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The Elemental War - Just_a_guy

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

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Act 8 Disloyalty|Cloudsdale

Loyalty is important when you have a friend that trusts you. It is like you would do the right thing than the selfish act. It is also like sacrifice for a friend and that without sacrifice there could be no victory (The witwiki motto). However disloyalty is being lazy or taking advantage of your Friend. In this Chapter the element of loyalty will become disloyalty like what happened to Rainbow Dash in season 2 on one of those 2 part episode.

Cloudsdale is a special place where majority of all Pegasus lives. The thing that makes Cloudsdale unique is that the clouds can only be walked on by a Pegasus or an Alicorn. There are parts of Cloudsdale which normal Ponies or Unicorns can walk on. Changelings cannot walk on clouds since they are not considered a Pegasus.

It is the nearest place to Canterlot, which will be the next location of the next chapter, but its a few miles below. It is where the first ever Sonic rainboom happened which triggered a chain reaction to the mane 6. Lets head to the story.

Majority every Pegasus guards were helping to Defend Rainbow dash. One group were on the sky patrolling for anything abnormal in the Sky or a sign that the threat is coming. Another group were on the clouds getting ready for an attack.

Another group were with Rainbow dash following her after she exits the Rainbow factory. I won't tell you what she was doing in the Rainbow factory but it will be revealed later.

She goes to the group who were staying on the clouds askng them

"anything abnormal?"

The one in-charge replied

"nothing yet. We even checked below but there is something that got our attention."

Rainbow dash asked what got their attention and this is their answer

"One of our guards were using binoculars and he saw that ponyville is nearly destroyed. Some buildings crumbled and the walls fell."

This made Rainbow Dash surprised and worried that Fluttershy could've died along with the others. She walks away with the other guards just to forget what she heard. She starts to have a flash back when she and Fluttershy were still young and lived in Cloudsdale before moving to Ponyville.

Fluttershy and Rainbow dash were hanging out at their school doing what they think is fun to do during breaks. They would fly together in joy without any worries at all. They would also take a stroll around the campus talking and making jokes and avoid the bullies who would always call Rainbow Dash Rainbow Crash.

One day the 2 bullies found the 2 of them and started pushing Fluttershy until she fell down to the ground. The 1st bully said

"ha! you are so weak that you don't have a cutie mark yet!!! Thats why your name is blank flank looser!"

The 2nd bully said

"yeah! Blank Flank!"

But then Rainbow dash stepped forward and said to them

"leave her alone! She hasn't done anything to you! You guys are just bullies who just want's attention!"

Then the 2 bullies looked at her. The 1st one said

"Well well well if it isn't Rainbow Crash!!"

The 2nd bully said to her

"your just gonna help her battles? Next time fight your own!"

Then Rainbow Dash said to them after helping Fluttershy get back up

"I only do that because she is my friend. And friends help each other. So why don't you go back to your mommies!?"

The 2 bullies didn't care and just left already. Fluttershy said to Rainbow Dash

"thank you! I guess I have to re-pay you don't I?"

But Rainbow dash Replied

"no need. A friend doesn't need anything in return. Come on let's go!"

In the present Rainbow Dash teared a bit from that memory. She heads to the group who were watching the skies. She asks them

"Is there anything abnormal on the sky?"

then a guard with binoculars said to her

"we found something and it looks metal. I think its a ship but I'm not sure. It doesn't look like a ship we recognize."

Then Rainbow Dash took the binoculars and looked through it. She saw Drogon's ship heading their way.

"It's him. You guys go to them and try to enter their ship. Try to fight them and hold them off for a while. We still need to prepare the attack and the weapon"

rainbow dash told the group. The group said to her

"yes mam!"

and they flew away. The group flew towards the ship as fast as they could in order to keep it away from Cloudsdale for a while. The group finally made it to the ship and entered by breaking the new windows that were just installed.

A guy who worked there said in anger

"Oh come on!! They were brand new! You will pay for this!"

There were 50 pegasus who were on the sip and 51 enemies in the same room. They started fighting brutally. A pegasus would punch a guard and use their wings to hit one of them. The guards use their weapons to stab a pegasus but to no avail since a Pegasus uses their wings which for some reason makes them bleed like slitting a throat with a knife. Imagine the whole fight in your head since i'm not not the professional writer.

