• Published 6th Dec 2017
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Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds Get Their Cutie Marks - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Rainbow and Sketchy have been blank flanks for a while, and now they finally discover their talents.

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The Bulling

The school bell rang, followed by the sound of children running outside to the playground. Among all of those fillies and colts, Rainbow Light and Sketchy Clouds trotted to the swings.

They kept laughing and giggling, talking about inside jokes and what happened in class. The swings were ahead of them by about a foot, and just before they were going to sit on them, two ponies suddenly zipped onto them.

“Hey! We were going to go on those swings!" Rainbow Light cried.

The two bullies just laughed mockingly. "Yeah, so? You were too slow! What are you blank flanks gonna do 'bout it? Oh wait, nothing 'cause you have no talent!"

The other pony started laughing even harder. "Ha! Good one, Angelfire! That was totes hilarious!"

The one known as Angelfire growled in annoyance and rolled her eyes. "Ugh, Shadowfleek, I told you to shut up and let me do the talking! Your stupid gypsy tongue will do witchcraft!"

Shadowfleek lowered her head and folded her wings in. "Whatever," she grumbled.

"Anyway, you guys go away. We were totally here first, blank flanks!" Angelfire laughed, making the two pegasi walk away, sad.

They decided to sit at the picnic table that was out of range from everypony else, otherwise they would get picked on. Sketchy was terribly angered, as well as Rainbow.

"I can't believe they did that to us! We can't help it if we don't have our cutie marks!" Sketchy cried while Rainbow nodded her head in agreement.

Just then, a pair of three fillies trotted by the fence. They were heading into the playground, though nopony knew them.

"Hey, aren't you three in third grade?" Rainbow heard Shadowfleek ask, which was followed by a 'yup!'

The earth pony with a pink bow hopped on a nearby table, as well as the pegasus and unicorn. "Hey everypony! May I have your attention!?"

When that didn't work, the unicorn lit her horn, sending green sparks everywhere. Only then did they have everyponies attention.

The yellow one cleared her throat before continuing. "Hey there, y'all! We three are ta Cutie Mark Crusaders! I'am Apple Bloom, this here is Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. We're here to see of anypony has any questions with their cutie marks."

They jumped off the table and waited patiently. Sketchy hesitantly got up and walked over to the CMC. "Do you also help ponies get their cutie marks?" She asked.

"Sure as a colt on a hot summer day!" Apple Bloom said. "Though I don't think anypony in fifth grade wouldn't have their cutie marks."

"Well..." Sketchy motioned for Rainbow to come over and the two put their flanks together. The CMC's eyes got big as they realized the two pegasi didn't have their cutie marks.

"What!? You two don't have your cutie marks!? You're in fifth grade! Even we have marks, and we're in third grade!" Apple Bloom shouted.

“Could you help us get our cutie marks?” Rainbow asked.

Sweetie Belle held out the Cutie Mark Crusaders Camp note, “Sure, we can help you. Meet us tomorrow at our camp tomorrow after school, okay?” She asked.

“Yeah your gonna have a lot of fun together,” Scootaloo said. “Not like those bullies over there treating you,” she murmured.

“Yeah, and by the time y’all know it y’all have ya cutie marks in no time and no more bullying,” Apple Bloom replied.

Then the school bell rang and it was time to go. “Okay everypony recess is over!” Cheerilee said.

“See you tomorrow,” Sketchy waved goodbye to the Cutie Mark Crusaders while heading inside with Rainbow.

Author's Note:

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