floor. There were Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Jack and finally Spike. She was shocked to see her friend's gone from the world. Just then she sees Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Flurry Heart mourning over the lost of every pony. She walks to them and tries to speak to them but Celestia looked at her first and started saying to her

"I can't believe it, I taught your a gifted pony with many talents but I was wrong. You failed to protect every pony and even failed to protect the Elements. Because of this you are no longer my faithful student and I will strip away your Alicorn power!"

Celestia uses her magic and takes away the magic putting it in an amulet she was wearing. Twilight lost her wings and is now tearing up on the floor hugging Spike's corpse, she knows that she truly fail to stop Drogon. This is her fear of failing everything.

Let's go back to Spike and Thorax and see how they're doing. Spike and Thorax were out of their Train (because they found a train station) and started walking in the desert in the middle of the night since Celestia is being held hostage by Drogon and that Luna faded away. Spike didn't feel sleepy because he slept on the Train and Thorax was worried of what happened at Canterlot.

Spike said to Thorax in a calm accent

"according to the map it should be at some sort of house here with a pony symbol. I never seen anything like this Thorax"

Thorax looked at the map and figured out what the building is

"Spike it's not a house, it's an out-house. It serves as a place to pee or poop."

Spike was surprised and disappointed by the style of an evacuation center that Twilight has chosen. Because of this he asked himself

"why would Twilight choose an out-house for an evacuation center? It's too small!"

After saying this he bumped into an out-house which looked like the one in the map. Thorax said in relief

"wow we are finally here! But this is small for an evacuation center. How could every pony fit in one out-house?"

Spike got back up and wen't to the door to enter the out-house. When he looks inside the out-house he sees nothing but a toilet and a big lever (which is used to flush the toilet) which is unusual since most levers are small. Because of that, Spike became suspicious. Spike said to Thorax

"Thorax come in here! I think I know how to get to the real Evacuation center!"

Thorax was surprised by this, he goes inside the out-house and stays next to Spike. Spike flushed the toilet and something happened. The floor started to become like an elevator and started descending somewhere. Thorax and Spike looked at each other and they were excited to see what it looks like.

When they finally made it down the room looked like a modern home with bright but not bright light. There were cabinets of foods all labeled and organized like Twilight would do at her home. There were restrooms, dorms and even books everywhere. But the best part about the place is that there are lot's of Ponies who evacuated but there is something off about the Ponies. For one there are some ponies who aren't there since Drogon made half of the Ponies and other creatures from different universes faded away from existence, thats just it.

Starlight looked at Spike and Thorax and was surprised to see them. She told them

"Spike? Thorax? I can't believe you 2 are here! there is something I need to tell you!"

Spike asked what it could be and this is Starlight's response.

"Something happened to the other ponies, I saw that some of them faded away like dust. I don't know how this happened but this is something we need to figure out right now Spike and Thorax."

Spike and Thorax taught hard of what happened until they finally figured it out. They looked at each other with sad faces and they knew if they tell the other Ponies, they would be sad. Spike said to Starlight

"I think I know how this happened. Drogon did this. He succeeded in getting all the Elements and wiped out half of existence. I think the Twilight and the others are already dead or something."

Starlight and almost every pony was shocked to hear that the villain won because they all believe that the Mane 6 would always win. Starlight taught of what Spike said and she was sad. Spike and Thorax still had hope to defeat Drogon so they started to have a speech. Spike said to every pony

"every pony! I know what it feels like to loose and see the consequences of failure, but this is no time to be sad and be hopeless. We still have to stop Drogon and restore every pony starting by listening to us."

Thorax started to speak after Spike said that.

"All we need to do is to assemble a team of fighters who knows how to fight with their hooves or magic. For example me, Starlight, Trixie and Discord teamed up to defeat Chrysalis and free the Changelings from her wrath."

Starlight, Trixie and Discord walked forward. Discord said

"yes of course us! We are like the mane 6 but just 4 of us! How about I go to this Drogon guy and take him out myself?"

Spike heard this and replied

"no Discord! It's too risky since he has all 6 elements and there's a chance he can turn you into stone!"

Starlight started talking to discord saying

"Spike is right! Maybe we need to stick together and take him down as a team."

Discord taught of this and just nodded at her which means he agrees to what she was saying. Trixie also started talking.

"Spike is right! If we wan't to stop Drogon we need to have a team up and make a group!"

Zacora stepped forward and said

"I shall join to save pony kind!"

Sunburst also stepped forward holding Flurry Heart and said

"me too! and I think Flurry want's to join but I'm not too sure about that"

Just then A.K. Yearling stepped forward and said

"me too because Rainbow Dash is my friend and if she's gone I need to get to the bottom of this. Also because I don't wan't a world ruled by a visitor. Also I am Daring Do!"

