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This right here, this is a good story. Especially since it has my altime favorite pony. We don't get many fics that include Ditzy and you've written her extraordinarily well here. And the feelI I get while reading this is phenomenal. Looking forward to more.

I think I'm a little too obsessed with your story.

You troll, though! Playing around the inevitable like that. Oh well, it's no problem.
Though I don't really see the point in Derpy calling Rarity babe all of a sudden.
'S just me though :derpytongue2:

Nice work, you want more feedback, come and grab me. I don't wanna be spoiling ya.

7758522 Agreed, I toyed with that for a while, and I'll probably go back and delete it. It felt right when I wrote it, but I think it hurts her characterization the more I read back over it.

You shouldnt worry to much about Rarity being shown up for now. As a wise someone once said "A hero does not appear in a crisis, they are made from them." She'll get there, itll just take her a bit. But for a regular person that's suddenly been thrust into this shes doing good I think.


Thanks, friend. I appreciate the input. I was also concerned that she was handling it well, but while she may be dramatic outwardly at times, I like to think of Rarity as adaptable and strong on the inside.

Why do I feel like that manticore is gonna follow Rarity around like a puppy now?

7788725 Oh, my gosh. Obvious, much? lol. Yes, I do have plans for him. :)

7789226 That'll be interesting. Rarity charging across a war torn Equestria on the back of a manticore while Ditzy flies alongside her. Even if that doesn't happen it'll be cool to see what you do.

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