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Not much to say except that I love video games, my favorite series being Star Fox and Mass Effect; reading, sports, etc. I have a separate FanFiction account where more of my stories can be found.


Life is a constant sea of what-ifs. The choices we make and the events that take place after can change the entire world, such as the event when Nightmare Moon returns and Princess Celestia is defeated. As such, the world of Equestria is changed forever. Under Nightmare Moon’s rule, Equestria has become a police state and its citizens can pledge their allegiance to only one ruler.
In a world where the Elements of Harmony never found their true calling, Twilight Sparkle lives a simple life in Canterlot. But after a friend of hers is accused of being a member of the so-called “Resistance”, Twilight is catapulted into a high-stakes situation where at the drop of a pin she could be targeted next and has to abandon her home, family, and friends. But along the way, she discovers that perhaps all of this was never meant to be and searches for the one pony who may have all the answers: Princess Celestia herself.

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inb4 Fluttershy is the doctor and she's the head torturer

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