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As the Pre-Equestrian Era approaches its end, a new society surfaces. Corruption prowls the land and the encroaching Gryphon army seeks to lay waste to the three pony tribes. However, a much more dangerous threat is dwelling within, a threat that could destroy everything that ever existed and will exist.

Two millennia into the future, Equestria is entering a new, prosperous age. When the researchers of the Canterlot research branch initiates a project that will allow ponies to peer into history, a secret sealed since before the Hearth Warming is unveiled. An experiment with recreating tangible virtue history goes wrong, possibly changing the very history of Equestria... for better or worse.

Beware of spoilers in the comments section. Artist is here though the image source can no longer be found (removed from deviantart).

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Where can I find huussii-d6zizt6?

Ah, my mistake. It must've not saved when I updated the story description. You can find huusii here and his art is pretty amazing. However, this particular cover art has gone missing from deviantart.

Ok, first, I want to say I got much enjoyment I got out of the R.A.D life support device. Very clever acronym. :moustache:
Second, an interesting concept. Being able to live through moments past in someone else's horseshoes, I hope she'll be alright.

I do have a couple of questions though. Twilight said out of all possible canidate's, rainbow scored the highest, but later thanks rainbow for stepping forward when no one else would. Does that mean a test was conducted on the previous subjects without knowing before hand what lied at the end?

Second, she's going into memories that are supposedly indistinguishable from reality right? Is there a chance that there may be moments where she almost forgets who she is and accidentally assimilate into the role of whoever's memories she's visiting?

Last thing, the scientist said during the during of the experiment. Did you mean duration?

Ah, first things first, thanks for picking up on that clumsy little typo. It's fixed now. Secondly, both of your points hit something... important concerning the plot of the story. Let's just say Rainbow's choosing might not be only from a purely academic perspective :trollestia:

How the heck did a-core get ahold of griffon materials... And why are the gryphons so flippin blood thirsty in the first place?

7866236 oh ho..., well then color me intrigued.

Looking nice so far.

The journal of the two sisters book mentions a pegasus-griffon conflict.

Hmmm...so either 1. RD get transported back in time
2. Replaces hurricane/gets turned into hurricane
Or 3. hurricane gets RD's memories...

I hope it's the second one. That would be interesting

So... it's the animus from Assassin's Creed? Will Rainbow have to deal with desynchronization?

Anyway, jokes aside, I do feel this runs similar in vein to the Assassin's creed plotline (admittedly, I've only played Black Flag), in the sense that the protagonist spends time delving into the memories of the past. I'm uncertain as to why you chose to spend time in the present, unless you're going to spend major chunks also in the present, in which case I am curious to see how the memories of the past will relate to the present.

If it comes to be that the present plays little to no role in terms of the overall narrative, I do question whether this prologue was necessary, but aside from that, this looks like a good start overall. :pinkiesmile:

While it takes some inspiration from Assassin's Creed (I too, have played Black Flag) I assure you that it is in no form related to the plot line of Assassin's creed. The present is also very much important whereas in Black Flag, the 'present sequences' feel like unnecessary fillings. In fact, I would say the style would relate to The Matrix more than Assassin's Creed.

7870809 I haven't actually beaten Black Flag, so the impact of the present day events hasn't really been made fully clear to me.

While it takes some inspiration from Assassin's Creed (I too, have played Black Flag) I assure you that it is in no form related to the plot line of Assassin's creed.

Never expected it to, honestly. I was mostly commenting on the similarities in how the adventures get rolling. I'll get to the second chapter relatively soon.

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