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The Elemental War - Just_a_guy

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

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Act 9 Dark Magic|Canterlot

Welcome to the final Act where we will witness the fall of the Mane 6. Don't worry this isn't actually the final act of the book. There are still more acts to go and hope will still shine on the heroes. Drogon's quest has come full circle.

The Element of Magic is the strongest element of all. It is considered to me as one of the most dangerous element of all like the soul stone. But the magic is powered by Friendship and it could be used to resolve problems a friend has. This magic will become Dark Magic which also means evil magic. It's like what Trixie used to bear when she had that necklace which was red and black.

Canterlot was heavily guarded by a lot of Royal Guards and unicorns who volunteered to help by using their magic. A shield was made in-order to keep Drogon and his army away from Twilight but any pony can enter as long they are the good ones not the bad ones who serves Drogon. There were 2 royal Guards who were staying outside to guard the entrance to keep watch of who would wan't to enter or if they see Drogon.

The sun was setting and the moon was up and the moon looked divine as it always is. The castle was heavily guarded and fortified in-order to be indestructible than it ever was. In the Castle were the 4 Alicorn princesses (Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Cadence) they were on the roof like floor looking at the outside of Canterlot and hoping that Drogon doesn't come but they will be wrong later.

But let's go back to Spike and Thorax first before we get to the 4. Spike and Thorax were still on the train heading towards a train station near Canterlot. In the train Spike was looking out the window of the night worried of what would happen to Twilight if he fails to reach her. Thorax thought of the same thing but he also thinks of his Changeling friends and thought of how he can win them back like last time.

Thorax wen't to spike and said to him in a calm voice

"Spike don't be sad. We will make it to Canterlot and help Twilight"

Spike looked at him like a true friend and hugged him while saying

"thank you for being a good friend to me! If this is the end, I will remember you until the end!"

Thorax was touched by this.

Eventually the train is at the nearest Train Station near Canterlot. The Train Station was deserted since almost every-pony evacuated. They walk up the mountain like road to get to Canterlot as fast as they can.

Spike said to himselfin exhaustion

"man I wish I had wings!"

Remember this was before the episode The Molt Down so don't complain.

Thorax felt sorry for Spike that he offers to let Spike ride on his back. Spike was pleased by what Thorax does to him.

Spike and Thorax are near to the entrance but when they look at Canterlot a big purple force field is covering the whole city and Castle. Thorax and Spike were shocked to see this and this made the 2 reminded of the Battle of Crystal Empire. When they made it to the Entrance the 2 guards stopped them. One of them was Flash while the other was named Jeff.

Flash said to Spike with assertiveness

"halt!! You need to verify if you are not any of Drogon's goons!"

Spike and Thorax looked at each other weirdly and they looked back at Flash. Spike said to Flash

"seriously? I am Spike and this is Thorax why would we need to verify? We know Princess Twilight, Cadence, Celestia and Luna!"

Jeff and Spike looked at them and said to the 2 of them

"sorry but sometimes we can't trust any pony these days. So we need a true verification, otherwise the 2 of you will not be able to enter Canterlot."

Spike sighed and said to the 2 guards

"I saved the Crystal Empire twice and I have a Rarity doll"

Flash and Jeff looked at each other and laughed when Spike said that he had a Rarity doll.

"Alright Spike you can go but the other one still needs some verification!"

Flash said to Spike. Flash and Jeff looked at Thorax and said to him

"we need verification from you!"

Thorax responded

"I am a nice Changeling who redeemed the other Changelings from Queen Chrysalis. I also know Starlight, Trixie and Discord."

Flash and Jeff were convinced already.

"Twilight Spike and Thorax are here! Open the Force Field!"

Flash screamed at the Castle to make Twilight hear him. The Force Field then opens a bit and the 2 just entered. As they walk they see so many royal guards and Unicorns on the grounds keeping a close eye on the place. Spike and Thorax felt worried but they still need to find Twilight. Both of them enters the Castle but they don't see the 4 Princesses.

Spike said to Thorax

"maybe they are just on the roof so let's go up!"

Thorax agreed and asked Spike

"wheres the stairs?"

and Spike just pointed it out. The 2 finally made it up-stairs and finally sees the 4 Princesses and they were relieved.

Twilight was wearing her Crown with the element still intact. Celestia was looking outside the City to see if Drogon arrives. Luna does her usual Job while Drogon doesn't arrive by watching the dreams of every pony. Cadence was just being Cadence.

Twilight looks at Spike and Thorax and she was surprised to see the 2 of them.

