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Gordon Ramsey comes to Equestria to host an episode of Master Chef there. When Strawberry Sunrise still talks smack about apples, Applejack finally had enough and challenges her to a cook off on Master Chef to see once and for all which is the surperior fruit. Apples or Strawberries? The gudges will be Twilight, Rarity, Hoity Toity, Pinkie Pie, Mr. and Mrs Cake, and of coarse, one of the most famous chefs, Gordon Ramsey himself. When the two put a bet on it, Applejack realizes that she might lose Sweet Apple Acres if she loses? Will she be able to defeat Strawberry Sunrise in the Master Chef showdown or will she fold under the pressure?

I do not own the cover, Master Chef, or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

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What do you guys think so far? This is my first story so it's not really that good. Should I continue?

This is an AMAZING concept you've got here! I LOVE IT. You should definitely continue it!

The chapter was awesome, I hope Applejack wins.

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Comment posted by FlutterDashFan18 deleted Nov 14th, 2017

Thank you all. So I'm going to let the winner be determined by votes. Are you on Team Apple 🍎🍏 or Team Strawberry 🍓. Let me know in the comment section.

I would have liked to see Gordon force the ponies to make pies out of the other pony's specialty, prove who the REAL superior pie make is. Feels like the kind of thing that would be done on Master Chef, putting the cooks in a unfamiliar situation to test their skills. I recall someone tried to do a HelllsKitchen Equestrian story, but depicted Gordon as a angry jerk 24/7, when in "work mode" he is brutal, outside it not so much.
I vote for the pies being too close to call and the idea of AJ making a Strawberry pie and Sunrise forced to make an apple pie.

So like I said in the authors note, I will be doing a sequel. It will be a full on Master Chef tournament. There are a lot of characters I want to add as contestants but I decided I let all of you who are reading this decide. Which characters would you all like to see compete for the Master Chef title? Also, if the fire didn't happen, who would you have wanted to win? Let me know in the comment section. Also, I will be posting another story along with the Master Chef fanfic. I won't give out any spoilers. Also, I might even some sort of Americas got Talent or should I say "Equestria got Talent" fanfic or maybe even Equestria idol or The Voice or any sort of competition fanfic. What would you guys like me to do? Let me know in the comment section.

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