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It was just a normal day for Ponyville, meaning a bunch of ponies from the future wound up scattered around Ponyville. Princess Evernight reaches Princess Twilight first and explains the situation: Children of the Elements of Harmony (and a few others) managed to travel back in time and are stuck in the past. They have a way to contact the future, but it'll take a while to gather the necessary supplies for teleportation and how to contact their friends. So for now, Ponyville and a few of its fine residents are looking after their future children. Time for some family bonding!

Big thanks to CaioCoia for making the cover art!
Inspired by the game Fire Emblem Awakening.

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...Okay, I really like this story so far. I'll definitely be tracking! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting concept. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Interesting. I like the idea.

Though, after reading this:

They have a way to contact the future, but it'll take a while to gather the necessary supplies for teleportation and how to contact their friends.

I really hope you have a good explanation planned of why Evernight can't just say, "Oh by the way, Mom, you've probably already finished writing and triple-proofreading it, but could you kindly make a small addition to your daily checklist for March 22, 1017?

- Buy carrots at market.
- Meet Starlight for lunch.
- Open portal to pick up time-stranded daughter and friends.

(Or even a Doc Brown approach where she gives Derpy three bits and a muffin to deliver a letter to Twilight five minutes after they leave.)

Hmm...Even though I never played Fire Emblem, I heard that in Awakening, people from the future would come in, help their Parents, and converse with said Family Members.

I'm only saying this because the description reminds me of that concept from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Perfect start Diamond. The wait worth it. I can't wait for more chapters.

Applejack and Spike. Huh. That's a ship you don't see often. Looking forward to the story behind that and the one behind Sophie wanting to be more common.

Hmm, I'm conflicted. This story seems interesting but Fluttercord is my most hated ship. Well, it all depends on who Dash is with because I'm okay with the others.

Oh and fire emblem awakening is my favorite game of all time. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

And my father's Discord!
Well, I don't know what I expected.

Wait applejack is a earth pony and spike is a dragon how did they create a unicorn I thought they would create a half dragon half earth pony hybrid also love applespike shipping.

Hmmm. So Twilight is a stubborn unbelieving cunt. Rarity likely gets with a stallion of the nobility and decides that anything bellow that station or even common isn't good enough for her anymore or her daughter, and the rest are ok.

Now to hunker-down and wait another 3 months for the next chapter.

I love it. I really want to read more and more.

Part of me wants to know what experiments Twilight did that affected Spikes family jewels.

7753611 Spike spent basically his whole life around Twilight's powerful magic

The Mane Eight began backing up against one another, the gorgons hissing and coming closer

:twilightsmile:THANK YOU!! Seriously, including both Spike (My favorite character) but also Starlight is just :rainbowlaugh:AWSOME!!!!

This is fantastic, I love it. I have a feeling my favorite pairings won't be present, but I can deal with it when it comes to something this good.

Applejack and Spike? Huh, gotta say, I didn't see that coming. But I'm ok with. The only Spike pairing I outright dislike is him with Rarity, I just never got it. And While I'm not a big fan of Fluttercord, they always came off to me as just really good friends, but to each his own.

Overall this is really goods so far. Mostly I'm just curious about whom is who's parents that we haven't learned about are yet, but I can wait. So great job.

A white pegasi with red wings, no clue
Twin unicorns (male/female) who are skilled at magic, no clue
fire breathing unicorn, Spike and Rarity would be the most likely, but anything's possible here.
Twilight's alicorn daughter who has blue mane and eyes, it's Flashlight isn't it?

And now we play the waiting game.
But I am glad I gave this story a read. If you plan on continuing it I'll keep on reading.

I hope They go back via Lightning bolt striking the courthouse at 10:21 pm on Nov 12

Really hope they go back to there time via lightning bolt striking the courthouse at 10:04 pm on November 12th

i mean im not sure about this story

but i dont know why but i like it

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