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Since the Mane Six reformed Starlight Glimmer, they've decided to celebrate by having a slumber party every Saturday night. During one particular slumber party, Rainbow Dash suggests playing Truth or Dare. Of course, the rules are simple:

1. If choosing Truth, you must tell the truth when some pony asks you a question.
2. If choosing Dare, you must perform the dare some pony dares you to do.
3. The game ends after everypony has gone three times.

It's going to be a long night.

Takes place at the end of season 5.
Now edited!
Credit and a bunch of thanks to MissPolycysticOvary for permission to use the awesome artwork!
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What Happens at the Lit Club...
Celestia and Luna Regret Playing Truth or Dare
Link to the previous unedited version is available here!

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Umm...before I read, I just wanna know, is this gonna be different at all story wise from the other story?

And you listened to everyone who said the situation with Starlight didn’t make any sense. Good job.

How will this revised story be different and which season?

Grammar edits and some plot revisions, all truths and dares will remain the same, very few will be executed differently. Also, this is at the end of season 5

This will be interesting for sure. I So SOOOO Want Rarity to be dared to give Spike a REAL kiss. But much to her shock kissing a dragon blows her fucking mind and leave her in a very dazed state and thinking over her relationship with Spike very much so afterwards lol.

It was better the moment you fixed the situation with Starlight.

Where's Jerry Sprinter when you need him?

starlight and spike are gonna come home to a warzone

Situation with Starlight...?
*Haven't read the previous version, just wondered

Ok, let’s see if I can do a good job explaining this.

So basically in the original version they were having slumber parties every week to celebrate Starlight becoming their friend. However despite being the reason they have slumber parties every week they had Starlight leave the castle and go do something with Spike and never invited her at any point. So they were basically telling her to go away while they have fun celebrating becoming her friend. And when Twilight approached the others about Starlight asking to join the only ones who were okay with it were Pinkie and Fluttershy while Applejack and Rainbow Dash actively protested against Starlight joining to the point where Rainbow and Twilight got into an argument.

So yeah it was a situation that didn’t make any sense which was something that me and some other people pointed out. Thankfully the guy listened to us.

Thanks for the context, and it seems to be fixed now (thank Celestia!)

Yeah. And it looks like he put a link to the original version in the description so you can get more context if you want.

I'm a little confused about why you deleted and republished this story, but I'll see how it goes.

This is interesting for sure. One thing I am really happy about is that Spike ISN'T treated like a child or someone who doesn't matter in this story. I always feel that is a real shitty move in most stories and the canon that Spike is just.... there. Even tho he has been around sine the start of the show and USE to get some real development in his character. I think this could be a great chance to get some more. Like if asked Rarity admit she does have feeling for Spike but his age is a issue, when we can find out that he is older than they all think he is. I mean he IS a teacher at the school. You don't see any other children doing that do you lol. But another major thing I think if Spike was FINALLY asked how does he feel about working for Twilight. If some real shit comes out in the open just from this little game

Weird thing - if she's emphasizing her princess-ness, wouldn't Twilight be expected to stand by and not participate? Luna's participation in Luna Eclipsed as an aberration, notable for its uniqueness; and Twilight in her regular pony role would participate, so to emphasize her princess role, it seems like she'd be compelled to pass. Or at least, some more words would need to be spent on explaining their reasoning here.

So ... just a quickie now that I know this is a re-written/revised version of the story: Do I start with this new version (that includes Starlight), or do I start with the Luna/Celestia one, or the Literature club one?

> "Considering I've played only one game and won myself a water gun, yes!" Starlight said. She popped some more hay fries in her mouth. "And shoon, we're gonna win that contesht!"

Two items. She won a mask, playing with a water gun. And, it's a contest, no h.

I think I have read this story before I made an account and it having more than three chapters but I might be mistaking it for a different story.

It's been a while since I've read this story. I can't remember how I first felt about it, but now, I'm thinking that RD is making too big a deal out of this.

The story was originally finished in 2016, but I've decided to edit it recently

Her mouth is full, therefore the h's were necessary.

. If it seems like the past version of the story was better, I'll have to consider reuploading the previous version.

Do it anyway.

So.. since you haven't been updating this, am I to assume that you abandoned this rewrite and I should just read the old one? Pity, I hate reading stories on Google Docs.

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