The Elemental War

by Just_a_guy

First published

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

If one man steals something important from you what would you do? In this story the Elements are in danger and the universe is in trouble. Its up to the mane 6 and some other allies to defeat the enemy called Drogon.

This story takes inspiration from Avengers Infinity war.

Also this story was first published on wattpad. I am the maker of the wattpad story so no troubles on that. I am still working on the next few chapters of the story.

Act 1 message|Canterlot

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Before the story starts My little pony belong to hasbro only. The images I used belong to their rightful owners. The story is based on infinity war.

Long ago in the land of Equestria there were 6 elements of harmony. Each of them has a representation. Loyalty, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity and Magic. Together these elements can be used for power either for good or bad. It is mostly used for good but for evil, it would used in this story.

The 6 elements were used to defeat Discord, Nightmare Moon and many more. Their current location at the this time is at the tree harmony. The mane 6 returns them after they use them regularly. But now instead of the mane 6 using them a villain would use them. He has been watching Equestria for years and studying how to use the elements against others.

In Canterlot Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were walking around the gardens of Canterlot at night bonding with each other like sisters.

"Celestia, I've always missed our adventures when we were young like stopping discord when he was evil back then"

Luna said to her sister going back to the memories. Celestia looked at her smiling

"Even I missed the old days when we were young like when we played with each other during our spare time"

Luna looked at the night sky

"I wish we can be like our old selves before I betrayed you"

Luna said. Celestia looked at the night sky too

"Me too sister. We can try tomorrow or some other day. For now I now need some rest"

Celestia said to her sister.

"Me too"

Luna said to her sister. Celestia and Luna then go to each others bedroom after saying their good nights. Celestia goes to her bed then starts to sleep. The real story begins.

In her bed she sleeps and gets dreams. Her dreams are described as beautiful and peaceful but in this story she doesn't get a pleasant dream that she expects not because she had bad taughts or ate before eating.

In her dream she was at the throne room sitting down pondering

"hmm.. what to do?"

Celestia said to herself in the dream. Then in a blink of an eye the decorations of the throne disappeared

"What? oh I get it. Its just a dream"

Celestia taught to herself. But then another blink made the Chair she was sitting on disappeared into thin air

"Don't worry it's just a dream Celestia"

She said to herself. Then one more blink every thing turned black.

"Is this a nightmare or just my mind doing this?"

Celestia wondered looking scared.

"Oh it's a nightmare but this is just the beginning of the end Princess"

a man said in a deep and scary voice. Celestia asked the man

"Who are you!? show yourself pony!"

"Oh I'm not a pony. I'm someone who looks like a creature who looks like the creatures Twilight saw when she went to the portal but I am from a different universe. I have magic more advance than any of you ponies know."

the man said. Celestia got mad and asked aggressively

"WHO ARE YOU!!?? show yourself."

"Alright here I come"

the man said. He then comes out and reveals himself as a man with a hoodie and white mask but damaged.

"Now you know who I am. Now I want you to do something when you wake up"

the man said.

"I won't because this is just a dream. This isn't all real!"

Celestia said.

"Oh this is real. I used a spell to interact with dreams and what ever I do to you will affect you when you wake up. Like this"

The man takes a gauntlet for his right hand with 6 holes which looks like symbols. He punches Celestia on the eye giving her a black eye.

"Ow that hurts!"

Celestia said in pain.

"Now when its noon tomorrow make sure Luna, Twilight and Cadance are at the town. You will get a special message. I don't want to say it right now because I don't want to ruin the surprise."

The man said to Celestia.

"Wait what is your name!?"

Celestia asked.

"You will know at noon. Goodbye"

The man disappeared from the dream after saying those words. Celestia then woke up

"I need to find a mirror. Oh here it is"

Celestia said to herself. She looks at the mirror and sees the black eye on her right eye

"So he is real"

Celestia said sadly. Celestia goes to the bedroom of Luna waking her up.

"Sister meet me, Twilight and Cadence at the town. It is important and I cant explain it right now. I need to send the message to the 2 right now"

Celestia said in a rush. Luna looked at her

"As long as it's important"

Luna said as she goes back to sleep. At the crack of dawn Celestia magically removed her black eye then sent the message to the 2 princesses immediately. Celestia taught to herself

"I hope hey come here."

Luna goes to her sister who was worrying in her throne room. Luna talked to her sister

"My dear sister you worry too much. Tell me whatever happened while its not noon or before Twilight and Cadence arrives"

Celestia responded to her sister

"The dream I had is like a warning that the elements are in danger and that the end is near. I need some assistance to stop this man."

Luna asked Celestia

"So he isn't a pony or any animal? also he isn't from our history?"

Celestia answered

"That's right he isn't an animal or a pony. He is someone from a different universe whose magic far more advance than ours. I know that he has something to see our every movements and that we are tangled by strings. And no he isn't in our history."

Luna responded

"I know that we can stop this being with the 2 of us."

Celestia smiled at her sister. At the grounds of Canterlot the 2 princesses arrived. Every pony waved and cheered for their arrival but it's mostly for Princess twilight. Celestia and Luna are seen in the middle of the town greeting them. The 2 finally reached to them.

"Okay Celestia I hope this is important because I had to skip my picnic with Fluttershy and Rarity"

Twilight said to Celestia

"I assure of you that this is important. Wait here because something will happen."

Celestia told Twilight. Cadance asked

"What will happen when we wait here?"

But then something fell from the sky. It rocketed so fast that when its heading towards the town the 4 could see it heading right towards them.

"Look out!"

Luna said. The 4 got out of the way and the object crash landed. Luckily no pony got hurt or anything got destroyed.

"What is that thing?"

Cadance asked. The object looks like a space pod with a big screen attached to the outside. There was a red button right below it. The screen turns on by itself and the man on the screen looks like the one in Celestia's dream.

"Him" Celestia said. "Wait you know that guy?"

Twilight asked Celestia. Celestia answered

"He was in my dream."

The man talked

"Greetings ponies of Equestria. If you are wondering who I am my name is Drogon. I won't tell you my species because it isn't important right now. I have magic which is far more advance than any of you unicorns or Ali-corns have. Anyways you have wan't I want, actually 6 objects I need for my plan. The 6 elements of Harmony. I need them to wipe out half the universe and corrupt them. You have 2 days to surrender them so when you are ready press the red button. A slot will appear and then put the elements in them so that they can go to me. Fail to do this, me and my army will take them by force. Also don't ever think of hiding them because I have a medallion ,which cannot be broken or taken off, which can see everything and I will know where you will hide them. Good luck"

The 4 princesses were shocked about this message. Celestia said

"we need to have a meeting right away asap. Twilight lets do it at your place."

Twilight was delighted by this.

In space there is a spaceship. Inside there was a vault and it is being opened by Drogon. Inside is a gauntlet for the elements.

"It's time to prepeare"

Drogon says in a menacing voice. He goes to the training grounds in his space ship. He goes to his army and talks loudly like giving a speach

"Army of darkness. The time has come. Train hard in case they don't comply."

The army shouted with pride.

"For us!!!"

Drogon shouted. The army shouted back.

Act 2 Planning| Castle of Friendship

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Welcome to Act 2 of the adventure which can go wrong a bit. The princesses arrived at the Castle of friendship. When the doors open light comes in from the windows making the room beautiful. Celestia was amazed by the improvement of the castle

"My my Twilight I like what you did with your castle"

Celestia said to Twilight in joy.

"Thanks. I had the urge to redecorate this castle"

Twilight said to Princess Celestia. Twilight then asked Cadance a question

"How is Flurry Heart and Shining Armor?"

Then Cadance responded

"They are fine. Raising Flurry Heart can be hard work but still awarding to be a caring mother. Shining armor is a great father, he always watches Flurry with care and compassion. He always has my back when I'm in trouble. That's why we need to protect our child from Drogon because loosing a child is like loosing one piece of cookie that you have been waiting to eat."

Twilight was strucked by what she said.

"Don't worry. Your baby will be protected at all costs"

Twilight told Cadance concerned. Then the 4 made it to the throne room where the mane 6 (plus Spike) stayed. The door opened and the 5 ponies (Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) and spike were messing around with each other like children. When they saw the 4 princesses cringing at them they looked at them.

"I think we are party poopers"

Pinkie Pie said to her friends.

"Go back! Go back!"

Spike said immediately. They all went back to their seats acting normal. Apple Jack said

"Sorry about that Twilight. We wanted to visit you but when you were gone we got bored of waiting. Anyways where were you and why are Celestia, Luna and Cadence here?"

Twilight responded

"This is an emergency meeting. But since you guys are here, I think all of you should listen."

Pinkie Pie said

"Ooooooh!! Are we throwing a surprise party for some pony?"

Rainbow Dash sighed and said

"Pinkie Pie just please listen for once without your weird predictions."

"Oh sorry"

Pinkie Pie apologized with joy.

"So Twilight what is the important thing we need to discuss?"

Fluttershy asked in curiosity. Fluttershy goes to her chair while the others are at the middle.

Twilight then started to start the meeting

"Every pony, we have a situation at our hands. A big threat is coming here for the Elements of Harmony"

But then she was interrupted by Rainbow Dash

"Oh yeah!!! another adventure using the Elements of Harmony!!!"


Twilight shouted at Rainbow Dash.

"Oh...I'm sorry. Please go on"

Rainbow Dash apologized. Twilight then continued

"If he gets all the Elements of Harmony he can destroy Equestria and the whole universe with the snap of his fingers. NO PONY ASK WHAT FINGERS ARE OKAY!!!"

Celestia started to speak

"This is all true. His name is Drogon, I saw him in a dream. He is not a pony or any evil animal but some sort of man who wears a mask to hide who he is."

"As long as the princess speaks we will believe it"

Fluttershy said with kindness. Rarity asked a question

"So what is the plan? How will we stop Drogon? and how will we Protect the elements?"

Twilight then answered

"We have what Drogon wants so we use them against him. But we can't be in one team because I know he will get the elements immediately. So I suggest we split up in different Locations. Me and the other princesses will stay at Canterlot, Rarity and Spike will go to the Crystal empire."

But then she was interrupted by Spike

"Why do I have to stay in the Crystal Empire? I don't have an element."

"Well you are the hero of the Empire"

Twilight answered.

"Oh... Okay"

Spike said to Twilight.

"Fluttershy will stay in Ponyville even though Drogon could start there unless he starts somewhere else, Rainbow Dash will stay in Cloudsdale, Apple Jack will stay in Appleloosa and Pinkie Pie will stay in the rock fields. Now next is the attack, I will depend on each of you guys to make an attack and also defense. For army we will train ponies and give some pony guards to each of you assigned ponies. For the Citizens, they will be evacuated by train to a secret location I only know where it is."

Applejack asked a question

"Wait a minute why can't we just hide the elements instead of us keeping them?"

When Twilight was about to answer, she was interrupted by Pinkie Pie who gives her own answer

"Because this man has some sort of magical device which can see everything so that is why we can't just hide the Elements so we need to keep them with us until the battle is over"

Rainbow Dash said to her

"Please let the princess answer Pinkie!!"

"No she is actually right"

Twilight told Rainbow Dash. Now twilight turned her head to Fluttershy and asked her a question

"Fluttershy can you find some animals and train them to defend you and attack the enemy?"

Fluttershy then answered

"Oh yes I can but It might be a little difficult since I am not to assertive to do it. I'll try my best"

Twilight taught of something which can make Fluttershy and the other ponies feel better, strong and serious.

"Spike make a letter to Zecora. Tell her that she need to come here with her brewing equipment and find the recipes for being strong, brave, assertive, focus and smart."

"Will do your majesty"

Spike agreed with loyalty.

"Cadance! Shining Armor will be in charge of evacuating the Citizens and after that Shining armor will be in charge of defending The Crystal Empire, train any recruits and assign some gaurds to whom will they defend with."

Cadance responded

"Yes mam."

"Your highness but what would happen if all the Elements are taken by Drogon?"

Luna asked with curiosity.

"Then hope that a miracle could happen"

Twilight said in a worried voice looking down on the floor.

"When do we start with this?"

Every pony in the room asked.

"Right now!! So get to work! and send the message to Zecora now Spike!!"