After a few minutes only 15 Pegasus guard survived and only one enemy remained. One pegasus guard went to the surviving enemy and puts his hoof on top of the enemy's head. He asks him in a threatening voice

"where is the pilot of this ship?"

then the enemy started to bleed because of the hoof on his head. The enemy pointed on the door at the right.

"Please let me go!?"

the enemy pleaded. The pegasus said to him

"I'll let you go. You will go to the after life!"

The pegasus smashes the enemy's face with his hoof and blood and brains were shown on the enemy's smashed face.

The 15 guards entered the pilots room and found out that Drogon and the Pilot were already in the room. The pilot has a chainsaw and Drogon just has the Gauntlet with the 4 elements. The guards were shocked. The guard that smashed the enemy's head asked

"how did you know that we were gonna go inside this room?"

then Drogon answered to the guard

"I have a necklace to see everything. Your time has ended. I hope you all enjoy your new memories in heaven or hell".

The massacre begins. The pilot starts the Chainsaw and stabs 3 Pegasus and blood was everywhere. Drogon uses the Gauntlet's powers to kill 5 more Pegasus and weakens them. 5 defends the other 2 pegasus while they try to slow the ship or turn it around. The 5 split into 2 groups 3 will fight Drogon while the other 2 will fight the pilot. The 2 pegasus who were on the controls were confused since they never driven anything advanced before but they try anyway.

They press random buttons but none of them slowed down the Ship. One button activated the wipers, one button activated the AC and one button activated an alarm which was pointless since the sound was a minion screaming his siren sound.

The pilot kills the 2 pegasus who were fighting him and blood came out of their bodies. Drogon kills the 3 who were attacking him by crushing their skulls, using the elements to obliderate them and punches them so hard that they fell to the ground. The 2 pegasus who are still figuring out to stop the ship ran out of time that they were slaughtered buy the Pilot's Chainsaw. Blood was all over the controls and on the pilots uniform.

Drogon and the Pilot were relieved that the fight was over. Drogon said

"Rainbow Dash thinks she is smart well look at the outcome of this plan. Her allies died by our hands. Time to get to Cloudsdale so remember the clouds cannot be walked on by any other creature so I need to land near the rainbow factory where there is an actuall floor."

The pilot agreed and continued driving the Ship.

Back in Cloudsdale the weapon is now ready. The weapon is a catapult with boulders which have spikes (not actually Spike). Rainbow Dash, with the help of the other Pegasus guards, pushed it until it is at its position. Rainbow Dash walks forward until she sees the Ship heading towards them. Rainbow Dash flies up and looks at the ship with anger. Rainbow Dash says to the all Pegasus near the catapult

"on my mark use the Catapult on the Ship!"

and they wait. The ship got closer and closer and the Changelings got ready with Chrysalis and Drogon. Drogon is now wearing a special suit with rocket shoes in order to float on the clouds.

"Remember! even though all you changelings have wings all of you cannot walk on the clouds so keep flying. If you see something that looks like a floor thats when you can walk. Let's do it!"

The ship is almost at Cloudsdale and they were ready. Rainbow Dash also got ready with her Element of loyalty. She says to herself

"I won't fail you Twilight and I won't let make Equestria extinct"

Rainbow Dash looks at the ship and looks back at all the Pegasus.


Rainbow Dash shouted to the all the pegasus who were near the Catapult. The boulder was launched and one boulder hits the ship which gives the ship a little dent.

"Another one!"

Rainbow Dash shouted. Another boulder was launched and hits the ship again but it is now damaged but not a bit. Drogon got mad that he starts the attack now. The ship opens the door and the Changelings got out to start the swarm.

Chrysalis came out next and finally Drogon got out with his rocket shoes. The Pegasus guards finally joined the battle by flying towards the Changelings. The battle begins.

Because of Rainbow Dash being smart she gave them a strategy for fighting those who were flying. They punch the face first which made the Changelings dizzy. Not all the Changelings got dizzy since some of them can be strong. They would head-butt the Changelings head which would make both of their faces bleed or bruised. The Changelings fought back by biting them back on their necks and removing a part of their skin after biting. The Changelings pushed all the Pegasus in the front down towards the clouds.

