• Published 6th Dec 2017
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Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds Get Their Cutie Marks - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Rainbow and Sketchy have been blank flanks for a while, and now they finally discover their talents.

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The Celebration!

Rainbow Light went inside her home and ran up to Twilight and Rainbow Dash. “Look, mummies! I got my cutie mark!” She said proudly.

“Good on you Rainbow Light, I knew you could do it!” Rainbow Dash said proudly.

“And so did, Sketchy Clouds!” Rainbow Light said.

“Well that’s great now honey, congratulations on your cutie mark,” Twilight said gladly.

Rainbow Light started flying around happily. “We should celebrate and do a party!”

“Great idea!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Okay, we can start a party then, Rainbow Light,” Twilight replied.

“Yay! Yay! Yay! Can we invite Sketchy Clouds too? Since we both got our cutie marks,” Rainbow Light asked.

“Sure,” Twilight replied.

Rainbow Light started jumping and flying all over the place that she lost control.

“Now calm down Rainbow Light, now you can go ahead and get Sketchy Clouds,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Okay!” Rainbow Light replied and she went outside and flew to Sketchy’s house. Finally, she was there she rang the door bell.

Sketchy opened the door. “Oh hi, Rainbow Light I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Oh hey Sketchy, we’re throwing a party at my house celebrating us getting our cutie marks.” Rainbow Light explained, “And you’re invited, do you want to join the party?” She asked.

“Well if it’s both of us then yes I never want to miss parties they’re my life!” Sketchy replied.

So the two fillies walked together back to Rainbow Light’s house.

Back at Rainbow Light’s house Twilight and Rainbow Dash were baking the cupcakes and cake together. “That should do it for the party,” Twilight said, “Oh and don’t forget the party games,” Twilight started setting up the party games and decorations.

Finally, the two fillies arrived and went inside. “This looks like a wonderful party you got here, Rainbow Light!”

“Thanks!” Rainbow Light replied.

So the two fillies started having fun with the party games and food but then it was time for Sketchy Clouds to go.

“Bye, Sketchy this was so fun!” Rainbow Light said.

“Yeah it was the best time of my life! Well bye, Rainbow,” Sketchy replied and the two fillies both hugged then Sketchy Clouds went home as they both waved goodbye.