Twilight said. They all started to go to work as soon as possible. Hours has passed the ponies are preparing. Zecora arrived with all her equipment.

"Your highness thank you for inviting me here. I'm sorry if I'm not rhyming because this could be important. I have everything to make the potions."

Zecora spent minutes making the potion. Twilight then asked a question to Zecora

"do you know anything about this man?"

Zecora then answered

"I have never seen this man before but what I know is that he is in a different universe where they need 2 legs to stand not 4.

"Spike why are you still here? Aren't you supposed to go practice?"

Twilight told Spike.

"Oh yeah!! Thanks for reminding me."

When Spike left she asked Zecora something which could surprise Spike

"Can you make a potion which can turn spike into a full grown dragon?"

Zecora smiled and responded

"Of course if it's for a friend."

After lots and lots of minutes of making the Potions they are finished and they were placed into their bottles with names in them.

"Spike make letters to our friends that the potions are ready"

Twilight told Spike. Spike sent the scrolls to the ponies who were practicing their combat skills. They all arrived like the wind and when they arrived they were curious to what will happen. Twilight started to speak

"All right every pony here are your potions in-order to enhance your skills. For example Fluttershy will be more assertive when she drinks it. And this one will make Pinkie Pie serious instead of being to goofy"

Pinkie Pie interrupts

"Oooh give me that I want to drink the seriousness which will flow my body!!"

Pinkie Pie takes the potion from Twilight and chugs it until the there was nothing left.

"I feel like I don't want to laugh. Thank you now I am serious until this adventure is over"

Pinkie Pie said in a serious tone.

"Wow I can't believe that actually worked. Give me mine!"

Apple jack said to Twilight.

"Apple Jack this potion gives you strength, Rainbow dash this one will give you knowledge which means you will know good strategy since all of you can fly, Rarity this potion will make your magic stronger like mine. Now drink up"

Every Pony drinks them with no complaining about the changes.

"Wow I can see everything!"

Rainbow Dash said in a sarcastic way.

"Let's do this" Fluttershy said.

"Spike take this potion. Use it only when Drogon is about to attack the Crystal empire"

Twilight told Spike before every pony left the castle.

"Okay Twilight"

Spike agreed. Fluttershy started training the animals near the cottage. She does it assertively and doens't give mercy unless if needed. The small animals will be used for traps while medium sized animals along with the big animals like the bear or Lions will attack and defend. The birds will attack from above.

Apple Jack Practices her strength by kicking lots of Apple Trees and collecting the Fallen apples to give it to the evacuates.

"Wow that potion must be really good"

Apple Jack said to herself. Rarity is practicing her magic on her mannequins trying to know what spell to use for assault and defense.

"I'm now ready. Just need to make a dress for the occasion"

Rarity said to herself after some practicing. Rainbow Dash went to the Cloudsdale and gathered all the soldiers sharing her plans for defense and attack. Every soldier listened to her plans and they taught that it was brilliant.

Pinkie Pie practiced her combat skills and she disovered she can cut a stone in one slice. Twilight practiced her magic and flying skills in order to make a strategy of her own. Day one has passed and the mane 6 is ready. The mane 6 arrived at the tree of harmony

"All right remember we have one shot at this. Protect the elements at all cost"

Twilight reminded.

"We will"

each member said to each other. They all got their elements and placed them at their necklaces while Twilight put hers on her Tiara.

"Alright now let's go to our assigned places!"

Apple Jack said out loud.

"For Equestria!!"

The mane 6 shouted.

"Hang on. Let me put a spell on the elements so that we can use them seperatley. This will only last for one week and can only be used once from an Alicorn."

Twilight said. She puts the spell on the elements and it worked. Rarity and Spike teleported to the Crystal empire and when they arrived they were greeted by gaurds and shining armor was there.

"Alright now what do we do?"

Shining armor asked.


Rarity told Shining armor.

Apple Jack took the Train to get to appleloosa and when she arrived every sheriff and Buffalo greeted her

"Should we prepare?"

asked the leader of the buffalo tribe.

"Yes. Buffalo's will defend the outside while us ponies stay in the inside"

Apple Jack told them. In Cloudsdale Rainbow Dash arrived with guards in the formation they were assigned to while the unassigned are waiting for Rainbow dashes orders.

"Where shall we stay?"

the unassigned guards asked.

"Half will stay in the skies while the other half stays on the grounds guarding me since I have the element"

Rainbow dash told her guards. In the Rock Fields Pinkie Pie arrives seeing that the guards are building walls surrounding the fields.

"Is it done?"

Pinkie Pie asked.

"It's almost done. Every Guards have practiced really hard to fight Drogon"

the captain told her.


Pinkie Pie said to the Captain. Fluttershy was at Ponyville making sure her animals are ready to fight. A guard asked her a question

"Mam what can we do??"

"Practice then prepare for his arrival. Make sure the defenses and weapons are good enough to use"

Fluttershy told the guard. In Canterlot the 4 princesses are outside the castle looking at the sunset.

"Everything is ready"

Cadence told Twilight

"Good. Shining Armor told me that every pony has evacuated. Now all we need to do is to wait"

Twilight told Cadence. Luna and Celestia returned from their Jobs for lowering the Sun and Raising the Moon.

On the same space ship the Drogon was ready.

"Now its time to go!"

Drogon said to his pilot. Drogon talked to his lieutenant

"Lieutenant is everyone ready?"

"Yes sir. Our men/woman and weapons are ready"

the lieutenant told Drogon. Drogon then went to the pilot and told him to start the ship and open the portal. Drogon held on the amulet and found out that the elements are seperated

"So they think they could just hide them by splitting up. I will start with Pinkie Pie"

The battle will start in the next Chapter.

Act 3 Sadness|Rock Fields

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Laughter is an element of the 6 elements of harmony which is possessed by Pinkie Pie the first one to fall. The Rock Fields weren't in good condition back then but now it is like a fortress to defend an important artifact, and that artifact is the Element of Laughter. The rock field now has walls, guards and more defense traps and weapons. There was a building used to store supplies but in the inside was a trap door which lead to a hidden bunker which was just built.

Pinkie Pie with 3 guards who were highly trained were inside the bunker. The captain entered the bunker with some very bad news

"Pinkie Pie! there is something abnormal in the sky, looks like a ship but it looks futuristic. Could that be him?"

Pinkie Pie then told the captain

"Maybe, get every pony ready. I will join the fight but if its too much for me to handle I will stay in the bunker."

Pinkie Pie with the other guards exits the bunker and looked at the sky.

"It's time to fight as one"

Pinkie Pie said in a serious tone.

"Let us remember this day even if we fail to protect the element"

Pinkie Pie told all her guards. In the Ship Drogon with his army all got to their places

"Remember never give up and help find the element of laughter!"

the army agreed. The ship got closer and closer until it landed outside the wall.

"This is it. Defensive positions"

Pinkie Pie shouted at the Guards.

As the guards got to their positions they readied their weapons. The archers got their bows and arrows ready, they raise them hoping to let go but they need to wait. The ship then opened showing Drogon, the general and Lieutenant with the army exits the ship.

Drogon shouted

"Surrender the element of laughter or suffer the consequences of me and my armies wrath!"

Pinkie Pie looked at Drogon with eyes of anger. She then responded

"Never! We would rather fight!"

Drogon got mad at this

"Army! Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The army started running towards the fields.

"Ready, Aim, Fire!!"

Pinkie Pie shouted to make the Archers fire. The arrows started raining from the sky and a number of soldiers from Drogon's army got injured a bit and started to bleed.

"Don't forget to use shields!"

Drogon told his army. The next wave of arrows rain onto them but they used their shields but for those who didn't listen or were too slow got injured more or died on the battlefield.

The army got closer and closer to the fields, the guards who are defending the outside started to get their spears ready. The army learnt a strategy to stop those with spears. When they were there already the guards start stabbing the enemies but most of them missed because of the strategy.

When the guards stabbed, an enemy would grab the spear and break it making a knife out of it and used it to kill the guards.

"What!!?? okay enter phase 2"

Pinkie Pie told all the guards. The guards took out their swords and charged towards the enemies. The enemies gone prepared with swords. When the 2 factions finally reach each other, they fight with their swords. Every sword met each other violently and some swords make contact with flesh.

The guards feel like they have the upper hand but they were wrong. Drogon and his men finally arrive to the battlefield. Drogon gives powerful punches to the guards that the guards went flying or some could be dead. The Lieutenant uses a spear which can penetrate the skin faster than a normal spear.

The assassin uses a dagger and the art of stealth like a normal assassin to give unsurprising kills to a guard.

"Fine! I'll fight him myself. Captain assist me"

Pinkie Pie ordered the captain.

"Yes Mam!"

the captain agreed. Pinkie Pie runs toward the battlefield and fights the army along with the captain. Punches and Kicks were delivered to the army by Pinkie Pie. Blood spilled every where and bones cracked from both sides from the battle.

Few were gone from both sides and the only ones standing are Pinkie Pie, The captain, Drogon, The Lieutenant, The assassin and a few men and ponies. Pinkie Pie stared battling Drogon and they were both equal. Pinkie Pie punches Drogon that some of her hits were delivered or dodged. Drogon punches Pinkie but again some misses while some given. The captain started fighting the Lieutenant and both were fighting in a violent way.

"You do give a good fight, but I will still beat you and kill you!"

the Lieutenant told the Captain. The captain then replied

"Never trust what you say. Now!!"

a guard stabbed the lieutenant with a sword at the hearth.


Drogon screamed when he saw his Lieutenant die.

"Assassin get the captain!"

Drogon shouted to the assasin. Pinkie Pie kept punching Drogon and uses her element against him. The element shot out a beam of light which hurts Drogon a bit.

"You are good but not good enough"

Drogon told Pinkie Pie. Drogon uses his gauntlet to block her light beam and then Drogon jumped towards Pinkie Pie and gave her a hard punch that she flies to a big rock. Drogon walked to her with the assassin. The assassin took the captain and took out a knife. The knife was on the Captains neck and he was ready to slit Captains throat.

"You wan't this to stop I will make it if you give up your element! Give it to me or your captain dies by the Blade!"

Drogon yelled at Pinkie Pie.

"Don't give your element to him! Just let me die"

the captain told Pinkie Pie. Drogon said

"Make your choice otherwise he will die immediately!"

Pinkie Pie had a hard decision of whether to sacrifice her element to save a life or keep the element and watch a Pony who was close to a friend die in front of her. Pinkie Pie finally made her decision

"Fine I'll give you my element. Just let him go"

Drogon then replied

"Give me the element then I will let him go"

Pinkie Pie agreed. She took of her necklace and surrendered it to Drogon. Drogon then takes the element of the necklace and Puts the element in the Gauntlet. When the element was put on the Gauntlet a glow of blue light appeared then dark aura surrounded Element then it turned gray.

"Now it's no longer the Element of Laughter. It's now the Element of Sadness. Let him go."

The captain was freed from the assassin but then something happened. The element glowed gray and started sucking Pinkie Pie into the Element.

"What is happening! Help me!!!!"

Pinkie Pie panicked. Pinkie Pie is now inside the gauntlet.


the captain screamed. The captain pulled out his sword

"You will pay for this"

he screamed. He then rushes for the Kill but it failed, the Assasin stabbed the captain on the throat. The captain bleeds and falls on the floor dead. Now time to kill the guards using this.

He then returns to the battle field and finishes of the last of the guards using the element which makes the guards weak with sadness. The guards are all dead and there were no survivors. The assassin asked Drogon

"Will there be anyone to replace the Lieutenant?"

Drogon answered

"Well there is one I grew an interest to this Queen and I believe she can help with my quest for finding the other Elements. Now the Next Element I will find is the Element of Honesty and it's with Apple Jack. The amulet told me that she is in appleloosa with an army. Prepare the ship and set the coordinates to the Queen first then we will go the Appleloosa."

"Yes sir"

the assassin agreed.

Pinkie Pie woke up and everything was black.

"Where am I"

she asked. Then when she blinked she sees ponyville and every pony are sad. Pinkie Pie asked a pony

"Why are you sad? You need to make that frown upside down"

The pony responded

"I am sad because the happiness inside me have faded and parties were outlawed by Celestia and Luna since they say it's stupid"

Pinkie Pay says to her self

"No parties!? This is my worst fear ever!!"

