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The year is 2033. This is Equestria. A land of death and poison - a glorious nation reduced to rubble. 40,000 ponies have hidden themselves in the Manehatten Metro for the past twenty years, the largest air-raid shelter ever built. Friendship is as destroyed as the surface; the toxicity of nuclear warfare has affected more than just the environment.

And now, with the Metro on the brink of inter-tunnel war as ponies are divided by belief, greed and desperation, a young mare must leave her home station to alert the rest of the tunnels of a new common enemy, one that threatens to destroy even the victors of the unavoidable civil war.

Fear the future. For the future is never clear.

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This fic will be good. Honest. I have a plan and everything!

Please tell me Dash is Artyom, plz plz plz!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Nazi's! Soviets! Dark Ones! Ponies! Mutants! :pinkiecrazy: you have made my day!

*Chuckle* Well, that's one I didn't expect to see a crossover of. Guess I'll read this while I decide to restart Frontline or try to shoot my way through the second half of it.

3701827 There are big plans for Rainbow and all of our favourite My Little Pony characters! I have tried to avoid making direct references to characters from 2033 though, so there will be some similarities but not too many. Sorry!

At least I made someone's day ^^

3703614 Oh Frontline, how many fond memories of running through that due to lack of ammo. I do have to replay 2033 soon, Last Light has taken up all my time recently x_x Have fun!


I leaned against the wall, just out of the illumination of the gas lamp they were using.
"Do you think they'll bite, mama?" asked the filly, her voice high and innocent.
"Not yet, darling. But your father always said patience is a virtue!" came the reply, as the mother wrapped the filly in a hug. "I promise we'll eat well tonight."
"Do you think father will ever come home? You said he was going to beat the big bad mutant and come home with a medal for me," so innocent, so naive - yet so heartwarming. Bittersweet.

I remember that scene from last Light, except it was a boy and his father talking.

3704337 Well, I was trying to sneak through it and got through the Soviet line just fine (after about 40 deaths), but in the Nazi lines, I got spotted just before I hit a checkpoint, and now whenever I load the save, I get bum rushed from two directions, and if I manage to survive that (not a small task on hardcore with half the HUD disabled), all the sentries at the start of the tracks are waiting to take potshots at me as soon as I stick my head out the door.

3704629 Give it a few more tries mate, Metro's only fault for me is its less-than-perfect checkpoint system :s Do you have any medkits left?

3704581 Mmhmm, expect longer Metro conversations too once the New Year rush is over! :D

3704629 ouch, that sounds pretty annoying.


Hint: Twisty is Twisted

I hope you enjoy the latest chapter in Equestria 2033 ^^

What is it with me and losing all my fiction stuff? :S

I literally improvised with these two chapters, with only the roughest guideline. Didn't check for mistakes, I'm already behind schedule. However! If you find any discrepancies, plot holes (which aren't supposed to be holes for now), or general grammar mistakes, please do tell me! :)

Happy reading, fellow Metro dwellers.

The story line is good so far, but... I can't understand a shit with the local lore. Examples: Ponies on main character's station using "comrade" even tho they're not communists. Some nonsense happening with the stations, like... Why stations have names from Moscow's metro if Manehatten is a version of New York in pony world? But all those sins aside - story is sure worth to read :)

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