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This story is a sequel to The Mane Six Regret Playing Truth or Dare

Months ago, the Mane Six played their first round of Truth or Dare. As a result, they ended up having a rap battle, learned about secret crushes, and managed to start a beautiful relationship between one of the Mane Six and a Wonderbolt. Since their first game, Starlight Glimmer and Spike joined the fun. This week is the same as always. But little do they know, two unexpected guests come to play.
The rules are simple.
1. If choosing Truth, you must tell the truth when some pony asks you a question.
2. If choosing Dare, you must perform the dare some pony dares you to do.
3. You cannot change your choice once you have selected something to perform.
4. You cannot choose somepony to dare you to perform something or ask you something.
5. The game ends at midnight when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna say it ends.

Credit and big thanks to monakaliza on Deviantart for allowing me to use the lovely artwork!
It's recommended to read What Happens at the Lit Club... and The Mane Six Regret Playing Truth or Dare if you want to understand some stuff that's going on.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 220 )

good start. Found this for you.
go to Sugarcane Corner [ it's Sugarcube Corner ]

Can't wait for what the story has in store this time! :yay:

7402325 Oh it's got A LOT in store this time

7402773 Ya gotta be patient for the time being. Meanwhile, enjoy the shenanigans the players perform!
(The amount of drama in this sequel will make Rarity jealous)

7402810 Wow. What even is the difference?

Good start to a sequel of an amazing story... I like where thia is going hehe.:trollestia:

Truths come out and Dares are performed at high level.

Something is going to explode. I can feel it.

Starlight is sooooooo jelly. Spike is sooooo mad too. I can't wait to see what happens this round of Truth or dare. Also, you shold have added Sunburst and Ember as a couple!

7405157 Starlight and Spike will explode.

I remember a bit of a TWIJACK moment in the original. You'd better build up on it. Now I'll just get back to polishing my baseball bat.

Seriously, though, please build on the little bits of TwiJack that you placed around earlier. Maybe have someone ask Twilight why AJ is usually the pony who is picked to handle important tasks and why she is Twilight's right-hoof?

7410453 I remember a vivid point in the first story where Twijack was insinuated, but that's not why Applejack's heart sped up

Awwww! Trixie and Sparkle made up! Now, give me StarSpike!:raritywink:

So if they are using the Wheel of Choice and did not know that Celestia and Luna were coming to play, how are they going to be on the Wheel to get a turn?

7418943 The Starspike situation will be fixed with every one of Spike and Starlight's turns

7419021 oh...silly me. Probably because Rarity made it I was thinking that it had everyone's cutie mark on it or something and if it landed on that pony's cutie mark then that's who went

7419035 I actually wanted to do that originally, but then I thought, "What about Celestia and Luna?"

Hey, that dare actually turned out pretty good. :twilightsmile: By the way, do you ship Flashlight or did that ship die for you because they stopped interacting? :rainbowhuh: You don't seem to hate it at all though. :scootangel: Would you ship it if it became canon? :applejackunsure:




7419142 I don't ship Flashlight, and if it became canon, I'd tolerate it. And yes, the fact that Flash and Twilight have not interacted has led me to write that Twilight no longer has a crush on Flash Sentry

7419024 Will it involve Ember by chance? *HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE*:raritystarry:

7419151 Dare Spike to kiss Ember! It'll be better to see Starlight's reaction.:rainbowlaugh:

She's a part of the Mane Six
(So not Luna or Spike)

Starlight! No, too obvious, it's got to be Celestia! :trollestia:

7420243 It can't be Celestia or Starlight because they'd be coming back from the park, and the other players would already have started on the next turn

Ohhhh.... That moment with Trixie and Twilight! Daw it was to good! You killed me!

I'll draw a name out of this box here. *shakes box, and pulls a piece of paper out* And my draw is....... Applejack?

eeeeeeeeee I can't wait for another chapter :pinkiehappy:

I want to see Fluttershy dared to kiss Discord (if she hasn't already, since she admitted she liked him last time). I'm a huge Fluttercord shipper.

Or for some added SpikeStarlight drama, dare one of them to kiss the other and see what type of sparks fly. Anger or passion?:twilightblush:

MMMM, thats a good story, may we have more please?:twilightsmile:

Everything is going pretty well, nothing too embarrassing or worth regretting, which means you must be saving the REALLY juicy ones for the climax. :ajsmug:

7448193 To be fair, Rainbow got mad at Pinkie because she was part of the reason Rainbow's act went so well

Good job Rainbow. You made bad story jokes and Pinkie... you TROLL!!:rainbowlaugh: Now I have a fic in mind I MUST write!

Bahahahahahaha :rainbowlaugh: Isn't Twilight going to blast Rainbow for that or make her pay? Bahahahahaha:rainbowlaugh: Love the chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Guess: if not part of the main 6 it's either Spike, Starlight, Celestia or Luna. And SpikexStarlight (yes I ship this)(yes I ship StarlightxSpike) are in a fight so it would be better to save the juice details until later on:raritywink:. So it's either Luna or Celestia. So I predict.......Princess Luna.Yes Luna is my guess.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

This... Luna's truth for me kinda fell through but then again not everything can be exciting and funny. Although I really enjoyed all of the gossip after the question. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the whole chapter all the way through.

And I hope when it's Starlight's or Spike's turn we can finally find out what has those two Going at each others throats. We know that they had to have some sort of falling out and we can give good guesses as to what happened and why. But we... well I should say I because I can't speak for anyone but myself. But I want to know every last juicy detail.


Good as always. The hostile banter between Starlight and Spike is hilarious. Keep it up!

The room was quiet, save for the yapping of Cookie Dough.

"Hey, Luna?" Celestia whispered.

"What is it, sister?" Luna asked. She figured Tia was going to apologize to her about asking her such a rude and meaningless question, revealing the emptiness in Luna's life.

"If I pick dare on my turn, can you dare me to take the puppy? I have not heard nor seen it until now, but I want it."

My god me neither...almost if it was never a part of equestria until just now...:pinkiecrazy:

7464605 If you think about it, it makes sense. Luna is in charge of the night, and back when she was way younger, all ponies slept during the night. In today's time, she wouldn't exactly know how to fit in

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