The Gauntlet shows a Ponies greatest Fear which makes the element powerful.

In Canterlot Twilight Sparkle had a feeling. She said

"Oh no! Pinkie Pie lost"

she felt worried for her other friends.

"Celestia Pinkie Pie's element is now with Drogon"

she told Celestia.

"Oh no. I hope who ever is next can defend well"

Celestia responded.

"If the other elements are taken I need to destroy my element"

Twilight said to Celestia. But then Luna told Twilight

"you can't destroy the elements of harmony because they are indestructible ever since me and my sister discovered them, so you have to defend them and use your element against Drogon."

Twilight felt worried. As the sun went down (not fully just an inch) a raid at Appleloosa will begin.

Act 4 Liars|Appleloosa

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There was an old saying that people and ponies must follow to be a good citizen. Honesty is the best policy is important because sometimes being honest can be good and helps reconcile with broken things (not all of them). For liars they are the ones with secrets that they don't want to expose them to others. Apple Jack is both of them for example she lies to both Granny Smith and Filthy Rich but told the truth afterwards.

Apple Jack is now in Appleloosa with her guards and buffaloes. The place was surrounded by buffaloes while the guards stayed inside to defend Apple Jack and her element. The guards have weapons which consists of sling shots and daggers.
Buffaloes don't need weapons because they are strong enough to handle some damage.

"I need to talk to you"

the Mayor of Appleloosa told Apple Jack.

"What do you need?"

asked Apple Jack.

"I can't believe of what will happen later, what will happen if we lost this battle?"

the guard asked.

"Then let us pray that a miracle could happen"

Apple Jack replied to the guard. Then they saw the ship going down to land.

"Look. It's him"

Apple Jack told every pony. The ship landed near the entrance of Appleloosa and when the door opens Drogon comes out with the Gauntlet in his hands with one element. Apple Jack said

"Oh no!? He got Pinkie Pie. Wait that gauntlet looks familiar"

Apple Jack started to have a flash back days after she was friends with Twilight. And it was before Twilight had wings.Twilight and Apple Jack were at the Library at Pony Ville before it was destroyed. Apple Jack was reading some books while she was having a day off from work. The book she was reading was Ancient artifacts no-pony has ever seen written by Doctor Whooves.

"Thanks for recommending this book to me Twilight, I really am Learning something."

Apple Jack told Twilight in happiness. Twilight replied

"Thanks. Doctor Whooves can go to different universes or dimensions to make more of his re-search. But this book is new so I didn't get the chance to read it. But still I like Doctor Whooves's books about his re-search."

Apple Jack kept reading through the re-search pages until something got her attention. This is what the passage says

"For this artifact I never knew It's origin or it's use since the place I found it was dangerous but it's not a place, it's a space ship. I got there by using my own little ship. The artifact is a gauntlet ,which aren't hooves, with 6 holes which are shaped. The shapes are symbols which looks like the Elements of Harmony but the Elements aren't present since they are back at Canterlot. The Origins are unknown but what I know is that it is made out of Gold. Further Observations of the Gauntlet cannot be made because I heard something which is like walking, I think it was 2 guards. I nearly got caught but I'm lucky to escape. But there was another Interesting artifact I found in the same room. It was a Necklace which is red and the shape is an eye. Again no origins or use of the object is known."

Apple Jack said to Twilight

"Twilight look at this. This gauntlet has holes with the symbols of the Elements of Harmony"

Twilight looked at the picture and was surprised.

"Oh my goodness. Just hope to Celestia no-pony got there hooves on that gauntlet. I think I should warn Princess Celestia"

Twilight responded. Apple Jack responded

"No because I don't think any pony would ever use this Gauntlet since the drawing doesn't look what we are familiar to. Plus it's probably just something to remind the guy something."

Twilight nodded.

We go back to the present and that Drogon was raising his hand.

"Ready? Go!"

Drogon shouted. The army was running towards Appleloosa. Apple Jack then saw the army getting closer and closer but with her very eyes there was a second army which looked different. It was a pack of pony eating Wolves that no one can tame, even Fluttershy can't tame them.

Apple Jack said to the Buffaloes

"Buffaloes defend!"

and they complied.

"Forward my brothers and sisters"

the leader of the Buffaloes told the other Buffaloes. The buffaloes charged towards the enemies and the fight starts. The second army went first because the Wolves are really fast. The wolves started scratching and biting the buffaloes but the buffaloes bit back and knocking them back.

Some wolves died or injured but the wolves took the upper hand. The wolves surrounded each buffaloes and starts eating the buffaloes one by one.

"Brothers and Sisters fall back"

the leader of the buffalo told to the remaining buffaloes. Every buffalo retreated back to the village while some died in the battlefield. A sheriff asked Apple Jack

"Mam what do we do now?"

then Applejack replied

"We fight as one. For Appleloosa!"

the others shouted the same thing.

The army finally arrived and the fight begins. The guards would punch or kick or use their weapons. Their swords pierce the wolves and the army. They also use their sling shots to injure an eye or a body part. The wolves would just do what they would do when it comes to attacking a prey.

The assassin would use his dagger but no stealth since there was a crowd of those fighting. Drogon was fighting too to get to Apple Jack to get her element and Apple jack used her legs to kick the enemies and punches the enemies and she uses her element to shoot beams of light which can damage the skin a bit.

"Don't give up. Just keep fighting"

Apple Jack told her guards and the Buffaloes. But then Drogon punched Apple Jack so hard that she wen't flying until she crashed in a house in the village.


a guard shouted. The guard looked at Drogon and said to him

"you will pay for that"

. He started punching him but his punches weren't strong enough to at least knock him out. But then Drogon grabbed his throat suffocating him. Drogon then walked to the house and entered the door.

Drogon said to Apple Jack

"Give me the element and I will spare your life."

But Apple Jack replied

"Never, unless you can defeat me in a battle."

Drogon then agreed. Drogon started delivering punches but she grabbed his arm and tried to fight it. She then pulls his arm and punches him back. She then starts kicking him until he starts to feel weak.

"You win"

Drogon said weak. And then he appears dead on the ground. Apple Jack was surprised that she sees him dead on the floor. She said to herself

"I can't believe he is dead. Alright time to get the element off you"

she then got close to the gauntlet until the wall was destroyed by an explosion.


Apple Jack asked herself.

She then sees another Drogon with the gauntlet in his hands glowing.

"What? How?"

Apple Jack asked the other Drogon. Then the Drogon that appears to be dead stand up and transforms back into his real form. It was Queen Chrysalis and she was a part of the plan.

"Grab her"

Drogon told Chrysalis.

"Yes my lord"

She replied. She grabs her and Apple Jack said

"no! Dont do this!"

Drogon ignores her and grabs the element.

"Honesty now turns to Liars"

Drogon says to Apple Jack. When the element was placed on the Gauntlet the dark aura surrounded the gauntlet and turned the element grey. Apple Jack was then sent into the gauntlet

"Nooo!!!! You won't get away with this!"

Apple Jack said to both Drogon and Chrysalis.

In the gauntlet Apple Jack woke up and saw sweet apple archers but no trees. She sees Apple Bloom crying about this and she turned to Apple Jack

"they did this. The bats"

Apple Jack then hugged her crying. This is her fear.

Drogon used the stone to make the guards and buffaloes hate each other and made them slaughter each other. The army wen't back to the ship. Chrysalis asked Drogon

"Well my lord, who is next?"

then Drogon used his necklace then replied


then the ship leaves to go to the crystal empire.

Act 5 Initiation|Somewhere in the Everfree forest

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In the ship Drogon and Chrysalis were looking outside thinking of what to do next for the attack. Drogon turned his head to Chrysalis. He tells her

"That was a good plan back there. You are like the brains of this plan. I have something for you to do."

Chrysalis asked what it could be.

"I need you to slay the other wolves because we have no need of them."

"Alright. I never liked them that much anyways"

Chrysalis told Drogon. Drogon said

"Since Shining Armor obviously put a shield on the Crystal empire, I will get the Changlings and make them back to your side. I have a spell that can make them evil and look like themselves when they were evil. They are strong enough to destroy the shield"

Chrysalis responded

"Yes! now I will finally have them back."

After the conversation she then leaves the room to heads to the room of Wolves. While walking she starts having a flashback of when Drogon met her and how she joined him.

Drogons ship was landing at the Everfree forest. When the ship landed the door opened and Drogon came out with some guards protecting him. He walks and sees nature and he says to himself

"this is beautiful. to bad no one will stay here and it will be destroyed."

They kept walking and admiring the nature around them. The assassin then asked Drogon

"Sir are you sure this is a good idea? This might be dangerous since she is a powerful being."

Drogon the responded

"Don't worry I can handle it. All I need is to choose the right words."

They finally reached their destination. In front of them was a cave with some light inside. The light was a torch that was lit nice. Drogon told his people

"Stay here. This is something I must do alone"

everyone agreed. Drogon, with his gauntlet, entered the cave bravely. As he walks inside the cave he sees wolves sleeping and eating meat.

"Wow I cant believe she lives here"

Drogon said to himself in his head. Then He sees Chrysaslis and she was looking at him.

Chrysalis was surprised to see someone that doesn't look like a pony or animal.

"I'm surprised to see an organism like you. Are you here to become food to the wolves?"

Chrysalis asked Drogon. Drogon then replied

"No. I am here for assistance for a plan to keep balance in the universe but in a violent way. I need your help for my quest to get the Elements of harmony."

Chrysalis then laughed so hard that it made Drogon mad. Chrysalis then said "Why would I help you? I only do things myself and I would never help any pony."

Then Drogon said to her "I knew you would say something like that. You leave me no choice."

Drogon pulled out his Gauntlet, with the element of sadness, and activated it. He uses it on Chrysalis to make her weak. Chrysalis falls down weak while the wolves did nothing to help her since their minds were else were. Chrysalis asked him

"What is this sorcery? Now I feel more weak than before."

Drogon told her

"Help me or die Chrysalis!"

then Chrysalis told him to stop.

Chrysalis told Drogon

"I will help you for your quest but first you need to do something for me."

Then Drogon asked her

"What is it that you need your highness?"

Chrysalis then answered

"I feel weak ever since my attempt to try to take over the Crystal Empire. There is an artifact which can regain my strength. It's in the temple of lost Ponies somewhere in the desert. I failed to retrieve the artifact since I am weak. The artifact is a liquid in a container which can make Ponies strong with ultimate power. Retrieve it and I will join you."

Drogon then replied

"I will do it."

Drogon exits the cave and his army saw him, the Assassin asked him

"what did she say?"

then Drogon responded

"We need to go to the temple of lost Ponies then we can go back."

Everyone went back to the ship and they left to find the temple and the Artifact.

They finally reached the temple which looked old and broken. Inside the ship Drogon told his Assassin

"I must go alone because this is something I must do alone."

The Assassin asked him

"why must you do this alone?"

Then Drogon replied

"I don't wan't to loose some of you guys."

The ship then landed and some sand flew away. Drogon got out with his Desert attire, which he made himself during his spare time at the ship, he then walks towards the temple but before entering he sees a female pony wearing a hood. She then takes it off and sees Drogon. She says to him

"You are entering a place of death. Every Pony tried to retrieve the artifact which lies in here but no-pony was ever able to get out alive with the artifact."

Then Drogon told her

"not today. I will be the first person to get it."

She then tells him

"You are a person? Like a different organism I never seen"

Drogon didn't listen but entered the temple.

As he entered the temple he sees 3 doors with writings on them. The first door on the left says It's a trap the second one on the middle says Definitely safe and the third door which says There is nothing here Drogon pondered for exactly 2 minutes then he decides to take the 3rd door since the first 2 could be a trap.

Eventually he was right and because of that he said to himself

"well that was easy"

he then proceeds. Next he sees black fire surrounding the next way to get thew artifact. There was a table with 5 potions with the same color but different sizes. A note was also on the table which says

"In order to get pass the fire of darkness, which cannot be extinguished with normal water, you must choose the correct potion in-order to cross the fire only twice. Here is a hint to choose correctly. 5 are organized from biggest to small but only one size has the right potion. 4 will kill you but one will make you invincible from the fire. One size that people want are what they want. When they are odd they want to be the one which is balanced to them. Through these saying you will find the answer."

