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RIP Quorthon


She couldn't remember how it had happened. The serenity of life on land had long been since stripped away, dragging her out to an endless sea which she couldn't escape. With nobody but herself, she was left to question what would find her first: Insanity, or death. For now she searches aimlessly, along an ocean of light and dark with no beginning and no end, with no purpose. Like it or not, a purpose will find her, one that will shake her sanity and grip on reality to it's very core.

The ocean is a strange mistress, calm as a summer day and vicious as a pack of wolves, it heeds the command of none.

Super experimental fic, basically a collection of semi-canonical short pieces.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 13 )

Wow... just wow. This is quality. It provokes emotions I did not think I had, filling me with wonder and curiosity. To this, we drink, for this is quality at its finest.

This looks really good, but for the description you have - it's "vicious," not "viscous." Viscous refers to liquid consistency.

Sorry, I'm a spelling freak. :twilightsheepish:

8730182 Oof, can't believe I missed that

Ah, I can see it now... an old and embittered Twilight Sparkle at a port town tavern, throwing back flagons of ale as she recounts the horrors of being lost at sea to a would be adventurer.

How the heck did twilight end up at sea ?

8730858 That's the mystery, one that shall be revealed ;)


Holy shit, man. :twilightoops: That was incredible. Dark as all hell, but incredible!

8840978 Good to see the vibe I was going for is visible, thanks for visiting!

Just found this, and I'm happy I did. Love how the story has started so far! Can't wait to see how the rest of it progresses and what'll be revealed to us. Kinda getting a Dommer Party vibe to part of this.

Whether frozen land or hellish sea, an end to the pain there will never be... :ajbemused:

What can I say, that might adequately sum up how masterfully chilling all of this was? :twilightoops:

Top-notch work!

I really do love this writing. Kinda sad to see how little it has been noticed, as you certainly are due lots of credit for such a well-written work. Can't wait for more. Onwards!

8984599 Thanks a bunch m8o

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