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Something's been on Celestia's mind these days. Luna can tell by the way her sister is acting, something isn't right. But is Luna prepared for the truth that her sister has been hiding for years?

Permission to use artwork from BreezyBlueYT on Deviantart, thanks a bunch!
Check out the previous version here!

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Well I wasn't expecting a reupload but hey I don't mind reading this one again.

Yeah I prefer the original draft. Most of the additions detracted from the experience by messing with the flow without sufficiently contributing to the plot.

I believe that when you revised your story, you accidentally left out those few lines near the beginning:

Suddenly Luna's ears perked up. She heard something incredibly out of the ordinary.
Crying. It was soft crying, as if the pony that was doing it didn't want anypony else to listen.
The crying sounded like it belonged to Celestia.
Luna quietly walked back and looked around. The crying seemed to be coming from her left. She looked at the cracks that were under the doors.

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