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She knew this day would come. She had dreaded it, feared it, ran from it. When the sun reaches it's peak, Rainbow will understand just how much life truly means, after all, only the living grieve the dead. Only the living get to see the sun not just set, but to see it rise.

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She couldn't remember how it had happened. The serenity of life on land had long been since stripped away, dragging her out to an endless sea which she couldn't escape. With nobody but herself, she was left to question what would find her first: Insanity, or death. For now she searches aimlessly, along an ocean of light and dark with no beginning and no end, with no purpose. Like it or not, a purpose will find her, one that will shake her sanity and grip on reality to it's very core.

The ocean is a strange mistress, calm as a summer day and vicious as a pack of wolves, it heeds the command of none.

"Oh, Ye great mysterious Shepard of waves...
Offer me your Secrets...
I turn my body from the sun...
And the great shroud of the sea...
Into the dark...deep..."

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Legend. A term that often gives the image of heroes of the past, individuals that changed the world with their bravery alone. These tales often fail to tell the whole story, the story of the suffering and trials these heroes often go through in order to protect the others. Spyro, a child who's inclusion in this war was merely coincidental, one that robbed him of his innocence. Cynder, a dragoness who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for this sad infraction, was forever scarred, physically and mentally. The unlikely duo have become living incarnations of the word legend.

Each test was harder than the last, Malefor took the total sum of all their strength. However not all tests are the same, and this trial, this final test is one they could never have prepared for.

~Also on Fanfiction as well, under the same name.
~Cover image courtesy of CASFs old art

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