She takes of her clothes and she reveals to every pony that she is in-fact Daring Do. Almost all of the Ponies were shocked to see that their favorite writer is really Daring Do.

Spike talked to Sunburst asking him

"why would Flurry wan't to join? She is only a baby Alicorn"

Sunburst responded

"maybe it's because of your speech. Anyways I know a place where ponies can have their desired age. So we need to bring Flurry Heart there to make her older to fight Drogon."

Spike and Thorax discussed about this and they finally got their final answer. Spike said to Sunburst

"sure. Make sure Flurry is still alive"

Sunburst nodded. Starlight started suggesting something to Spike

"Spike I have a suggestion. I suggest we bring Sunset Shimmer and the counter parts of our friends."

Spike thought it would be a good idea to bring them in since they are the only elements of harmony left. He asks Starlight

"where is the portal?"

Starlight took Spike and showed him where the portal is. It is at the end of the room they are on. The portal is still intact and nothing has been changed. Spike said to Starlight

"you should go. Twilight told me you were in there before, so you need to convince Sunset and the other to help us."

Starlight nodded and entered the Portal.

Canterlot High is always the same with the same average human counterparts of the ponies in Equestria. The statue was always the same since we last saw it. Starlight finally exits the portal and transforms to her human form. She starts walking using her 2 legs trying to find Sunset. She enters the school and she notices there weren't a lot of students wandering. There are only a few students roaming around the halls during recess and most of them are chatting about something which involved some students.

Starlight ignored the chatting of the other students since she is focusing on trying to find the 7 friends. When she wen't to another corridor she hears a familiar voice that she knows. It was Sunset Shimmer talking to Human Twilight and they were walking where Starlight is at but they don't even notice her. Sunset said to Twilight

"It's so strange that there are lot's of students absent."

Human Twilight responded

"I know. I was trying to find some specific people to do this survey but majority of them are absent."

Sunset jokingly says

"I think it's zombies who are just here or some more Equestria magic trying to kill us!! Lol"

Just then Sunset and Starlight bump into each other. Starlight looked at Sunset and felt bad for her that she says to her

"sorry Sunset. Let me help you up."

Starlight helped her got back up. Sunset and Human Twilight noticed her so fast that they were surprised to see her. Sunset said to her

"Starlight! Wow it's a surprise to see you. You should have told Twilight you were coming. What are you doing here?"

Twilight added

"and did you notice that there were less students?"

Starlight said to the 2 of them

"to answer Twilight's question, yes I notice less students and I know why. It's because a certain someone in our place done this. He stole all the elements of Harmony and made half of the population of every universe wiped out!"

Sunset and Human Twilight were shocked by this that they looked at each other TWICE. Starlight continued talking.

"That's why we need you and the other 6's help."

Sunset then asked Starligt

"wait that means our versions of the mane 6 will encounter their counter parts."

Starlight then responded

"don't worry, they won't run into their counter parts. They will only meet their counter parts when the mission is finished."

Sunset nodded. Human Twilight started to get excited to visit the other world.

"Oh and Twilight don't bring Spike. We already have a Spike"

Starlight added. Twilight asked Starlight

"what is it like to be in your world?"

Starlight was surprised to hear that question from Human Twilight. She then responded

"Oh it's really magical! Every pony looks really cute, there are other beings besides humans and you can fly if you are lucky to be a Pegasus or an Alicorn! But I can guess you can be an Alicorn."

Twilight got even more excited to see Equestria that she can't hold it in. A few minutes later the Mane 7 gathered outside the school waiting for Starlight Glimmer. Just then Starlight got out of the school with some news for the Mane 7.

"Girls I told Principal Celestia and sh agreed to let you guys go and miss a few classes."

Rainbow Dash was happy to hear this that she said

"aw yeah!!! No class for us today!!"

Pinkie Pie also cheered with Rainbow Dash but in a more exciting way. Starlight reminded them of something.

"Now remember girls. This will be dangerous so stick together and be prepared. Also you will transform into Ponies so get used to walking on fours. Okay?"

They all nodded withe excitement. They started entering the portal one by one to Equestria.

Starlight entered first and she transformed back into a pony. She walks to make room for the others. The next one that comes out is Sunset Shimmer and she just walks on fours already since she used to live in Equestria. Human Twilight is next and when she entered she turned into an Alicorn but she still has her glasses and she has her cutie mark but another on her hair like a hair button to tell the difference. Twilight felt weird when she was trying to stand on her 2's but she fell. The other 5 also came out of the portal and the same results came. They look like their counterparts and they have their cutie marks buttons on their hair.