"Spike!? What are you doing here with Thorax? and why isn't Rarity with you?"

Twilight asked Spike with curiosity.

Spike responded

"Twilight me and Thorax are here to warn you that Drogon already has 3 elements! I am not sure if he has the other 2 but that is why we came to tell you."

Thorax also said

"also Chrysalis is working with Drogon and they figured out how to convert the Changelings and now they are evil. Spike freed me from the spell but I think we can't reverse the spell to all of the changelings right now."

Twilight was shocked that her plan was failing. She closed her eyes and teared up a bit. She opens her eyes and looks at the 2 and she said to them

"head to the evacuation center! I have a map so that you 2 can go there. It's at the throne room on Celestia's seat. I predict that we could fail since Drogon's army has grown so try to make a team to help take back the Elements if ever. Also make sure Drogon doesn't go through the portal I placed in the place because I don't wan't to risk our counter parts being killed brutally."

Spike and Thorax nodded and they wen't downstairs to the Throne room. Spike took the map and looked at it.

"It's at the Desert. Alright Thorax lets go back to the train!"

Thorax nodded and both of them exits Canterlot and heads back to the Train. They leave and head to the desert to find the other ponies.

Back on the roof Twilight was sad because she lost her friends and that her plan is failing. Cadence looked at her and she comforted her by telling her

"before I was a Princess I also made mistakes too that made me feel guilty. We can't always reverse them when they are done already. We need to focus and finish everything."

Twilight looked at Cadence with Joy and hugged her. She stopped hugging her and tells her

"you will always be my favorite foal-sitter!"

Cadence Blushed by what she said.

Twilight walked away from here to look at the city. Just then Celestia saw something going up the mountain and there were too much to count. There were people wearing black armor with swords and spears. The Changelings were no where to be seen yet but Chrysalis is present. Drogon is at the front of the army to lead the charge.

Cadence, Luna and Twilight also looked and they were shocked to see a larger army than what they have. The princess that was shocked the most was Cadence because she saw Queen Chrysalis joining Drogon's army. Drogon get's a megaphone from his jacket and yells at the City with a menacing voice

"Ponies of Canterlot! I already have 5 Elements but I lack 1 element. The element of Magic will turn into Dark Magic and It's power will help me finish my quest for Balance in the universe. You already lost most of your royal guards. Now hand it over or the Capital will suffer by my armies wrath!"

Celestia then looked at him and yelled at him

"Never!! I suggest you leave and no pony would get hurt or killed by you and your army!"

This triggered Drogon since most of the pillars dis-agrees to his offer.

"Fine! Army charge!"

Drogon shouted really loud. But by surprise the army didn't even move an inch. Twilight laughed that she thinks the army doesn't know a word Drogon said. She said to him

"I guess your army doesn't like to move at all!"

But then something happens. The changelings then appeared from the sky and charged towards the force field and started hitting the force field using their heads. Twilight started feeling pain on her head that she can't take it.

"Twilight you must hold it as long as you can!"

Celestia told her student. Luna flew down to the floors of the city and she was with the royal guards and a few number of unicorns. She said to all of them

"royal guards when I give the signal charge towards the gates to stop them from getting close to Twilight. Unicorns will stay near the castle to use their magic as a weapon or a shield. Remember this is no time to change your minds, it's time to fight for the fate of Equestria!"

The royal guards and unicorns screamed the word yes and they prepared. The Changelings kept on hitting the force field really hard that Twilight is feeling severe pain on her head. Eventually the force field finally shattered and Twilight passed out. Drogon shouted to his army


The army started running towards the entrance which made Flash and Jeff retreat back inside the city and meet up with the others. Luna looked at the entrance filled with Drogon's army of Darkness. She shouts

"Go! Go!"

The royal guards started charging towards the army of Darkness and they look like true warriors. The 2 then Collided and starts fighting like in the last few chapters. Luna flew and joined the fight starting by using her magic to create a beam of light to injure the army of Darkness. She wen't to the ground and started punching and kicking a member of the army.

Drogon is at the back moving towards the Castle but it's slow since there were a lot of fights happening. Chrysalis flew towards the roof and grabs Princess Cadence. She takes Cadence up to the sky and drops her. Cadence falls but she has wings so she flew back up and punched Crhysalis back. Cadence and Chrysalis starts fighting in the sky. Cadence says to her

"you are fighting for nothing!"

But Chrysalis replied

"I will get something, and that something is your death!"

They continue to fight in the sky.