Drogon read the paper over and over again until he figured it out. The safe one is the one in the middle. Drogon drinks it and enters the fire in-order to get to the next room.

He then gets to the last room but the artifact is contained in a glass box. The floor were tiles with no symbols and the walls had holes in them. Drogon said to himself

"I know this!. This is a trick. But I will still run anyways."

Drogon started running and arrows flew beside him. He then made it alive and saw with his very eyes the artifact.

"Finally the artifact which will help Chrysalis get back on her hooves"

Drogon carefully takes of the container and gets the artifact. But then there was a shake which means the temple is collapsing.


Drogon shouted in anger. He then ran as fast as he can while dodging arrows, running towards the fire and going out through the right door. He runs towards the ship and doesn't notice the female pony saying

"Oh my goodness!? You got the artifact!"

The ship leaves and heads back to the Cave. The temple then turns into crumbs of bricks and dust.

Drogon enters the cave and gives the artifact to Chrysalis. She said to herself

"yes!! Now my strength can come back to destroy Cadence and Shining Armor! along with their Baby"

she opens the artifact and drinks the liquid inside it. She now feels strong and invincible than before. Chrysalis then asks Drogon

"Whats the plan now?"

We then go back to the present. Chrysalis enters the room of wolves and looks at them for one last time.

"Forgive me"

she said to the wolves. She slaughtered each wolves using her own magic tearing them apart limb from limb. Blood spreaded everywhere in the room and some guards saw her doing it and walked away. Chrysalis said

"It is done."

The ship landed at the kingdom of the changelings and every changelings were clueless. Thorax saw the ship and looked closer until he sees Chrysalis on the window. Thorax said

"Oh no! defensive position!"

The changelings got ready in their position. The ship landed in the middle of the kingdom and Drogon with Chrysalis got out. Thorax saw them and said

"It's her! attack!"

Chrysalis asked Drogon

"how will you get them to change sides?"

then Drogon answered

"Using these 2 stones."

Then he raised the gauntlet with his hands opened then closed his hands which spread out dark light which only affected the Changeling kingdom. Thorax was knocked out but got back up and when he opened his eyes he saw that his skin was back to his original form. Thorax said

"Oh my goodness!"

The other Changeling woke up and started shouting evilly.

Drogon told Chrysalis

"Since you used to rule them, you can tell them the plan and help them get back to the ship."

Chrysalis agreed. Every pony and and Drogon entered the ship carrying on with the quest.

Act 6 Greed|Crystal Empire

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Generosity is an important thing a person must have in order to have a friend or to make them feel happy. But for greed it is not a good example. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins which is a man is possessive and doesn't wan't to share anything.

The Crystal Empire was shielded by Shining armor like what he did to Canterlot one time. The place was surrounded by Crystal Guards and Royal Guards sent from Canterlot.

Rarity, Spike and Shining armor were in the castle looking out of the window. enjoying the view. Spike held onto the potion that Twilight and Zecora gave him. Spike said to himself

"I think when he gets here. I will just drink it. I wonder if I transform to the dragon I expected from my fantasies?"

Rarity tells asks Shining Armor

"Do you think the shield can hold of Drogon and his possibly large army?"

Then Shining armor laughed a bit then replied

"Of course! I finally know how to make my shield stronger than before!"

Rarity tells Spike

"My dear Spike you must stay here because I don't want anything happening to you!"

but Spike said to her

"No I can't. We need to fight them because they are coming for the elements. I'm not gonna back out of a fight this time. So no matter what I will fight with you!"

Rarity was scared to loose Spike but Spike had a point. He has backed out in too many fights but this time he won't be scared. Rarity told Spike

"Fine....You can join the fight. Just remember to drink that potion Zacora gave you when the time is right because I don't know how long the effects lasts on you."

Spike then finally smiled of what she said to him.

Shining Armor looks outside and he sees Drogon's ship and on the window was Drogon and Chrysalis. Shining was surprised to see Chrysalis working with Drogon plus he was surprised that Drogon already has 2 elements. Shining heads to Rarity and Spike and gives the bad news

"Drogon is here in his big ship but he has Chrysalis with him. Get ready you two."

Rarity Shining and Spike ran down stairs until they made it towards the scene. They were shocked that the ship was huge than any other ships they have seen before. It was just floating there outside the shield and they didn't move an inch.

Suddenly a voice ,which is enhanced by a speaker, was heard by every pony in the empire (Including Spike). It was Drogons voice and it said

"Crystal empire! we have come for the element of Generosity or the element of greed. Surrender it and we wont attack and possibly destroy the Crystal heart or kill Flurry Heart."

Then Shining responded

"Never! even if you destroy the Crystal heart you won't take the Element or kill my baby. Plus my baby isn't with me or with my Wife!"

Drogon didn't care to know where Flurry Hearth is since he is focusing on his quest. Chrysalis responded instead of Drogon because she Interrupted Drogon

"Fine have it your own way! Changlings attack!!"

Then it happened the Corrupted changelings exits the Ship and charged. Spike looks at the corrupted changelings and says

"The changelings are evil? But how?"

Rarity and Shining were also shocked to see this. Shining said

"Spike it doesn't matter. He is about to steal the Element. Even though Thorax is there you need to fight."

Spike sighed in fear.

The Changelings started hitting the shields as hard as they an with their heads. Drogon watched and said to Chrysalis

"The shield is stronger than before. Lets put some more action!"

Chrysalis nodded. The ship then shows laser guns popping out. The Pilot pulls the trigger and the lasers hit the shield so hard that shining is having a hard time holding the shield. Shining said to both Spike and Rarity

"I cant hold the shield for to long. They are too strong."

Just then rarity had an Idea

"I will give you the signal to open the barrier"

But spike told her

"are you crazy!? we will risk getting attacked immediately."

Rarity tells him

"trust me. I know how to deal this"

Spike believed her. Spike takes out the potion and starts drinking it.

The bottle was empty and spike dropped it making it break. Then Spike felt like he is growing and getting bigger. It finishes and Spike looked like what he fantasies in his Imagination and dreams. Spike was surprised by this

"Oh my goodness. This is what I always dreamed of."

Rarity was also impressed to see the new Spike. Rarity waited for the right time to tell Shining to open the Shield. Drogon and Chrysalis got ready to head down to the Empire when the shield is destroyed. Rarity shouts


and Shining opens the Shield.

Every Changling got inside along with the ship. The ship kept firing lasers at the buildings destroying them at the process. Every Crystal and Royal guard started charging at the changelings and the Changlings did the same thing. Punching started and magic was used. Each Crystal guard charged headfirst at a changeling while some guards who have magic uses it to weaken a changeling. But the changelings have the upper hand since they were stronger.

Each changeling started biting each guard and punches each guard until they die. Spike told Rarity

"Rarity you need to hide since Drogon wants you."

Rarity responded

"You're right. If he wants me he better catch me"

Rarity then ran right back in the castle. Spike and Shining were now fighting side by side. Shining told Spike

"Lets see if you can save us again Spike!"

Spike goes into action with his new self. Spike started giving powerful punches to knock out the Changelings not kill them. Shining uses his magic to weaken and injure changelings. Just then Spike sees thorax standing right in front of him. They both stare at each other waiting. Spike said

"Thorax what happened to you? I taught you changed into good?"

Thorax didn't say a word and just charged already. Thorax charged Spike headfirst on the chest making Spike flying. Spike was able to get to ground and ran back to Thorax punching him on the face. He says to him

"Thorax snap out of it!"

But Thorax hit him back with his hoof.

Thorax puts his hoof on Spikes neck and he says

"Forgive me."

Thorax's horn starts to light up which means he is using his magic. Then the light gets brighter and brighter. Spike shouts to him

"Thorax please don't do this!!"

but Thorax doesn't listen. Then Shining sees Thorax harming Spike so he uses his magic to knock out Thorax. Shining goes to Spike helping him stand up then telling him

"Don't give up. We still need to protect Rarity"

Spike agreed and continued fighting the Changelings and trying to make Thorax snap out of his evil trance. The ship finally stopped moving but still shoots all the buildings. Drogon and Chrysalis got out of the ship and started to battle.

Chrysalis starts flying towards Shining with anger for revenge. Shining gets hurt when he gets hit by Chrysalis. Chrysalis says to Shining in anger

"this is what you get for not marrying me"

then Chrysalis started using her magic but Shining punched her face which stopped her using her magic.

"You Idiot you will ruin my beautiful face!"

Shining then hits her with his magic and they both fight at one part of the war. Drogon walks towards the Castle but some Royal and Crystal Guards try to stop him but Drogon has the upper hand since he has 2 of the corrupted Elements. He gets closer and closer but Spike gets in the way and tells him

"Stop right now. Hand over the elements and we won't fight"

but Drogon replied to him

"you're not brave. You are just a child in mask."

This triggered Spike so Spike punched Drogon that Drogon fell to the grown. Drogon tells him

"I gotta say I'm impressed really I am but you are still a child in a mask."

He uses the Gauntlet to weaken Spike and Spike gets weak that he falls to the floor.

Drogon finally enters the castle and heads upstairs. When he gets upstairs he finds Rarity sitting on her Drama chair. Rarity sees him and was shocked to see that he has already got 2 elements. Drogon tells her

"you know I was also a drama guy back in my planet. It's because I feel like I am in a movie which I was Impressed. Drama helped me to know what to say to other people but they are the mean type of drama. Now give me your element and I will spare your life."

Rarity then responds to him after getting of her chair

"never. If you want it you have to come get it you freak"

so they started to fight. Rarity starts by using her Element to form a laser which can hit someone or some pony. Drogon uses his gauntlet to form another laser and both of their lasers hit each other. Since Drogon has 2 elements he gets the upper hand and makes Rarity flying back. When Rarity lands she uses her magic to make her chair lift and uses it to hit Drogon on the head. When she hits Drogon on the head she says to her chair

"sorry chair."

Drogon got back up and ran towards Rarity but rarity punches Drogon in the face so hard results in his mask almost breaking. Drogon got so mad that he strangles Rarity on the neck and knocks her out with one punch. Rarity is now unconscious that Drogon gets her necklace and takes her element.

Drogon places the Element on the Gauntlet then the black aura appeared surrounding the Gauntlet and makes the element gray.

"3 more to go"

Drogon says. Rarity was then transported inside the Gauntlet. As he was walking towards the stairs he was ambushed by a mad Spike who saw everything. Spike stabbed Drogon with a shard of Crystal he found on the chest. Spike says to Drogon

"This is what you deserved. This is what you get for killing rarity and getting her element."

Drogon now feels weak from the big stab. Drogon says to Spike weakly

"You.... You should have gone for the head."

Drogon uses his gauntlet with the 3 elements combined to hit Spike which makes spike flying off the roof. Thorax then sees him in the sky and says to himself

"Oh no you don't"

he flies off to follow Spike.

Drogon is too weak to run that he looks out the window and uses the 3rd element (greed) on the Guards (except Shining) and the effects is that they were distracted by what they see and they go to that item and take it. Sometimes they would fight themselves for the item.

Shining and Chrysalis still fight until it was cut short when Chrysalis knocks him out with a punch and she thinks she killed him. He gets a message from Drogon through an ear piece she got from Drogon. Drogon tells her

"Get you changelings back to the ship and tell the Pilot to get me. Ineed to heal so you will get the next element for me."

Chrysalis obeyed his ordered and brought back the changelings back into the ship. The pilot gets to the Castle window and Drogon jumps towards the ship and got in through a window. Inside the medic took care of Drogon and hires a worker to make him a new mask.

Rarity wakes up in the Gauntlet. She asks himself

"My this place looks too dark. Is there a light switch here?"

Rarity blinks and then she sees her workshop on fire an that she hears a screaming inside. It said


the voice was Sweetie Bell. Rarity rushes inside saying

"Sweetie Belle I will save you!"

Rarity enters the building and sees that all her hard work was destroyed. She says to herself

"No! that fabric was expensive!!!"

She kept going until she sees Sweetie Belle whose hair was on fire. Rarity grabs her and takes her out. Sweetie Belle said to her "I was sleeping until mysterious fire appeared."

