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Comment posted by SunBlaze deleted Jul 5th, 2016

Does Xieril do requests?

Refer to this Tumblr post about his present schedule and situation.
tl;dr - He's pretty dang busy these days so it's unlikely he'll be able to just doodle up a request for you. You can always commission him, but due to his present schedule between work and uni it may be some time before he can complete it.

I only got a little into this, I must admit '2nd person' stories are really not my thing. But I noticed you talk about the reader as though they are human (talking about height difference and such), how do they live in a cloud-house with Dash?

Also, may want to avoid numerals in notation. Try to spell out your numbers. Good luck!

I'm alright with either, so long as the flank is on point.

The implication is that Dash lives in a standard house on the ground with the human, not that he lives in a cloud-house with Dash. I suppose I didn't make this clear enough.
I'll keep the numerals in mind, thanks!


7365845 You mean Books, Book Horse? *Ding noise*

maybe my reading comprehension is slipping but i found it difficult to place whether or not anon and dash were/are a couple. I get that their living together but its sorta vauge as to whether or not their lovers, dating, fuckbuddies or just housemates. Aside from that I enjoyed it. Just as much as I did when i read it on pastebin before

7367931 Now I'm confused on which one is canon.

Well it was written for Xieril - known waifu-er of Dash - so it was intended they were lovers but I'm not a fan of stating it outright :P

I'm flattered you decided to read it a second time! You'll probably recognize some other stories that get edited and uploaded here if you've seen the pastebin, as I'm trying to shift them over for more "permanent" storage and sharing purposes. And more accurate metrics. Thank you for the feedback and your continued reading!

7368324 Lyra's style. Canon is front legs = shirt and back legs = pants.

*Insert Nikki Minaj reference here* :duck:

This was really good.
Gratuitous sweat isn't something I see done often, and it was done super well here.

She sits up and pants into your face. “I saw you staring,” she says with a gentle moan, “during the run. Hnngfh – yes, right there! I don’t know why but –” You run your hands up and down the small of her back, and she bites her lip. “…But seeing you stare at me got me going too. Did you see it, during the run?”

Love the way RD's excited desperation is shown here (and throughout), and the way it references the part earlier. Dialogue feels genuine.
Really nice visceral descriptions, too.

Thank you for the lovely feedback! I do my best to try and write dialogue even half decent, so this is some glowing praise to me!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

UniqueSKD wants a hug!

Can this be my first reading on my channel p.s don't worry about quality its not perfect but i know how to use audacity and i have a blue snowball microphone

Hey! I appreciate your interest in reading the story to an audience. Could you get a few sample vids produced so I can make a more educated decision, though?

7390384 what do you want me to sample just send me something

Just sample some of this story, if you'd like, since that's what you intend to put out there.

Also, feel free to PM me; easier to talk about this that way instead of in the comments for the story.

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