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The Elemental War - Just_a_guy

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

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Act 2 Planning| Castle of Friendship

Welcome to Act 2 of the adventure which can go wrong a bit. The princesses arrived at the Castle of friendship. When the doors open light comes in from the windows making the room beautiful. Celestia was amazed by the improvement of the castle

"My my Twilight I like what you did with your castle"

Celestia said to Twilight in joy.

"Thanks. I had the urge to redecorate this castle"

Twilight said to Princess Celestia. Twilight then asked Cadance a question

"How is Flurry Heart and Shining Armor?"

Then Cadance responded

"They are fine. Raising Flurry Heart can be hard work but still awarding to be a caring mother. Shining armor is a great father, he always watches Flurry with care and compassion. He always has my back when I'm in trouble. That's why we need to protect our child from Drogon because loosing a child is like loosing one piece of cookie that you have been waiting to eat."

Twilight was strucked by what she said.

"Don't worry. Your baby will be protected at all costs"

Twilight told Cadance concerned. Then the 4 made it to the throne room where the mane 6 (plus Spike) stayed. The door opened and the 5 ponies (Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) and spike were messing around with each other like children. When they saw the 4 princesses cringing at them they looked at them.

"I think we are party poopers"

Pinkie Pie said to her friends.

"Go back! Go back!"

Spike said immediately. They all went back to their seats acting normal. Apple Jack said

"Sorry about that Twilight. We wanted to visit you but when you were gone we got bored of waiting. Anyways where were you and why are Celestia, Luna and Cadence here?"

Twilight responded

"This is an emergency meeting. But since you guys are here, I think all of you should listen."

Pinkie Pie said

"Ooooooh!! Are we throwing a surprise party for some pony?"

Rainbow Dash sighed and said

"Pinkie Pie just please listen for once without your weird predictions."

"Oh sorry"

Pinkie Pie apologized with joy.

"So Twilight what is the important thing we need to discuss?"

Fluttershy asked in curiosity. Fluttershy goes to her chair while the others are at the middle.

Twilight then started to start the meeting

"Every pony, we have a situation at our hands. A big threat is coming here for the Elements of Harmony"

But then she was interrupted by Rainbow Dash

"Oh yeah!!! another adventure using the Elements of Harmony!!!"


Twilight shouted at Rainbow Dash.

"Oh...I'm sorry. Please go on"

Rainbow Dash apologized. Twilight then continued

"If he gets all the Elements of Harmony he can destroy Equestria and the whole universe with the snap of his fingers. NO PONY ASK WHAT FINGERS ARE OKAY!!!"

Celestia started to speak

"This is all true. His name is Drogon, I saw him in a dream. He is not a pony or any evil animal but some sort of man who wears a mask to hide who he is."

"As long as the princess speaks we will believe it"

Fluttershy said with kindness. Rarity asked a question

"So what is the plan? How will we stop Drogon? and how will we Protect the elements?"

Twilight then answered

"We have what Drogon wants so we use them against him. But we can't be in one team because I know he will get the elements immediately. So I suggest we split up in different Locations. Me and the other princesses will stay at Canterlot, Rarity and Spike will go to the Crystal empire."

But then she was interrupted by Spike

"Why do I have to stay in the Crystal Empire? I don't have an element."

"Well you are the hero of the Empire"

Twilight answered.

"Oh... Okay"

Spike said to Twilight.

"Fluttershy will stay in Ponyville even though Drogon could start there unless he starts somewhere else, Rainbow Dash will stay in Cloudsdale, Apple Jack will stay in Appleloosa and Pinkie Pie will stay in the rock fields. Now next is the attack, I will depend on each of you guys to make an attack and also defense. For army we will train ponies and give some pony guards to each of you assigned ponies. For the Citizens, they will be evacuated by train to a secret location I only know where it is."

Applejack asked a question

"Wait a minute why can't we just hide the elements instead of us keeping them?"

When Twilight was about to answer, she was interrupted by Pinkie Pie who gives her own answer

"Because this man has some sort of magical device which can see everything so that is why we can't just hide the Elements so we need to keep them with us until the battle is over"

Rainbow Dash said to her

"Please let the princess answer Pinkie!!"

"No she is actually right"

Twilight told Rainbow Dash. Now twilight turned her head to Fluttershy and asked her a question

"Fluttershy can you find some animals and train them to defend you and attack the enemy?"

Fluttershy then answered

"Oh yes I can but It might be a little difficult since I am not to assertive to do it. I'll try my best"

Twilight taught of something which can make Fluttershy and the other ponies feel better, strong and serious.

"Spike make a letter to Zecora. Tell her that she need to come here with her brewing equipment and find the recipes for being strong, brave, assertive, focus and smart."

"Will do your majesty"

Spike agreed with loyalty.

"Cadance! Shining Armor will be in charge of evacuating the Citizens and after that Shining armor will be in charge of defending The Crystal Empire, train any recruits and assign some gaurds to whom will they defend with."

Cadance responded

"Yes mam."

"Your highness but what would happen if all the Elements are taken by Drogon?"

Luna asked with curiosity.

"Then hope that a miracle could happen"

Twilight said in a worried voice looking down on the floor.

"When do we start with this?"

Every pony in the room asked.

"Right now!! So get to work! and send the message to Zecora now Spike!!"

Twilight said. They all started to go to work as soon as possible. Hours has passed the ponies are preparing. Zecora arrived with all her equipment.

"Your highness thank you for inviting me here. I'm sorry if I'm not rhyming because this could be important. I have everything to make the potions."

