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This story is a sequel to A Sun's Secret

Three months.
Three months since Luna discovered Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's daughter. Since then, Celestia has backed down from her promise to tell Sunset the truth.
Three months.
Sunset Shimmer's birthday is in three months.
Princess Luna is determined to reunite mother and daughter for the first time in years. The only way she can accomplish this is by enlisting Twilight Sparkle to help her convince Sunset Shimmer to return to Equestria for her birthday. But this requires more than a chat. It requires secrecy, breaking a silent promise, and hoping Twilight Sparkle can get the job done.

Reading the first story is heavily recommended.

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This is a good start and I can't wait for what comes next. Hopefully Luna will be able to help Sunset and Celestia out.

i cant picture sunset spending the hollidays in equestria (i know this is just luna's vision on every thing just saying)

spending her birthday away from her friends (who have become family to her) is a stretch but then to also not spend the holidays with them i just cant see her doing that

any ways good chapter

Why is there no Sunset Shimmer tag?

7522907 Whoops...
Thanks for pointing that out :twilightblush:

This could back fire badly for everypony...

Noooooo, not the cookies

I don't see Sunset accepting Celestia as a mother, and it no pony but her own fault.
she choose to abandon her baby for stupid reasons, wrong reasons, and she waited too long to tell her.

Sunset not a child anymore, she grown up with out a mother for so long, it's just too late.

Hope you hit 100 soon. Gotta see how their confrontation will go (hopefully well).

i have a feeling sunset found out the truth on her own and thats what lead to her fall

also while i can see her forgiving celestia and such i cant see sunset returning to equestria permently her home is the human world the rainbooms her real family are there they are the ones who helped sunset at her lowest and gave her the strength to better her self

7523916 Worse, not the TEA!! A pony's favorite drink, untouched? BLASPHEMY!!

The words were like a slap to the face. Twilight suddenly forgot how to breathe.

:rainbowlaugh:Twilight suddenly forgot:rainbowlaugh:how to breathe:rainbowlaugh:

*BANG!* Oh wait it was supposed to Heresy then the gun get's fired.

The Royal Guard watched as Luna walked out of the room. He sighed in relief. A sudden glowing ball erupted from his chest and in a bright flash, Princess Celestia stood in his place.

"Thank goodness," she said to herself. "Now that Luna's going in the wrong direction "


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Comment posted by Xenamare deleted Jan 16th, 2020

The cookies and tea remained untouched.

Could I have the Tea and cookies ? Pleeeeeeease ?:pinkiehappy:

I think it's because you haven't truly dealt with losing Sunset Shimmer, and I also believe you miss Sunset Shimmer than you think you do."

I think you missed somthing there. Isn't it supossed to mean: I also belive you miss Sunset Shimmer more than you think you do.

Haven’t started the sequel yet, but honestly I can only see one way where Sunset doesn’t blow up Celestia and I doesn’t come of as unrealistically sappy. Celesta should have some major inner turmoil up onto the moment she tells Sunset she is her mother, and then Sunset all too calmly replies, “I know.”

Of course she would then explain how she knows, probably something about Equestrian doubles in the mirror world. Helps explain why Sunset became worse over time. You could throw in how the elements showed her how she was loved the time if you want. etc, etc.

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