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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.

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That's just silly, Glimmy! They don't even have cars in Equestria, or is that why it's fictional? I don't get it.

7932953 They do in the EQG verse, I like to think it's actually cannon and Twilight has told Starlight all about her adventures there.

7932984 Okay. First of all: It's CANON. Cannon is something you shoot illiterates like you with.

Secondly: An autobiography is a written account of the life of a person written by that person. An auto biography is a detailed description of a car's life.

Also (In no particular order) , it's "you're" when you want to say "you are", it's "your" when 'you' owns something and "you'r" doesn't exist. It's "wants", not "want's", "gadgets" not "gadget's"

All in all, you just failed basic Elementary School English. Congrats!

7934781 Wow, rude much?

Also if i was actually "Illiterate" as you say i would not be able to read your comment's, so good job trying to look like a smart ass there.

Secondly why the hell would anyone care about the daily life of a car? That would have to be the most boring biography ever.

"Today my fat arse owner drove me to Walmart to buy another dozen bag's of Doritos. While i was parked their some bird took a giant Texas sized shit on my front window, and this stupid kid put a giant scratch on my rear bumper. After that i spend the rest of the day sitting in the dark cigar festered garage while my owner lounged around the house, raped his daughter, beat his wife, and then spent most of the evening touching himself while watching Dora The Explorer. Please kill Me Now!!!

Signed a 2003 Ford Focus"

7997019 That was actually a lot more enjoyable than your fic. :pinkiehappy:

Anyways, please realize that grammar, spelling etc. actually change what you're writing and trying to convey in your text. If you can't even distinguish between their/they're/there, your/you're, its/it's, I suggest reviewing your elementary school English basics.

“If you don’t stop interrupting me I will make YOU explode in ten seconds Spike!!!”

That had better be innuendo. But considering all the unfortunate Spikeabuse in this fic, probably not.

Unless Twilight and Spike enjoy his beatings.

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