The changelings starts raining down the sky attacking the Unicorns. But the unicorns used their magic to throw random objects towards the Changelings. Some of those objects were a barrel, a chair, stones and glass. Some changelings died or just injured. The changelings that did survive started fighting with the unicorn by kicking and punching them.

Celestia looks at the fight and is worried for Twilight being passed out. She uses her magic to lift her up and takes her back to the Throne. She puts her down on the Chair she always sits and watches over her for her protection.

The battle still goes outside the castle and Drogon gets closer and closer. Luna sees him and heads towards him. Luna said to him

"let's see if you can handle me!"

Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon but still has the good in her. Drogon says to her

"Nightmare moon!? well this will be a good fight between me and an evil being!"

Nightmare moon responded

"I still have the good in me! Just shut up and fight!"

The 2 started fighting. Drogon does a superman punch on Luna but dodged the punch and uses her magic to hit Drogon. Drogon uses the element of anger to heal himself but when he finished Luna kicked him on the legs making him fall. Drogon uses the 5 elements to make a beam of light to hit Luna and Luna still stood up on the field not giving up. She flew towards Drogon and beats him up with a sword she found on the floor. Drogon uses the element of sadnees on Luna making her weak. He takes the sword and stabs her on the chest which doesn't kill Luna but incapacitates her thus making her transform back to her normal state.

"what a joke"

Drogon said to her unconscious body.

Twlight wakes up from passing out and looks around. She asks Celestia

"did we win?"

Celestia looked at her and said

"no... But I know we can still win this. We just need to work together."

Twilight was relieved by what she said at the end. Just then the door to the castle opens and it reveals that Drogon was at the door. He closes it and uses the element of sadness to weaken the 2 Princesses. He says to the 2 weaken Princesses

"before I finish my quest I will tell you 2 why I am doing this. You see in my home we were over-populated and our resources have lessen every day. We started a civil war to know who can have all the resources, because of the war our planet died out along with our people. I am the last of them by escaping by the ship I found during the war. I had to suffer in-order to prepare everything to find these items like my necklace, gauntlet, my army and the elements. So give me the Elements or suffer."

Twilight said to him in a weak voice


Twilight tried to use her magic to hit Drogon and it worked even thought she was weak. Because Twilight hit him using her magic they are no longer weak. Celestia started fighting him by using her hooves to punch Drogon in the face. Drogon kicked Celestia on the belly making her fall. She then flew up and used her magic to create a beam of light and uses it against Drogon but Drogon did the same thing using the 5 elements against her. Drogon got the upperhand making Celestia dizzy.

He then walks towards Twilight, just then Twilight unleashes her elements ultimate powers against Drogon which made Drogon fly back hitting a random pillar. Drogon then uses the 5 elements by making the same beam of light but it's not powerful enough to stop the element of Magic. Just then something happened, Chrysalis and Cadence came down from the rook landing on Twilight making Twilight stop using her element.

Drogon was relieved but not Twilight. Chrysalis and Cadence continued fighting at the right side of the Throne room. Drogon is now in front of Twilight grabbing her by the neck. He grabs the element taking it off from the Crown and puts it on his Gauntlet. The dark aura appeared for the last time and turns the element grey. Twilight got sucked into the Gauntlet with no saying at all, just sadness on her face with tears. This time after the final element was placed all the colors of the original elements were going through his veins giving him the ultimate power. He roars a mighty roar which made those who fought outside heard it.

"Time to finish what I started"

Drogon said to himself. He snapped his fingers and a big light spreads like the sonic rain-boom and it spread hits all of equestria. After that something happened. Cadence started fading like dust and there was nothing left of her. Chrysalis was shocked and said

"What!? I almost"

But what she was saying is cut short when she too is faded from existence. Luna also faded along with Shining armor, Doctor Whooves, Big Mac,Granny Smith, The CMC and others, even the guards. There were only half of the beings left in Equesteria and some of them are at where-ever they are. Celestia is still breathing and weak. Drogon knocks Celestia out with a brick he found. He goes out to see the fighting continue with half of the army of darkness, half of the Changelings, half of the Royal guards, half of the Unicorns and then uses all the elements to make all the royal guards and Unicorn's unconscious. He sits on one of the stairs and looks at the moon smiling under the mask.

His journey for balance is done. For now...................

It's not over yet. There is still hope..........

Author's Note:

I just wan't to say that it was fun making this story. But don't worry the story isn't over yet. This will be like part 1 of a My little Pony 2 part episode. You will find out on the next chapter of what happened to Spike and Thorax.