Sunset helped them get up and she told them

"you 6 need to get used to walking on your 4 okay?"

Rainbow Dash complains saying

"aw maaaan!! I need to walk with 4 legs! Not cool! But at least I got these great wings!"

Twilight was surprised to notice that she is an Alicorn. She said to herself

"wow! I am half Pegasus, half Unicorn. This is going well for me!"

Rarity notices her horn. She tries to do magic on a plant she sees to make it float. She does this and says

"wow!! I can use my magic without needing to pony up! Or human up"

Fluttershy was happy to have wings and started flying like a dove and says

"I am flying like a bird!! yaaaay!!"

Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie were disappointed because they din't have any wings or horns. Pinkie Pie says

"aww bummer. Oh well at least I am a Pony!"

Apple Jack said

"I feel like I have strong legs! And I still have my hat.... for some reason. Oh well as long as I help save Equestria!"

Starlight and the mane 7 walked back to Spike but while walking, the other ponies were staring at them. They were asking themselves if there were actually different versions of themselves. When they finally made it to the front, Twilight was shocked to see that Spike is a baby dragon. Spike says to them

"i hope you guys remember me? anyways this is Thorax. He is the only GOOD changeling we have. The others are under a spell. You all know why you are here so there is no need to explain again."

Sunburst (while holding Flurry Heart) starts speaking.

"We need to do one thing first. We have to go to this place called the Veil. It's a place where they have some liquid which can make some-pony age to make them old or young. It is located near the Winsome Falls. It is says that they have a huge cloth for a roof to prevent any rain to affect the water. It is also said that there were some ruins on the ground of weapons and broken pieces of buildings. We have to go there in order for Flurry Heart to be old and fight Drogon."

The mane 7 were clueless of who he is and becaus of that Spike explained it to them.

"Drogon is a being from another universe who stole the Elements to wipe out half the universe so we need to get them back."

The mane 7 all nodded at each other with surprise. Spike said to the group of volunteers while they were getting ready to leave

"remember we only have one shot at this. We won't accept failure!"

They left the center while the other ponies are cheering for them to succeed.

Canterlot is not what it is anymore. The surviving royal guards are put into jail cell while the Unicorns are put into a special cell that takes away their powers. The Changelings and Army of Darkness are watching them to make sure they don't escape. In the Castle Drogon is sitting down on a throne he made for himself made of Iron. He is in dormant state of speaking with people who are dead. Celestia is in a cell with chains on her 4 hoofs and her neck. Her cell is the same for the unicorns but her size.

In the dormant state of Drogon he is walking on the grass, he feels the grass and admires the trees he sees. He then sees his father in front of him. Drogon says to him

"I done it. I made the universe a better place now. The universe will not perish like we did."

The father says to him with appreciation

"well done my Son. But your journey isn't finished yet."

Drogon asks him

"really? What do I need to do father?"

The Father responded to him

"you will have to find a place to rule, to continue our civilization. I believe where you are at my son is perfect. Continue our work to this place Son."

Drogon hugged his father before he wakes up, it was like a father and son hug.

Drogon wakes up from his dormant state and stands up. He looks at Celestia (still in the cell worrying) saying to himself

"I will start my new mission. Starting with you Princess...."

His gauntlet glows which means he is gonna do something bad to her.

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The elements should be destroyed in my opinion. ^^

They can't be destroyed. Because the Elements are needed to reverse the effects. Also they are indestructible.

Not if somepony more powerful than them can do the impossible. You'll probably hate my overpowered characters, but in my MLP story, a zebra OC of mine named Zeeby/Magitus, has the supernatural powers to manipulate ANY type of magic and do anything with the magic he possesses. He's also immune to any type of magic damage. And at one point, with a wave of his hoof, he shatters the entire Tree into pieces, and demolishes all the Elements, except using a chunk of Twilight's element of magic, to create a new helmet that amplifies his powers even more. Yeah, I've gone wild with my imagination here XD

And even if they are indestructible, they literally have served zero purpose for 4 seasons, until The Mean 6 came out, which I believe destroying the elements would make Equestria finally unsafe. 😄 I know, I'm super dark XD

ahhh... OK. But I wan't to keep my stories "Canon" to the series. But thanks for telling me that:twilightsmile:

Man, I wish I could make my story canon too, but Hasbro wouldn't like it, with the deaths of major heroes and villains, even though they already killed off 2 villains anyway XD

Is this story still alive? O.o

Sorry man, I forgot about this hahaha... I'll think about finishing it if I remember my vision

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