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There's a saying that often goes around: "Every story has an ending." And this one, is no different.

Rebellion, has always had a place in history; past, present, and maybe even future. People change. The world changes. Things change. What was once tradition in the past or today, looked on as nothing but normal, could be seen in the future and chastised or hated.

Like many things, rebellion is a part of life. Sometimes there are cracks that emerge, and we never notice. Sometimes there are people, that we trust and in turn never truly trusted us, sometimes there's more than meets the eye. Sometimes, old trends...need to be changed.

And in a matter of minutes, Chrysalis sees all this for herself, as the ones she considered her own, her children. Her subjects. Decide that change, starts with her.

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And the question is why did FIVE alicorns and a draconnequus didn't stop her... :facehoof:

Bah! Who needs that bunch of traitors anyway? They'll get theirs. Though I wonder what happened to the infiltration teams that are still in Ponyville, Canterlot and the Crystal Empire.

herp #3 · Nov 12th, 2016 · · 2 ·

this story is shit. Chrysalis isn't a task master, she is a leader, she gives orders from the front of the army, not the back.

Simple answer; Too much peace. It lower's the guard of everyone

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