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Even Evil Has Standards


Thomas is visiting Romane to woo the Princess Twilight Sparkle, but 3000 bits is required to gain entrance. He only has 700 bits, but is able to get the rest from a merchant friend's devious enemy on one condition: if he isn't paid back in 3 months, the merchant will pay with a pound of flesh. Inspired by Shakespony: Twelfth Night by DisneyFanatic23.

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As a greedy race that will never do anything for you unless you pay in bits, don't you think a think a Gryphon would be better suited to the Shylock role? :pinkiecrazy: [1]

(Also, they probably are omnivores, so would actually have some use for a pound of flesh. :raritycry: )

[1] On the other hoof, do we really want to endorse the show's existing and somewhat distasteful Fantastic Racism? :pinkiesick:

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