Then Sweetie Bell passed out. Rarity screamed in horror as she sees her workshop goes into flame and that Sweetie Belle almost died. This was her fear.

Back with Spike. Spike lands at the train station with the Train still at the station. Spike turns back into his normal form. When Spike wakes up he notices he got smaller. He says to himself

"Oh man.. I guess not all wishes can come true. I need to get to Twilight and warn her."

Spike gets on the Train and notices that the driver is gone so he drives the train himself. Thorax sneaks on-top of the train and waits for the right moment to enter. The train starts moving to get to Canterlot. While driving the Train spike hears sounds from on-top of the train.

"Who could that be?"

Spike wondered. Then Thorax enters the train scaring Spike. Thorax starts hitting Spike hard and Spike starts saying

"Thorax stop! This is a spell snap out of it!"

Spike started hitting Thorax back with a shovel a few times until Thorax finally passed out.

5 minutes later Thorax wakes up and wonders what happened. He asks Spike

"Spike what happened?"

then Spike responded

"You were in a spell so I had to hit you in the head to snap you out of it."

Thorax stood up and transformed into his good-self. He said to Spike

"I'm sorry Spike. Would you ever forgive me?"

The Spike said to him

"I forgive you. We need to head to Canterlot and Warn Twilight".

Thorax said

"If it's the only way then we must go."

The sun wen't down and the moon rises. Day one has finished.

Act 7 Anger|Ponyville

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Kindness is a trait which can help you get closer to people or help them in need. Fluttershy has pure kindness in her heart to every pony but mostly to her animals. In this Act that kindness is gone. Her element will be filled with hatred and Anger.

It is day 2 and Ponyville was filled with royal guards who were assigned to help defend Ponyville. Animals were surrounding the place trying to protect Ponyville and Fluttershy stayed with them. Fluttershy saw her bear friend shivering scared. Fluttershy heads up to the bear touching his shoulder with her hoof. She asks the bear

"Whats wrong Mister Bear?"

the bear then tells her in his language

"I don't think I can fight well. This is my first time fighting."

Fluttershy smiled a bit and tells him in comfort

"Don't worry. Remember what we trained okay. Then you can fight well."

The bear got better and smiled at Fluttershy. Fluttershy walked towards a Royal guard asking him

"Are you all ready? This could be the time we need to fight Drogon."

The guard replied

"Yes but there is one guard who is apparently sleeping on the Job. We tried to wake him up but nothing worked."

Fluttershy was shocked by this and she walked towards the sleeping guard which was sleeping next to the statue. She yells

"Hey you wake up!! Sleep then you will die with no honor!"

The sleeping guard finally woke up and said to her

"Oh sorry... This happens to me sometimes."

The guard walks to his position to do the right thing.

Fluttershy then sees a big Ship heading towards them. Fluttershy went to the Royal Guards and shouted

"They are here. Remember defeat the enemy and defend me."

The ship then floats on top of Ponyville then some of the tall buildings gets destroyed a bit. Chrysalis is with the assassin looking at the window. The assassin asked Chrysalis

"should I join you your highness?"

then Chrysalis replies

"no. You stay here and watch Drogon."

The assassin agreed and wen't to the medical area. The ship finally stops and Chrysalis exits with all of the other Changelings. Fluttershy ,with her animals, were right in front of her and Fluttershy was surprised to see Chrysalis again and that the Changelings were evil again. Chrysalis said to every pony and to the animals

"I apologize that Drogon can't be here. But I will do what he commands. Hand over the element and we will leave Ponyville alone."

Fluttershy said to her in anger

"I'm sorry my element is not for sale. So pack up your Changelings and leave"

Chrysalis was shocked to see Fluttershy more assertive than last time. Chrysalis responded to her

"you'd rather fight than hand it over. Imagine the animals that we could possibly kill."

Angel Bunny wen't to Fluttershy's ear whispering something at her. Fluttershy then said what Angle told her.

"Angel said to get lost you Insect!!"

Fluttershy shouted at Chrysalis.

This triggered Chrysalis so hard that she said

"no pony calls me an insect. If you will not give us the element then we will get it from you. Changelings attack!!!!"

The Changelings starts charging towards Fluttershy and the Animals. The birds flew towards the changelings and they attacked. The woodpeckers would stab the changelings using their beak. The eagles would push the Changelings head first and the other birds would just surround the changelings.

All Pegasus guards would also join the fight with the Birds and do the best they can to stop the Changelings from getting to Fluttershy. The Changelings had the upper hand from the animals since most of the birds are not their size. All the Pegasus kept fighting and fighting until something happened. Chrysalis unleashed her ultimate magic onto the Pegasus army. It made the Pegasus crash on the dirt injuring them and they're wings in the process.

"Ahhh my wings!! I did not sign up for this"

a guard said to himself. Fluttershy starts Flying up a bit and tells every Animal and surviving Pegasus to fall back. The animals and Pegasus ran (or fly) back to avoid getting hit more. Fluttershy got mad at Chrysalis for hurting her kind. She said to the animals

"Attack when I say so!"

Chrysalis looked at them with an evil smile on her face. The changelings were on the ground getting ready to charge. Chrysalis shouted at Fluttershy

"this is your last chance. Give me the element or perish!"

Then Fluttershy yelled back at her

"never. If you really wan't it, then get over here!"

Chrysalis then looked really mad that Fluttershy didn't comply.

"Alright. Changelings attack!!"

The Changelings starts running towards The ponies and Animals. Fluttershy then screamed

"Pony Ville Forever!! That means go!!"

The animals went first with Fluttershy and they looked awesome running with each other as if it is part of a scene of a trailer but was never used in the final movie. The ponies at the back followed them screaming. The fight begins.

The Carnivores ,who fought with Fluttershy, started on the offensive by scratching, punching, kicking and biting the Changelings. The Herbivores weren't too aggressive like scratching or biting they just do punches, kicks and push. Sometimes they would trick the Changelings to fight a Carnivores. The Omnivores were a mixture of both but they can be the trickiest ones to hit.

Fluttershy was stronger than before after she drank the potion. She hits harder than before and she seems more serious. The guards were able to fight the Changelings and it was so intense that half of each were knocked out depending on how they fought each other.

Almost all of the Herbivores were knocked out or died by the Changelings since they were like Carnivores. Some changelings actually died by the Carnivores and the Omnivores. Fluttershy is still fighting and she uses her element against the Changelings. Then Chrysalis finally gets to Fluttershy after fighting lots of animals and Guards.

Chrysalis said to Fluttershy

"stay down. Final warning!"

Then Fluttershy looked at her in anger and she said

"I can do this all day"

so Fluttershy attacks first by grabbing Chrysalis and flying while grabbing her. She then punches her which makes her fall down really fast that she landed at Sugar Cube Corner. Chrysalis was injured a bit but no bones were broken. Fluttershy landed at Sugar Cube corner ready to fight. Chrysalis was to weak to fight that she couldn't stand up. Fluttershy said to her while walking towards her

"this is over. This war will end with your death."

Fluttershy uses her element to show a beam of light heading towards Chrysalis. Chrysalis used her magic to make a beam of light which made her and Fluttershy's beam collide. Chrysalis got the upper hand as her strength came back. Chrysalis's beam made Fluttershy fly till she hits the wall.

Chrysalis finally got up and walked towards Fluttershy. Fluttershy couldn't get up because she was weak on the floor. Chrysalis said to her

"I tried to let you surrender. Because of this decision you have doomed the ponies. In order for Drogons quest to finish. Some of you ponies must die!"

She uses her magic to get the Element on her neck and flees with it. She then goes up to the sky and shouted

"Changelings are mission is done. Head back to the ship!"

The changelings stop hurting the Ponies and Animals. The door of the ship opened and all the Changelings entered with Chrysalis.

A royal guard got so mad that they lost and asked his other guards

"great we lost. Now what?"

But another royal guard told him

"look I think Fluttershy in on the ship!"

The royal guard saw Fluttershy outside the ship and he was surprised. Fluttershy tries to find a way to get inside the ship because the door is locked. She then sees a window which leads inside the ship. She breaks the window entering and she sees the assassin with orange juice for Drogon. The assassin saw her and was frightened that he dropped the Orange Juice.

Fluttershy acted fast by intentionally killing him by breaking his neck. She the continues to search until she sees 2 of Drogon's guards walking discussing something. She hides inside a room which she thinks its a good idea. The guards kept walking and Fluttershy was relieved until she realizes that the room was an armor closet where the guards get their armor and that there was one janitor in there to clean the floors. The janitor was surprised that he took out an emergency button to alert that intruders are inside the ship.

Fluttershy got surprised by the sirens that were played inside the ship that she got out the closet and ran. She kept running until she was caught by the same 2 guards that passed by her. They knocked her out using both of their fists.

Fluttershy wakes up inside a room with only light bulb. She is on a chair tied up so that she can't move. She looks around and she sees nothing but cardboard boxes and shelves filled with old stuff that were never used. She asks herself

"where am I?"

Then after she sees 2 figures coming in through the door. It was Chrysalis and Drogon. Drogon has a bandage on his chest with blood on it and he is still weak. Chrysalis said to Fluttershy

"you will all fail! This is what happens if you don't comply with our needs. You will loose evedrything including your animals."

Fluttershy responded

"you lost everything too when Starlight , Trixie, Thorax and Discord came to your life"

this triggered Chrysalis that she punched Fluttershy so hard on the face that blood came out of her mouth. Drogon held the Element in his hand without the necklace and placed it on his gauntlet. The dark aura appeared again and the element turned gray. Drogon said

"this is anger"

after saying this Fluttershy was sucked into the gauntlet.

The slots on the fingers were complete. There is only 2 sets left, one on the thumb and one on the middle of the hand. The element of Anger can be used on the owner or others, it will give the owner or the one used on strength and will heal them in a few seconds. Drogon used the element on himself which stopped his bleeding and weakening.

Drogon and Chrysalis got out of the room and walked in the hallway. Drogon says to himself

"only 2 more to go, then half of the life in the universe will be wiped out."

Chrysalis asked Drogon

"will I be wiped out of existence Drogon?"

Drogon responded

"just hope."

Fluttershy can only see darkness, she asks herself

"where am I?"

Then when she blinked she sees all her animals being captured in a big truck. She follows the truck until it stopped at a factory. She enters the factory and what she sees is horrible. She sees all the animals being killed, slaughtered and cooked into food. She even sees Angel Bunny going through the process that she screams so loud that she cried on the floor. This is her fear of loosing all of her animals.

Act 8 Disloyalty|Cloudsdale

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Loyalty is important when you have a friend that trusts you. It is like you would do the right thing than the selfish act. It is also like sacrifice for a friend and that without sacrifice there could be no victory (The witwiki motto). However disloyalty is being lazy or taking advantage of your Friend. In this Chapter the element of loyalty will become disloyalty like what happened to Rainbow Dash in season 2 on one of those 2 part episode.

Cloudsdale is a special place where majority of all Pegasus lives. The thing that makes Cloudsdale unique is that the clouds can only be walked on by a Pegasus or an Alicorn. There are parts of Cloudsdale which normal Ponies or Unicorns can walk on. Changelings cannot walk on clouds since they are not considered a Pegasus.

It is the nearest place to Canterlot, which will be the next location of the next chapter, but its a few miles below. It is where the first ever Sonic rainboom happened which triggered a chain reaction to the mane 6. Lets head to the story.

Majority every Pegasus guards were helping to Defend Rainbow dash. One group were on the sky patrolling for anything abnormal in the Sky or a sign that the threat is coming. Another group were on the clouds getting ready for an attack.

Another group were with Rainbow dash following her after she exits the Rainbow factory. I won't tell you what she was doing in the Rainbow factory but it will be revealed later.

She goes to the group who were staying on the clouds askng them

"anything abnormal?"

The one in-charge replied

"nothing yet. We even checked below but there is something that got our attention."

Rainbow dash asked what got their attention and this is their answer

"One of our guards were using binoculars and he saw that ponyville is nearly destroyed. Some buildings crumbled and the walls fell."

This made Rainbow Dash surprised and worried that Fluttershy could've died along with the others. She walks away with the other guards just to forget what she heard. She starts to have a flash back when she and Fluttershy were still young and lived in Cloudsdale before moving to Ponyville.

