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This story is a sequel to TwiDash Getting Married

It has been 3 months Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash has been married now they are having a honeymoon at the Crystal Empire will it become good or horrible? Find out when you read this story.

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Comment posted by RarityEQM deleted Sep 5th, 2017

Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the worst story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked so hard on this please put thumbs up on it!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what you mean I'm from Australia

Comment posted by PixelMoon deleted Sep 5th, 2017

And this is how I learn from my mistakes keep on reading my stories if there is anything wrong

Like this.

Pinkie dropped her glass, trembling in fear. "Y-you g-guys are fr-from tar-taruraus?!"

The two vampires nodded. They backed Pinkie up, preparing to drink every ounce of blood from her body.

"We can give you two options, Pinkie. One, you let us kill you. Or two, let us turn you into one of us and serve us. The choice is yours."


Sorry about that. I get caught up in my vampire stories. Even though I made that one up.....

I honestly will say, that was a very cute story! :rainbowkiss: :heart: :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Kunama Windrider deleted Sep 5th, 2017

Sure, they went straight to sleep. :scootangel:

Time sure is squishy.

I suppose that they did not need to use the little fillies room, eat breakfast, shower, et cetera. They went from sleep to train in less than an hour.

It took only 10 minutes to tell the whole story of the Honeymoon.

You know writing takes longer than reading and you should know me I only right short stories.

Wait, are you from discord? XD Fireproofpage?

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