• Published 29th May 2018
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The Elemental War - Just_a_guy

Before the storm king came or Twilight built her school an evil being named Drogon (original character of mine) comes to Equestria to find the elements of harmony.

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Act 1 message|Canterlot

Before the story starts My little pony belong to hasbro only. The images I used belong to their rightful owners. The story is based on infinity war.

Long ago in the land of Equestria there were 6 elements of harmony. Each of them has a representation. Loyalty, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity and Magic. Together these elements can be used for power either for good or bad. It is mostly used for good but for evil, it would used in this story.

The 6 elements were used to defeat Discord, Nightmare Moon and many more. Their current location at the this time is at the tree harmony. The mane 6 returns them after they use them regularly. But now instead of the mane 6 using them a villain would use them. He has been watching Equestria for years and studying how to use the elements against others.

In Canterlot Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were walking around the gardens of Canterlot at night bonding with each other like sisters.

"Celestia, I've always missed our adventures when we were young like stopping discord when he was evil back then"

Luna said to her sister going back to the memories. Celestia looked at her smiling

"Even I missed the old days when we were young like when we played with each other during our spare time"

Luna looked at the night sky

"I wish we can be like our old selves before I betrayed you"

Luna said. Celestia looked at the night sky too

"Me too sister. We can try tomorrow or some other day. For now I now need some rest"

Celestia said to her sister.

"Me too"

Luna said to her sister. Celestia and Luna then go to each others bedroom after saying their good nights. Celestia goes to her bed then starts to sleep. The real story begins.

In her bed she sleeps and gets dreams. Her dreams are described as beautiful and peaceful but in this story she doesn't get a pleasant dream that she expects not because she had bad taughts or ate before eating.

In her dream she was at the throne room sitting down pondering

"hmm.. what to do?"

Celestia said to herself in the dream. Then in a blink of an eye the decorations of the throne disappeared

"What? oh I get it. Its just a dream"

Celestia taught to herself. But then another blink made the Chair she was sitting on disappeared into thin air

"Don't worry it's just a dream Celestia"

She said to herself. Then one more blink every thing turned black.

"Is this a nightmare or just my mind doing this?"

Celestia wondered looking scared.

"Oh it's a nightmare but this is just the beginning of the end Princess"

a man said in a deep and scary voice. Celestia asked the man

"Who are you!? show yourself pony!"

"Oh I'm not a pony. I'm someone who looks like a creature who looks like the creatures Twilight saw when she went to the portal but I am from a different universe. I have magic more advance than any of you ponies know."

the man said. Celestia got mad and asked aggressively

"WHO ARE YOU!!?? show yourself."

"Alright here I come"

the man said. He then comes out and reveals himself as a man with a hoodie and white mask but damaged.

"Now you know who I am. Now I want you to do something when you wake up"

the man said.

"I won't because this is just a dream. This isn't all real!"

Celestia said.

"Oh this is real. I used a spell to interact with dreams and what ever I do to you will affect you when you wake up. Like this"

The man takes a gauntlet for his right hand with 6 holes which looks like symbols. He punches Celestia on the eye giving her a black eye.

"Ow that hurts!"

Celestia said in pain.

"Now when its noon tomorrow make sure Luna, Twilight and Cadance are at the town. You will get a special message. I don't want to say it right now because I don't want to ruin the surprise."

The man said to Celestia.

"Wait what is your name!?"

Celestia asked.

"You will know at noon. Goodbye"

The man disappeared from the dream after saying those words. Celestia then woke up

"I need to find a mirror. Oh here it is"

Celestia said to herself. She looks at the mirror and sees the black eye on her right eye

"So he is real"

Celestia said sadly. Celestia goes to the bedroom of Luna waking her up.

"Sister meet me, Twilight and Cadence at the town. It is important and I cant explain it right now. I need to send the message to the 2 right now"

Celestia said in a rush. Luna looked at her

"As long as it's important"

Luna said as she goes back to sleep. At the crack of dawn Celestia magically removed her black eye then sent the message to the 2 princesses immediately. Celestia taught to herself

"I hope hey come here."

Luna goes to her sister who was worrying in her throne room. Luna talked to her sister

"My dear sister you worry too much. Tell me whatever happened while its not noon or before Twilight and Cadence arrives"

Celestia responded to her sister

"The dream I had is like a warning that the elements are in danger and that the end is near. I need some assistance to stop this man."

Luna asked Celestia

"So he isn't a pony or any animal? also he isn't from our history?"

Celestia answered

"That's right he isn't an animal or a pony. He is someone from a different universe whose magic far more advance than ours. I know that he has something to see our every movements and that we are tangled by strings. And no he isn't in our history."

Luna responded

"I know that we can stop this being with the 2 of us."

Celestia smiled at her sister. At the grounds of Canterlot the 2 princesses arrived. Every pony waved and cheered for their arrival but it's mostly for Princess twilight. Celestia and Luna are seen in the middle of the town greeting them. The 2 finally reached to them.

"Okay Celestia I hope this is important because I had to skip my picnic with Fluttershy and Rarity"

Twilight said to Celestia

"I assure of you that this is important. Wait here because something will happen."

Celestia told Twilight. Cadance asked

"What will happen when we wait here?"

But then something fell from the sky. It rocketed so fast that when its heading towards the town the 4 could see it heading right towards them.

"Look out!"

Luna said. The 4 got out of the way and the object crash landed. Luckily no pony got hurt or anything got destroyed.

"What is that thing?"

Cadance asked. The object looks like a space pod with a big screen attached to the outside. There was a red button right below it. The screen turns on by itself and the man on the screen looks like the one in Celestia's dream.

"Him" Celestia said. "Wait you know that guy?"

Twilight asked Celestia. Celestia answered

"He was in my dream."

The man talked

"Greetings ponies of Equestria. If you are wondering who I am my name is Drogon. I won't tell you my species because it isn't important right now. I have magic which is far more advance than any of you unicorns or Ali-corns have. Anyways you have wan't I want, actually 6 objects I need for my plan. The 6 elements of Harmony. I need them to wipe out half the universe and corrupt them. You have 2 days to surrender them so when you are ready press the red button. A slot will appear and then put the elements in them so that they can go to me. Fail to do this, me and my army will take them by force. Also don't ever think of hiding them because I have a medallion ,which cannot be broken or taken off, which can see everything and I will know where you will hide them. Good luck"

The 4 princesses were shocked about this message. Celestia said

"we need to have a meeting right away asap. Twilight lets do it at your place."

Twilight was delighted by this.

In space there is a spaceship. Inside there was a vault and it is being opened by Drogon. Inside is a gauntlet for the elements.

"It's time to prepeare"

Drogon says in a menacing voice. He goes to the training grounds in his space ship. He goes to his army and talks loudly like giving a speach

"Army of darkness. The time has come. Train hard in case they don't comply."

The army shouted with pride.

"For us!!!"

Drogon shouted. The army shouted back.