Fluttershy and Rainbow dash were hanging out at their school doing what they think is fun to do during breaks. They would fly together in joy without any worries at all. They would also take a stroll around the campus talking and making jokes and avoid the bullies who would always call Rainbow Dash Rainbow Crash.

One day the 2 bullies found the 2 of them and started pushing Fluttershy until she fell down to the ground. The 1st bully said

"ha! you are so weak that you don't have a cutie mark yet!!! Thats why your name is blank flank looser!"

The 2nd bully said

"yeah! Blank Flank!"

But then Rainbow dash stepped forward and said to them

"leave her alone! She hasn't done anything to you! You guys are just bullies who just want's attention!"

Then the 2 bullies looked at her. The 1st one said

"Well well well if it isn't Rainbow Crash!!"

The 2nd bully said to her

"your just gonna help her battles? Next time fight your own!"

Then Rainbow Dash said to them after helping Fluttershy get back up

"I only do that because she is my friend. And friends help each other. So why don't you go back to your mommies!?"

The 2 bullies didn't care and just left already. Fluttershy said to Rainbow Dash

"thank you! I guess I have to re-pay you don't I?"

But Rainbow dash Replied

"no need. A friend doesn't need anything in return. Come on let's go!"

In the present Rainbow Dash teared a bit from that memory. She heads to the group who were watching the skies. She asks them

"Is there anything abnormal on the sky?"

then a guard with binoculars said to her

"we found something and it looks metal. I think its a ship but I'm not sure. It doesn't look like a ship we recognize."

Then Rainbow Dash took the binoculars and looked through it. She saw Drogon's ship heading their way.

"It's him. You guys go to them and try to enter their ship. Try to fight them and hold them off for a while. We still need to prepare the attack and the weapon"

rainbow dash told the group. The group said to her

"yes mam!"

and they flew away. The group flew towards the ship as fast as they could in order to keep it away from Cloudsdale for a while. The group finally made it to the ship and entered by breaking the new windows that were just installed.

A guy who worked there said in anger

"Oh come on!! They were brand new! You will pay for this!"

There were 50 pegasus who were on the sip and 51 enemies in the same room. They started fighting brutally. A pegasus would punch a guard and use their wings to hit one of them. The guards use their weapons to stab a pegasus but to no avail since a Pegasus uses their wings which for some reason makes them bleed like slitting a throat with a knife. Imagine the whole fight in your head since i'm not not the professional writer.

After a few minutes only 15 Pegasus guard survived and only one enemy remained. One pegasus guard went to the surviving enemy and puts his hoof on top of the enemy's head. He asks him in a threatening voice

"where is the pilot of this ship?"

then the enemy started to bleed because of the hoof on his head. The enemy pointed on the door at the right.

"Please let me go!?"

the enemy pleaded. The pegasus said to him

"I'll let you go. You will go to the after life!"

The pegasus smashes the enemy's face with his hoof and blood and brains were shown on the enemy's smashed face.

The 15 guards entered the pilots room and found out that Drogon and the Pilot were already in the room. The pilot has a chainsaw and Drogon just has the Gauntlet with the 4 elements. The guards were shocked. The guard that smashed the enemy's head asked

"how did you know that we were gonna go inside this room?"

then Drogon answered to the guard

"I have a necklace to see everything. Your time has ended. I hope you all enjoy your new memories in heaven or hell".

The massacre begins. The pilot starts the Chainsaw and stabs 3 Pegasus and blood was everywhere. Drogon uses the Gauntlet's powers to kill 5 more Pegasus and weakens them. 5 defends the other 2 pegasus while they try to slow the ship or turn it around. The 5 split into 2 groups 3 will fight Drogon while the other 2 will fight the pilot. The 2 pegasus who were on the controls were confused since they never driven anything advanced before but they try anyway.

They press random buttons but none of them slowed down the Ship. One button activated the wipers, one button activated the AC and one button activated an alarm which was pointless since the sound was a minion screaming his siren sound.

The pilot kills the 2 pegasus who were fighting him and blood came out of their bodies. Drogon kills the 3 who were attacking him by crushing their skulls, using the elements to obliderate them and punches them so hard that they fell to the ground. The 2 pegasus who are still figuring out to stop the ship ran out of time that they were slaughtered buy the Pilot's Chainsaw. Blood was all over the controls and on the pilots uniform.

Drogon and the Pilot were relieved that the fight was over. Drogon said

"Rainbow Dash thinks she is smart well look at the outcome of this plan. Her allies died by our hands. Time to get to Cloudsdale so remember the clouds cannot be walked on by any other creature so I need to land near the rainbow factory where there is an actuall floor."

The pilot agreed and continued driving the Ship.

Back in Cloudsdale the weapon is now ready. The weapon is a catapult with boulders which have spikes (not actually Spike). Rainbow Dash, with the help of the other Pegasus guards, pushed it until it is at its position. Rainbow Dash walks forward until she sees the Ship heading towards them. Rainbow Dash flies up and looks at the ship with anger. Rainbow Dash says to the all Pegasus near the catapult

"on my mark use the Catapult on the Ship!"

and they wait. The ship got closer and closer and the Changelings got ready with Chrysalis and Drogon. Drogon is now wearing a special suit with rocket shoes in order to float on the clouds.

"Remember! even though all you changelings have wings all of you cannot walk on the clouds so keep flying. If you see something that looks like a floor thats when you can walk. Let's do it!"

The ship is almost at Cloudsdale and they were ready. Rainbow Dash also got ready with her Element of loyalty. She says to herself

"I won't fail you Twilight and I won't let make Equestria extinct"

Rainbow Dash looks at the ship and looks back at all the Pegasus.


Rainbow Dash shouted to the all the pegasus who were near the Catapult. The boulder was launched and one boulder hits the ship which gives the ship a little dent.

"Another one!"

Rainbow Dash shouted. Another boulder was launched and hits the ship again but it is now damaged but not a bit. Drogon got mad that he starts the attack now. The ship opens the door and the Changelings got out to start the swarm.

Chrysalis came out next and finally Drogon got out with his rocket shoes. The Pegasus guards finally joined the battle by flying towards the Changelings. The battle begins.

Because of Rainbow Dash being smart she gave them a strategy for fighting those who were flying. They punch the face first which made the Changelings dizzy. Not all the Changelings got dizzy since some of them can be strong. They would head-butt the Changelings head which would make both of their faces bleed or bruised. The Changelings fought back by biting them back on their necks and removing a part of their skin after biting. The Changelings pushed all the Pegasus in the front down towards the clouds.

Each pegasus felt pain when they were on the clouds but they don't want to quit yet. The Changelings floats on-top of the clouds since they cannot walk on the clouds. Rainbow Dash joins the battle by flying up really high that he is near the atmosphere which has no oxygen. Rainbow Dash said to herself

"time to do the Sonic Rainboom!"

Rainbow Dash starts flying down really fast. Chrysalis is on the Battle field and she looks up. She said to herself

"oh no! She is doing the sonic rainboom!"

It was too late for Chrysalis and Drogon to stop Rainbow Dash from doing then Rainboom. Rainbow Dash's face was intense and kinda funny to see.

Rainbow Dash finally did the boom an inch on-top of the clouds where the enemies are at. The enemies were flying all over because of the boom and some fell off the cloud. Rainbow Dash flew back fast and kicks Drogon on the face so hard that he was flying towards the Rainbow Factory.

Chrysalis flies back up with the other Changelings who survived the blast. The ones who didn't survived either fell to their death or the blast just in-sta kill them. Luckily the Drogon survived but injured severely on the back but his face is fine since his new mask is indestructible. Rainbow Dash flies toward Drogon and tells him

"thats what you get for killing Fluttershy and taking her element."

Rainbow Dash reaches her hoof to the gauntlet to take of the elements but it was cut short when Drogon slapped her face with his other hand without the gauntlet. Rainbow Dash pushed Drogon while Flying sending him inside the rainbow factory. Luckily the floor was an actual floor so Drogon doesn't need to use his rocket shoes. Rainbow Dash enters the factory and walks towards him. She says to him

"you might have 4 elements but we have the wonder-bolts"

the wonder-bolts starts flying below from the roof toward Drogon punching him one by one.

The wonder-bolts then surrounded Drogon that Drogon is out-numbered. Rainbow Dash walked forward and is now in front of Drogon. She says to him

"you are now out numbered. your quest ends here!"

Rainbow Dash's element starts to light which means a beam of light will hit Drogon. But Drogon was fast that he used the Element of sadness on Rainbow Dash preventing her from using her element. Drogon uses the element of liars on the wonder-bolts and they were beating each other up. Rainbow Dash sees this that she was shocked.

She goes to the wonder-bolts saying

"hey hey stop it right now you guys!"

but to no avail. Chrysalis goes inside the factory and uses her magic to grab Rainbow Dash and puts her away from the fight. The wonder-bolts kill each other until one more is still standing. Drogon uses the 4 elements to release a beam of light that disintegrates the last wonder-bolt. Chrysalis uses a spell which freezes Rainbow Dash that she cannot move except for her mouth and eyes.

Drogon walks towards Rainbow Dash and looks at her. He says to her

"you were a hero once. But now the hero has fallen."

Drogon grabs her necklace and takes the Element.

"Friendship isn't something one considers the balancing of the universe"

Drogon said to Rainbow Dash. Drogon places the element on his Gauntlet and the dark aura appears again surrounding the guantlet. The element is now grey.

"But this. Does put a smile on my face!"

Drogon said to Rainbow Dash after placing the element on the gauntlet. Rainbow Dash gets transported in the gauntlet while being frozen. Drogon says to himself

"loyalty now becomes disloyalty. We have one more element to go!"

Drogon and Chrysalis exits the factory and Drogon uses the element of disloyalty on the pegasus. The pegasus are now doing what they do when they don't have anything to do like walk around or playing with other ponies. This also means distracting someone or some pony. The changelings killed all the Pegasus who were just minding their own business. The changelings, Chrysalsis and Drogon wen't back to the ship and they were off. Chrysalis talked to Drogon in the ship

"remember Twilight is now an alicorn plus there are 3 more alicorns. They are powerful ponies."

Drogon said to her

"Don't worry I can handle this."

In the Gauntlet Rainbow Dash was in the darkness. She says to herself

"am I in the Gauntlet?"

Then after a blink she at a graveyard with the other ponies. Rainbow Dash sees Twilight next to her and asks her

"who's funeral is this?"

and Twilight responded

"A.K Yearling and the wonder bolts! I can't believe you forgot that!"

Rainbow Dash was hocked to hear this. She screams

"Nooooooo!!!! I can't believe my Idols are gone..."

This is Rainbow Dashes fear.

Act 9 Dark Magic|Canterlot

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Welcome to the final Act where we will witness the fall of the Mane 6. Don't worry this isn't actually the final act of the book. There are still more acts to go and hope will still shine on the heroes. Drogon's quest has come full circle.

The Element of Magic is the strongest element of all. It is considered to me as one of the most dangerous element of all like the soul stone. But the magic is powered by Friendship and it could be used to resolve problems a friend has. This magic will become Dark Magic which also means evil magic. It's like what Trixie used to bear when she had that necklace which was red and black.

Canterlot was heavily guarded by a lot of Royal Guards and unicorns who volunteered to help by using their magic. A shield was made in-order to keep Drogon and his army away from Twilight but any pony can enter as long they are the good ones not the bad ones who serves Drogon. There were 2 royal Guards who were staying outside to guard the entrance to keep watch of who would wan't to enter or if they see Drogon.

The sun was setting and the moon was up and the moon looked divine as it always is. The castle was heavily guarded and fortified in-order to be indestructible than it ever was. In the Castle were the 4 Alicorn princesses (Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Cadence) they were on the roof like floor looking at the outside of Canterlot and hoping that Drogon doesn't come but they will be wrong later.

But let's go back to Spike and Thorax first before we get to the 4. Spike and Thorax were still on the train heading towards a train station near Canterlot. In the train Spike was looking out the window of the night worried of what would happen to Twilight if he fails to reach her. Thorax thought of the same thing but he also thinks of his Changeling friends and thought of how he can win them back like last time.

