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When Discord becomes Equestria's cable provider, he makes it possible for ponies to watch human television. Pinkie Pie takes a particular liking to Dr. Gregory House and emulates his ornery behavior.

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Epic bucking win!

Why not do sports as well? (College and pro teams and throw in NASCAR for good measure just to make Dash burn with envy)

The mystery is solved by the of misanthropy

Huh. That happened. Shame there was no way to throw in a lupus joke.

:rainbowlaugh: more that was hilarious

7772381 Somepony gets bitten by a Timberwolf? Ligna Lupus?

Ooh! Potential for a follow up: Twilight hears about a show called: The Librarians.
... And is promptly disappointment that it features much less books than expected. :trollestia:

Imagine when Pinkie Pie watches Doctor Who....Oh god the implications!

7772381 Yeah, I couldn't figure that one out. :(

7773265 I have never seen it. My sister is a huge whovian, but I am not. :(

7773096 I remember watching previews for that, but I never got the chance to see it. :(

7773003 You know, I thought about making some canon sounding disease and doing that, but I wanted it to be cute instead of dramatic. We're on the same wave length though. :)

7772728 I may come up with something, but I don't watch a lot of TV. I've seen every episode of House, and I was forced to watch quite a bit of Orange is the New Black. I'm actually trying to figure out a way to do Futurama (another show that I've seen every episode).

7772371 Mission accomplished. :D

7772238 This is an interesting idea. The NASCAR thing. Hmmm.... I may toy with this idea and see what comes of it.

7773370 It's kind of like a somewhat more comedic version of X-Files but with magic and myths as a recurring element rather than aliens (it does have some drama and serious situations though). I've at least found it enjoyable.

7773373 Ooh! Somepony could've suggested wolf-shaped cookies and Pinkie proclaims: "Do not cookus lupus!"

7773394 I lol'd but I still think it's a bit of a stretch. :D

7773533 LOL, right. Exactly like that. :D

I believe this would be a superior cover image for this story...



That is all.

Pretty cute. I'd like to see how Pinkie takes to watching Banshee :rainbowlaugh: Just imagining her doing her best Lucas Hood is amusing

Well what about BONES?

7776048 I usually silently type lol when I understand why things are supposed to be funny. But in this case I actually lol'd and woke up my son. Thanks for that. lol

7776648 Oh, damn... my doubts that I wouldn't continue this is quickly fading away with that idea

Pinkie as House works surprisingly well! I'd quite like to see three of them doing Top Gear, since Equestria doesn't have cars.

7780997 LOL, they could talk trains though. ;)

7782427 I think Pinkie would be Hammond, Rainbow would be Clarkson, and Rarity would be May. Not certain, but that's the best fit I can come up with.

Trains would be good, or chariots or derby racers. Or a big race from Ponyville to Canterlot, with one in each.

7783166 May us always choosing practicality over style and gets ripped for that a lot, May is definitely Twilight. The other two are good though. :D

I think you spelled roles wrong near the end of the story.

"It was not very fun after a few days. Pinkie takes her rolse very seriously." Rarity explained.

Anyway, quite an interesting story. It doesn't matter to me if it continues or not, but I still like the overall premise.

Well done I wouldn't want to see a longer story this though pinkie acting like house is just odd.

Though I wonder why no ones thought to use eqg as a crossover for house. The only other one I saw was one with him in equestria. And I don't care what the comments say that one didn't feel like house. Anyway I would simply have one of the mane six or even celestia get sick and have house treat them. And just have twilight try talk to him about magic or friendship that would be funny.

...Twilight for Wilson ?

Lol I seriously loved reading this, I wouldn't mind seeing more

I really like the idea of House/MLP stories XD

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