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New to Fimfiction and I am a brony. I like making stories an I wan't to share them with everyone.


If one man steals something important from you what would you do? In this story the Elements are in danger and the universe is in trouble. Its up to the mane 6 and some other allies to defeat the enemy called Drogon.

This story takes inspiration from Avengers Infinity war.

Also this story was first published on wattpad. I am the maker of the wattpad story so no troubles on that. I am still working on the next few chapters of the story.

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Your grammar is a bit off, but other than that, great story.

Comment posted by Just_a_guy deleted May 31st, 2018

Thanks King Camelot. Im not the professional type. Im still working on the next few Chapters. A sequel is still being planned

A sequel? I hope it's to get the elements back and reverse the effect.

The elements should be destroyed in my opinion. ^^

They can't be destroyed. Because the Elements are needed to reverse the effects. Also they are indestructible.

Not if somepony more powerful than them can do the impossible. You'll probably hate my overpowered characters, but in my MLP story, a zebra OC of mine named Zeeby/Magitus, has the supernatural powers to manipulate ANY type of magic and do anything with the magic he possesses. He's also immune to any type of magic damage. And at one point, with a wave of his hoof, he shatters the entire Tree into pieces, and demolishes all the Elements, except using a chunk of Twilight's element of magic, to create a new helmet that amplifies his powers even more. Yeah, I've gone wild with my imagination here XD

And even if they are indestructible, they literally have served zero purpose for 4 seasons, until The Mean 6 came out, which I believe destroying the elements would make Equestria finally unsafe. 😄 I know, I'm super dark XD

ahhh... OK. But I wan't to keep my stories "Canon" to the series. But thanks for telling me that:twilightsmile:

Man, I wish I could make my story canon too, but Hasbro wouldn't like it, with the deaths of major heroes and villains, even though they already killed off 2 villains anyway XD

Sorry man, I forgot about this hahaha... I'll think about finishing it if I remember my vision

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