Thorax wen't to spike and said to him in a calm voice

"Spike don't be sad. We will make it to Canterlot and help Twilight"

Spike looked at him like a true friend and hugged him while saying

"thank you for being a good friend to me! If this is the end, I will remember you until the end!"

Thorax was touched by this.

Eventually the train is at the nearest Train Station near Canterlot. The Train Station was deserted since almost every-pony evacuated. They walk up the mountain like road to get to Canterlot as fast as they can.

Spike said to himselfin exhaustion

"man I wish I had wings!"

Remember this was before the episode The Molt Down so don't complain.

Thorax felt sorry for Spike that he offers to let Spike ride on his back. Spike was pleased by what Thorax does to him.

Spike and Thorax are near to the entrance but when they look at Canterlot a big purple force field is covering the whole city and Castle. Thorax and Spike were shocked to see this and this made the 2 reminded of the Battle of Crystal Empire. When they made it to the Entrance the 2 guards stopped them. One of them was Flash while the other was named Jeff.

Flash said to Spike with assertiveness

"halt!! You need to verify if you are not any of Drogon's goons!"

Spike and Thorax looked at each other weirdly and they looked back at Flash. Spike said to Flash

"seriously? I am Spike and this is Thorax why would we need to verify? We know Princess Twilight, Cadence, Celestia and Luna!"

Jeff and Spike looked at them and said to the 2 of them

"sorry but sometimes we can't trust any pony these days. So we need a true verification, otherwise the 2 of you will not be able to enter Canterlot."

Spike sighed and said to the 2 guards

"I saved the Crystal Empire twice and I have a Rarity doll"

Flash and Jeff looked at each other and laughed when Spike said that he had a Rarity doll.

"Alright Spike you can go but the other one still needs some verification!"

Flash said to Spike. Flash and Jeff looked at Thorax and said to him

"we need verification from you!"

Thorax responded

"I am a nice Changeling who redeemed the other Changelings from Queen Chrysalis. I also know Starlight, Trixie and Discord."

Flash and Jeff were convinced already.

"Twilight Spike and Thorax are here! Open the Force Field!"

Flash screamed at the Castle to make Twilight hear him. The Force Field then opens a bit and the 2 just entered. As they walk they see so many royal guards and Unicorns on the grounds keeping a close eye on the place. Spike and Thorax felt worried but they still need to find Twilight. Both of them enters the Castle but they don't see the 4 Princesses.

Spike said to Thorax

"maybe they are just on the roof so let's go up!"

Thorax agreed and asked Spike

"wheres the stairs?"

and Spike just pointed it out. The 2 finally made it up-stairs and finally sees the 4 Princesses and they were relieved.

Twilight was wearing her Crown with the element still intact. Celestia was looking outside the City to see if Drogon arrives. Luna does her usual Job while Drogon doesn't arrive by watching the dreams of every pony. Cadence was just being Cadence.

Twilight looks at Spike and Thorax and she was surprised to see the 2 of them.

"Spike!? What are you doing here with Thorax? and why isn't Rarity with you?"

Twilight asked Spike with curiosity.

Spike responded

"Twilight me and Thorax are here to warn you that Drogon already has 3 elements! I am not sure if he has the other 2 but that is why we came to tell you."

Thorax also said

"also Chrysalis is working with Drogon and they figured out how to convert the Changelings and now they are evil. Spike freed me from the spell but I think we can't reverse the spell to all of the changelings right now."

Twilight was shocked that her plan was failing. She closed her eyes and teared up a bit. She opens her eyes and looks at the 2 and she said to them

"head to the evacuation center! I have a map so that you 2 can go there. It's at the throne room on Celestia's seat. I predict that we could fail since Drogon's army has grown so try to make a team to help take back the Elements if ever. Also make sure Drogon doesn't go through the portal I placed in the place because I don't wan't to risk our counter parts being killed brutally."

Spike and Thorax nodded and they wen't downstairs to the Throne room. Spike took the map and looked at it.

"It's at the Desert. Alright Thorax lets go back to the train!"

Thorax nodded and both of them exits Canterlot and heads back to the Train. They leave and head to the desert to find the other ponies.

Back on the roof Twilight was sad because she lost her friends and that her plan is failing. Cadence looked at her and she comforted her by telling her

"before I was a Princess I also made mistakes too that made me feel guilty. We can't always reverse them when they are done already. We need to focus and finish everything."

Twilight looked at Cadence with Joy and hugged her. She stopped hugging her and tells her

"you will always be my favorite foal-sitter!"

Cadence Blushed by what she said.

Twilight walked away from here to look at the city. Just then Celestia saw something going up the mountain and there were too much to count. There were people wearing black armor with swords and spears. The Changelings were no where to be seen yet but Chrysalis is present. Drogon is at the front of the army to lead the charge.

Cadence, Luna and Twilight also looked and they were shocked to see a larger army than what they have. The princess that was shocked the most was Cadence because she saw Queen Chrysalis joining Drogon's army. Drogon get's a megaphone from his jacket and yells at the City with a menacing voice

"Ponies of Canterlot! I already have 5 Elements but I lack 1 element. The element of Magic will turn into Dark Magic and It's power will help me finish my quest for Balance in the universe. You already lost most of your royal guards. Now hand it over or the Capital will suffer by my armies wrath!"

Celestia then looked at him and yelled at him

"Never!! I suggest you leave and no pony would get hurt or killed by you and your army!"

This triggered Drogon since most of the pillars dis-agrees to his offer.

"Fine! Army charge!"

Drogon shouted really loud. But by surprise the army didn't even move an inch. Twilight laughed that she thinks the army doesn't know a word Drogon said. She said to him

"I guess your army doesn't like to move at all!"

But then something happens. The changelings then appeared from the sky and charged towards the force field and started hitting the force field using their heads. Twilight started feeling pain on her head that she can't take it.

"Twilight you must hold it as long as you can!"

Celestia told her student. Luna flew down to the floors of the city and she was with the royal guards and a few number of unicorns. She said to all of them

"royal guards when I give the signal charge towards the gates to stop them from getting close to Twilight. Unicorns will stay near the castle to use their magic as a weapon or a shield. Remember this is no time to change your minds, it's time to fight for the fate of Equestria!"

The royal guards and unicorns screamed the word yes and they prepared. The Changelings kept on hitting the force field really hard that Twilight is feeling severe pain on her head. Eventually the force field finally shattered and Twilight passed out. Drogon shouted to his army


The army started running towards the entrance which made Flash and Jeff retreat back inside the city and meet up with the others. Luna looked at the entrance filled with Drogon's army of Darkness. She shouts

"Go! Go!"

The royal guards started charging towards the army of Darkness and they look like true warriors. The 2 then Collided and starts fighting like in the last few chapters. Luna flew and joined the fight starting by using her magic to create a beam of light to injure the army of Darkness. She wen't to the ground and started punching and kicking a member of the army.

Drogon is at the back moving towards the Castle but it's slow since there were a lot of fights happening. Chrysalis flew towards the roof and grabs Princess Cadence. She takes Cadence up to the sky and drops her. Cadence falls but she has wings so she flew back up and punched Crhysalis back. Cadence and Chrysalis starts fighting in the sky. Cadence says to her

"you are fighting for nothing!"

But Chrysalis replied

"I will get something, and that something is your death!"

They continue to fight in the sky.

The changelings starts raining down the sky attacking the Unicorns. But the unicorns used their magic to throw random objects towards the Changelings. Some of those objects were a barrel, a chair, stones and glass. Some changelings died or just injured. The changelings that did survive started fighting with the unicorn by kicking and punching them.

Celestia looks at the fight and is worried for Twilight being passed out. She uses her magic to lift her up and takes her back to the Throne. She puts her down on the Chair she always sits and watches over her for her protection.

The battle still goes outside the castle and Drogon gets closer and closer. Luna sees him and heads towards him. Luna said to him

"let's see if you can handle me!"

Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon but still has the good in her. Drogon says to her

"Nightmare moon!? well this will be a good fight between me and an evil being!"

Nightmare moon responded

"I still have the good in me! Just shut up and fight!"

The 2 started fighting. Drogon does a superman punch on Luna but dodged the punch and uses her magic to hit Drogon. Drogon uses the element of anger to heal himself but when he finished Luna kicked him on the legs making him fall. Drogon uses the 5 elements to make a beam of light to hit Luna and Luna still stood up on the field not giving up. She flew towards Drogon and beats him up with a sword she found on the floor. Drogon uses the element of sadnees on Luna making her weak. He takes the sword and stabs her on the chest which doesn't kill Luna but incapacitates her thus making her transform back to her normal state.

"what a joke"

Drogon said to her unconscious body.

Twlight wakes up from passing out and looks around. She asks Celestia

"did we win?"

Celestia looked at her and said

"no... But I know we can still win this. We just need to work together."

Twilight was relieved by what she said at the end. Just then the door to the castle opens and it reveals that Drogon was at the door. He closes it and uses the element of sadness to weaken the 2 Princesses. He says to the 2 weaken Princesses

"before I finish my quest I will tell you 2 why I am doing this. You see in my home we were over-populated and our resources have lessen every day. We started a civil war to know who can have all the resources, because of the war our planet died out along with our people. I am the last of them by escaping by the ship I found during the war. I had to suffer in-order to prepare everything to find these items like my necklace, gauntlet, my army and the elements. So give me the Elements or suffer."

Twilight said to him in a weak voice


Twilight tried to use her magic to hit Drogon and it worked even thought she was weak. Because Twilight hit him using her magic they are no longer weak. Celestia started fighting him by using her hooves to punch Drogon in the face. Drogon kicked Celestia on the belly making her fall. She then flew up and used her magic to create a beam of light and uses it against Drogon but Drogon did the same thing using the 5 elements against her. Drogon got the upperhand making Celestia dizzy.

He then walks towards Twilight, just then Twilight unleashes her elements ultimate powers against Drogon which made Drogon fly back hitting a random pillar. Drogon then uses the 5 elements by making the same beam of light but it's not powerful enough to stop the element of Magic. Just then something happened, Chrysalis and Cadence came down from the rook landing on Twilight making Twilight stop using her element.

Drogon was relieved but not Twilight. Chrysalis and Cadence continued fighting at the right side of the Throne room. Drogon is now in front of Twilight grabbing her by the neck. He grabs the element taking it off from the Crown and puts it on his Gauntlet. The dark aura appeared for the last time and turns the element grey. Twilight got sucked into the Gauntlet with no saying at all, just sadness on her face with tears. This time after the final element was placed all the colors of the original elements were going through his veins giving him the ultimate power. He roars a mighty roar which made those who fought outside heard it.

"Time to finish what I started"

Drogon said to himself. He snapped his fingers and a big light spreads like the sonic rain-boom and it spread hits all of equestria. After that something happened. Cadence started fading like dust and there was nothing left of her. Chrysalis was shocked and said

"What!? I almost"

But what she was saying is cut short when she too is faded from existence. Luna also faded along with Shining armor, Doctor Whooves, Big Mac,Granny Smith, The CMC and others, even the guards. There were only half of the beings left in Equesteria and some of them are at where-ever they are. Celestia is still breathing and weak. Drogon knocks Celestia out with a brick he found. He goes out to see the fighting continue with half of the army of darkness, half of the Changelings, half of the Royal guards, half of the Unicorns and then uses all the elements to make all the royal guards and Unicorn's unconscious. He sits on one of the stairs and looks at the moon smiling under the mask.

His journey for balance is done. For now...................

It's not over yet. There is still hope..........

Act10 Aftermath|Unkown location, Canterlot and Canterlot High

View Online

Welcome to part 2 of a My Little Pony 2 part episode. I apologize for not revealing Twilight's fear on the Last Chapter because when I wrote the ending it felt like the ending of Infinity War of when Drogon sat down looking at the sky. Also I forgot to add it due to being a "fast" writer. Let's continue to where we left off, starting with Twilight's fear.

In the gauntlet Twilight woke up and stood up. All she sees is black everywhere. She said to herself

"where am I? Is this the gauntlet?"