Each pegasus felt pain when they were on the clouds but they don't want to quit yet. The Changelings floats on-top of the clouds since they cannot walk on the clouds. Rainbow Dash joins the battle by flying up really high that he is near the atmosphere which has no oxygen. Rainbow Dash said to herself

"time to do the Sonic Rainboom!"

Rainbow Dash starts flying down really fast. Chrysalis is on the Battle field and she looks up. She said to herself

"oh no! She is doing the sonic rainboom!"

It was too late for Chrysalis and Drogon to stop Rainbow Dash from doing then Rainboom. Rainbow Dash's face was intense and kinda funny to see.

Rainbow Dash finally did the boom an inch on-top of the clouds where the enemies are at. The enemies were flying all over because of the boom and some fell off the cloud. Rainbow Dash flew back fast and kicks Drogon on the face so hard that he was flying towards the Rainbow Factory.

Chrysalis flies back up with the other Changelings who survived the blast. The ones who didn't survived either fell to their death or the blast just in-sta kill them. Luckily the Drogon survived but injured severely on the back but his face is fine since his new mask is indestructible. Rainbow Dash flies toward Drogon and tells him

"thats what you get for killing Fluttershy and taking her element."

Rainbow Dash reaches her hoof to the gauntlet to take of the elements but it was cut short when Drogon slapped her face with his other hand without the gauntlet. Rainbow Dash pushed Drogon while Flying sending him inside the rainbow factory. Luckily the floor was an actual floor so Drogon doesn't need to use his rocket shoes. Rainbow Dash enters the factory and walks towards him. She says to him

"you might have 4 elements but we have the wonder-bolts"

the wonder-bolts starts flying below from the roof toward Drogon punching him one by one.

The wonder-bolts then surrounded Drogon that Drogon is out-numbered. Rainbow Dash walked forward and is now in front of Drogon. She says to him

"you are now out numbered. your quest ends here!"

Rainbow Dash's element starts to light which means a beam of light will hit Drogon. But Drogon was fast that he used the Element of sadness on Rainbow Dash preventing her from using her element. Drogon uses the element of liars on the wonder-bolts and they were beating each other up. Rainbow Dash sees this that she was shocked.

She goes to the wonder-bolts saying

"hey hey stop it right now you guys!"

but to no avail. Chrysalis goes inside the factory and uses her magic to grab Rainbow Dash and puts her away from the fight. The wonder-bolts kill each other until one more is still standing. Drogon uses the 4 elements to release a beam of light that disintegrates the last wonder-bolt. Chrysalis uses a spell which freezes Rainbow Dash that she cannot move except for her mouth and eyes.

Drogon walks towards Rainbow Dash and looks at her. He says to her

"you were a hero once. But now the hero has fallen."

Drogon grabs her necklace and takes the Element.

"Friendship isn't something one considers the balancing of the universe"

Drogon said to Rainbow Dash. Drogon places the element on his Gauntlet and the dark aura appears again surrounding the guantlet. The element is now grey.

"But this. Does put a smile on my face!"

Drogon said to Rainbow Dash after placing the element on the gauntlet. Rainbow Dash gets transported in the gauntlet while being frozen. Drogon says to himself

"loyalty now becomes disloyalty. We have one more element to go!"

Drogon and Chrysalis exits the factory and Drogon uses the element of disloyalty on the pegasus. The pegasus are now doing what they do when they don't have anything to do like walk around or playing with other ponies. This also means distracting someone or some pony. The changelings killed all the Pegasus who were just minding their own business. The changelings, Chrysalsis and Drogon wen't back to the ship and they were off. Chrysalis talked to Drogon in the ship

"remember Twilight is now an alicorn plus there are 3 more alicorns. They are powerful ponies."

Drogon said to her

"Don't worry I can handle this."

In the Gauntlet Rainbow Dash was in the darkness. She says to herself

"am I in the Gauntlet?"

Then after a blink she at a graveyard with the other ponies. Rainbow Dash sees Twilight next to her and asks her

"who's funeral is this?"

and Twilight responded

"A.K Yearling and the wonder bolts! I can't believe you forgot that!"

Rainbow Dash was hocked to hear this. She screams

"Nooooooo!!!! I can't believe my Idols are gone..."

This is Rainbow Dashes fear.