Zecora spent minutes making the potion. Twilight then asked a question to Zecora

"do you know anything about this man?"

Zecora then answered

"I have never seen this man before but what I know is that he is in a different universe where they need 2 legs to stand not 4.

"Spike why are you still here? Aren't you supposed to go practice?"

Twilight told Spike.

"Oh yeah!! Thanks for reminding me."

When Spike left she asked Zecora something which could surprise Spike

"Can you make a potion which can turn spike into a full grown dragon?"

Zecora smiled and responded

"Of course if it's for a friend."

After lots and lots of minutes of making the Potions they are finished and they were placed into their bottles with names in them.

"Spike make letters to our friends that the potions are ready"

Twilight told Spike. Spike sent the scrolls to the ponies who were practicing their combat skills. They all arrived like the wind and when they arrived they were curious to what will happen. Twilight started to speak

"All right every pony here are your potions in-order to enhance your skills. For example Fluttershy will be more assertive when she drinks it. And this one will make Pinkie Pie serious instead of being to goofy"

Pinkie Pie interrupts

"Oooh give me that I want to drink the seriousness which will flow my body!!"

Pinkie Pie takes the potion from Twilight and chugs it until the there was nothing left.

"I feel like I don't want to laugh. Thank you now I am serious until this adventure is over"

Pinkie Pie said in a serious tone.

"Wow I can't believe that actually worked. Give me mine!"

Apple jack said to Twilight.

"Apple Jack this potion gives you strength, Rainbow dash this one will give you knowledge which means you will know good strategy since all of you can fly, Rarity this potion will make your magic stronger like mine. Now drink up"

Every Pony drinks them with no complaining about the changes.

"Wow I can see everything!"

Rainbow Dash said in a sarcastic way.

"Let's do this" Fluttershy said.

"Spike take this potion. Use it only when Drogon is about to attack the Crystal empire"

Twilight told Spike before every pony left the castle.

"Okay Twilight"

Spike agreed. Fluttershy started training the animals near the cottage. She does it assertively and doens't give mercy unless if needed. The small animals will be used for traps while medium sized animals along with the big animals like the bear or Lions will attack and defend. The birds will attack from above.

Apple Jack Practices her strength by kicking lots of Apple Trees and collecting the Fallen apples to give it to the evacuates.

"Wow that potion must be really good"

Apple Jack said to herself. Rarity is practicing her magic on her mannequins trying to know what spell to use for assault and defense.

"I'm now ready. Just need to make a dress for the occasion"

Rarity said to herself after some practicing. Rainbow Dash went to the Cloudsdale and gathered all the soldiers sharing her plans for defense and attack. Every soldier listened to her plans and they taught that it was brilliant.

Pinkie Pie practiced her combat skills and she disovered she can cut a stone in one slice. Twilight practiced her magic and flying skills in order to make a strategy of her own. Day one has passed and the mane 6 is ready. The mane 6 arrived at the tree of harmony

"All right remember we have one shot at this. Protect the elements at all cost"

Twilight reminded.

"We will"

each member said to each other. They all got their elements and placed them at their necklaces while Twilight put hers on her Tiara.

"Alright now let's go to our assigned places!"

Apple Jack said out loud.

"For Equestria!!"

The mane 6 shouted.

"Hang on. Let me put a spell on the elements so that we can use them seperatley. This will only last for one week and can only be used once from an Alicorn."

Twilight said. She puts the spell on the elements and it worked. Rarity and Spike teleported to the Crystal empire and when they arrived they were greeted by gaurds and shining armor was there.

"Alright now what do we do?"

Shining armor asked.


Rarity told Shining armor.

Apple Jack took the Train to get to appleloosa and when she arrived every sheriff and Buffalo greeted her

"Should we prepare?"

asked the leader of the buffalo tribe.

"Yes. Buffalo's will defend the outside while us ponies stay in the inside"

Apple Jack told them. In Cloudsdale Rainbow Dash arrived with guards in the formation they were assigned to while the unassigned are waiting for Rainbow dashes orders.

"Where shall we stay?"

the unassigned guards asked.

"Half will stay in the skies while the other half stays on the grounds guarding me since I have the element"

Rainbow dash told her guards. In the Rock Fields Pinkie Pie arrives seeing that the guards are building walls surrounding the fields.

"Is it done?"

Pinkie Pie asked.

"It's almost done. Every Guards have practiced really hard to fight Drogon"

the captain told her.


Pinkie Pie said to the Captain. Fluttershy was at Ponyville making sure her animals are ready to fight. A guard asked her a question

"Mam what can we do??"

"Practice then prepare for his arrival. Make sure the defenses and weapons are good enough to use"

Fluttershy told the guard. In Canterlot the 4 princesses are outside the castle looking at the sunset.

"Everything is ready"

Cadence told Twilight

"Good. Shining Armor told me that every pony has evacuated. Now all we need to do is to wait"

Twilight told Cadence. Luna and Celestia returned from their Jobs for lowering the Sun and Raising the Moon.

On the same space ship the Drogon was ready.

"Now its time to go!"

Drogon said to his pilot. Drogon talked to his lieutenant

"Lieutenant is everyone ready?"

"Yes sir. Our men/woman and weapons are ready"

the lieutenant told Drogon. Drogon then went to the pilot and told him to start the ship and open the portal. Drogon held on the amulet and found out that the elements are seperated

"So they think they could just hide them by splitting up. I will start with Pinkie Pie"

The battle will start in the next Chapter.