She blinked and she sees Canterlot in ruins and many corpses of other ponies. She walked in fear and sees her friends dead on the floor. There were Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Jack and finally Spike. She was shocked to see her friend's gone from the world. Just then she sees Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Flurry Heart mourning over the lost of every pony. She walks to them and tries to speak to them but Celestia looked at her first and started saying to her

"I can't believe it, I taught your a gifted pony with many talents but I was wrong. You failed to protect every pony and even failed to protect the Elements. Because of this you are no longer my faithful student and I will strip away your Alicorn power!"

Celestia uses her magic and takes away the magic putting it in an amulet she was wearing. Twilight lost her wings and is now tearing up on the floor hugging Spike's corpse, she knows that she truly fail to stop Drogon. This is her fear of failing everything.

Let's go back to Spike and Thorax and see how they're doing. Spike and Thorax were out of their Train (because they found a train station) and started walking in the desert in the middle of the night since Celestia is being held hostage by Drogon and that Luna faded away. Spike didn't feel sleepy because he slept on the Train and Thorax was worried of what happened at Canterlot.

Spike said to Thorax in a calm accent

"according to the map it should be at some sort of house here with a pony symbol. I never seen anything like this Thorax"

Thorax looked at the map and figured out what the building is

"Spike it's not a house, it's an out-house. It serves as a place to pee or poop."

Spike was surprised and disappointed by the style of an evacuation center that Twilight has chosen. Because of this he asked himself

"why would Twilight choose an out-house for an evacuation center? It's too small!"

After saying this he bumped into an out-house which looked like the one in the map. Thorax said in relief

"wow we are finally here! But this is small for an evacuation center. How could every pony fit in one out-house?"

Spike got back up and wen't to the door to enter the out-house. When he looks inside the out-house he sees nothing but a toilet and a big lever (which is used to flush the toilet) which is unusual since most levers are small. Because of that, Spike became suspicious. Spike said to Thorax

"Thorax come in here! I think I know how to get to the real Evacuation center!"

Thorax was surprised by this, he goes inside the out-house and stays next to Spike. Spike flushed the toilet and something happened. The floor started to become like an elevator and started descending somewhere. Thorax and Spike looked at each other and they were excited to see what it looks like.

When they finally made it down the room looked like a modern home with bright but not bright light. There were cabinets of foods all labeled and organized like Twilight would do at her home. There were restrooms, dorms and even books everywhere. But the best part about the place is that there are lot's of Ponies who evacuated but there is something off about the Ponies. For one there are some ponies who aren't there since Drogon made half of the Ponies and other creatures from different universes faded away from existence, thats just it.

Starlight looked at Spike and Thorax and was surprised to see them. She told them

"Spike? Thorax? I can't believe you 2 are here! there is something I need to tell you!"

Spike asked what it could be and this is Starlight's response.

"Something happened to the other ponies, I saw that some of them faded away like dust. I don't know how this happened but this is something we need to figure out right now Spike and Thorax."

Spike and Thorax taught hard of what happened until they finally figured it out. They looked at each other with sad faces and they knew if they tell the other Ponies, they would be sad. Spike said to Starlight

"I think I know how this happened. Drogon did this. He succeeded in getting all the Elements and wiped out half of existence. I think the Twilight and the others are already dead or something."

Starlight and almost every pony was shocked to hear that the villain won because they all believe that the Mane 6 would always win. Starlight taught of what Spike said and she was sad. Spike and Thorax still had hope to defeat Drogon so they started to have a speech. Spike said to every pony

"every pony! I know what it feels like to loose and see the consequences of failure, but this is no time to be sad and be hopeless. We still have to stop Drogon and restore every pony starting by listening to us."

Thorax started to speak after Spike said that.

"All we need to do is to assemble a team of fighters who knows how to fight with their hooves or magic. For example me, Starlight, Trixie and Discord teamed up to defeat Chrysalis and free the Changelings from her wrath."

Starlight, Trixie and Discord walked forward. Discord said

"yes of course us! We are like the mane 6 but just 4 of us! How about I go to this Drogon guy and take him out myself?"

Spike heard this and replied

"no Discord! It's too risky since he has all 6 elements and there's a chance he can turn you into stone!"

Starlight started talking to discord saying

"Spike is right! Maybe we need to stick together and take him down as a team."

Discord taught of this and just nodded at her which means he agrees to what she was saying. Trixie also started talking.

"Spike is right! If we wan't to stop Drogon we need to have a team up and make a group!"

Zacora stepped forward and said

"I shall join to save pony kind!"

Sunburst also stepped forward holding Flurry Heart and said

"me too! and I think Flurry want's to join but I'm not too sure about that"

Just then A.K. Yearling stepped forward and said

"me too because Rainbow Dash is my friend and if she's gone I need to get to the bottom of this. Also because I don't wan't a world ruled by a visitor. Also I am Daring Do!"

She takes of her clothes and she reveals to every pony that she is in-fact Daring Do. Almost all of the Ponies were shocked to see that their favorite writer is really Daring Do.

Spike talked to Sunburst asking him

"why would Flurry wan't to join? She is only a baby Alicorn"

Sunburst responded

"maybe it's because of your speech. Anyways I know a place where ponies can have their desired age. So we need to bring Flurry Heart there to make her older to fight Drogon."

Spike and Thorax discussed about this and they finally got their final answer. Spike said to Sunburst

"sure. Make sure Flurry is still alive"

Sunburst nodded. Starlight started suggesting something to Spike

"Spike I have a suggestion. I suggest we bring Sunset Shimmer and the counter parts of our friends."

Spike thought it would be a good idea to bring them in since they are the only elements of harmony left. He asks Starlight

"where is the portal?"

Starlight took Spike and showed him where the portal is. It is at the end of the room they are on. The portal is still intact and nothing has been changed. Spike said to Starlight

"you should go. Twilight told me you were in there before, so you need to convince Sunset and the other to help us."

Starlight nodded and entered the Portal.

Canterlot High is always the same with the same average human counterparts of the ponies in Equestria. The statue was always the same since we last saw it. Starlight finally exits the portal and transforms to her human form. She starts walking using her 2 legs trying to find Sunset. She enters the school and she notices there weren't a lot of students wandering. There are only a few students roaming around the halls during recess and most of them are chatting about something which involved some students.

Starlight ignored the chatting of the other students since she is focusing on trying to find the 7 friends. When she wen't to another corridor she hears a familiar voice that she knows. It was Sunset Shimmer talking to Human Twilight and they were walking where Starlight is at but they don't even notice her. Sunset said to Twilight

"It's so strange that there are lot's of students absent."

Human Twilight responded

"I know. I was trying to find some specific people to do this survey but majority of them are absent."

Sunset jokingly says

"I think it's zombies who are just here or some more Equestria magic trying to kill us!! Lol"

Just then Sunset and Starlight bump into each other. Starlight looked at Sunset and felt bad for her that she says to her

"sorry Sunset. Let me help you up."

Starlight helped her got back up. Sunset and Human Twilight noticed her so fast that they were surprised to see her. Sunset said to her

"Starlight! Wow it's a surprise to see you. You should have told Twilight you were coming. What are you doing here?"

Twilight added

"and did you notice that there were less students?"

Starlight said to the 2 of them

"to answer Twilight's question, yes I notice less students and I know why. It's because a certain someone in our place done this. He stole all the elements of Harmony and made half of the population of every universe wiped out!"

Sunset and Human Twilight were shocked by this that they looked at each other TWICE. Starlight continued talking.

"That's why we need you and the other 6's help."

Sunset then asked Starligt

"wait that means our versions of the mane 6 will encounter their counter parts."

Starlight then responded

"don't worry, they won't run into their counter parts. They will only meet their counter parts when the mission is finished."

Sunset nodded. Human Twilight started to get excited to visit the other world.

"Oh and Twilight don't bring Spike. We already have a Spike"

Starlight added. Twilight asked Starlight

"what is it like to be in your world?"

Starlight was surprised to hear that question from Human Twilight. She then responded

"Oh it's really magical! Every pony looks really cute, there are other beings besides humans and you can fly if you are lucky to be a Pegasus or an Alicorn! But I can guess you can be an Alicorn."

Twilight got even more excited to see Equestria that she can't hold it in. A few minutes later the Mane 7 gathered outside the school waiting for Starlight Glimmer. Just then Starlight got out of the school with some news for the Mane 7.

"Girls I told Principal Celestia and sh agreed to let you guys go and miss a few classes."

Rainbow Dash was happy to hear this that she said

"aw yeah!!! No class for us today!!"

Pinkie Pie also cheered with Rainbow Dash but in a more exciting way. Starlight reminded them of something.

"Now remember girls. This will be dangerous so stick together and be prepared. Also you will transform into Ponies so get used to walking on fours. Okay?"

They all nodded withe excitement. They started entering the portal one by one to Equestria.

Starlight entered first and she transformed back into a pony. She walks to make room for the others. The next one that comes out is Sunset Shimmer and she just walks on fours already since she used to live in Equestria. Human Twilight is next and when she entered she turned into an Alicorn but she still has her glasses and she has her cutie mark but another on her hair like a hair button to tell the difference. Twilight felt weird when she was trying to stand on her 2's but she fell. The other 5 also came out of the portal and the same results came. They look like their counterparts and they have their cutie marks buttons on their hair.

Sunset helped them get up and she told them

"you 6 need to get used to walking on your 4 okay?"

Rainbow Dash complains saying

"aw maaaan!! I need to walk with 4 legs! Not cool! But at least I got these great wings!"

Twilight was surprised to notice that she is an Alicorn. She said to herself

"wow! I am half Pegasus, half Unicorn. This is going well for me!"

Rarity notices her horn. She tries to do magic on a plant she sees to make it float. She does this and says

"wow!! I can use my magic without needing to pony up! Or human up"

Fluttershy was happy to have wings and started flying like a dove and says

"I am flying like a bird!! yaaaay!!"

Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie were disappointed because they din't have any wings or horns. Pinkie Pie says

"aww bummer. Oh well at least I am a Pony!"

Apple Jack said

"I feel like I have strong legs! And I still have my hat.... for some reason. Oh well as long as I help save Equestria!"

Starlight and the mane 7 walked back to Spike but while walking, the other ponies were staring at them. They were asking themselves if there were actually different versions of themselves. When they finally made it to the front, Twilight was shocked to see that Spike is a baby dragon. Spike says to them

"i hope you guys remember me? anyways this is Thorax. He is the only GOOD changeling we have. The others are under a spell. You all know why you are here so there is no need to explain again."

Sunburst (while holding Flurry Heart) starts speaking.

"We need to do one thing first. We have to go to this place called the Veil. It's a place where they have some liquid which can make some-pony age to make them old or young. It is located near the Winsome Falls. It is says that they have a huge cloth for a roof to prevent any rain to affect the water. It is also said that there were some ruins on the ground of weapons and broken pieces of buildings. We have to go there in order for Flurry Heart to be old and fight Drogon."

The mane 7 were clueless of who he is and becaus of that Spike explained it to them.

"Drogon is a being from another universe who stole the Elements to wipe out half the universe so we need to get them back."

The mane 7 all nodded at each other with surprise. Spike said to the group of volunteers while they were getting ready to leave

"remember we only have one shot at this. We won't accept failure!"

They left the center while the other ponies are cheering for them to succeed.

Canterlot is not what it is anymore. The surviving royal guards are put into jail cell while the Unicorns are put into a special cell that takes away their powers. The Changelings and Army of Darkness are watching them to make sure they don't escape. In the Castle Drogon is sitting down on a throne he made for himself made of Iron. He is in dormant state of speaking with people who are dead. Celestia is in a cell with chains on her 4 hoofs and her neck. Her cell is the same for the unicorns but her size.

In the dormant state of Drogon he is walking on the grass, he feels the grass and admires the trees he sees. He then sees his father in front of him. Drogon says to him

"I done it. I made the universe a better place now. The universe will not perish like we did."

The father says to him with appreciation

"well done my Son. But your journey isn't finished yet."

Drogon asks him

"really? What do I need to do father?"

The Father responded to him

"you will have to find a place to rule, to continue our civilization. I believe where you are at my son is perfect. Continue our work to this place Son."

Drogon hugged his father before he wakes up, it was like a father and son hug.

Drogon wakes up from his dormant state and stands up. He looks at Celestia (still in the cell worrying) saying to himself

"I will start my new mission. Starting with you Princess...."

His gauntlet glows which means he is gonna do something bad to her.