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Even Evil Has Standards


Every time something major happens in Equestria, it's always shrugged off the pony(s) always get off easy...if they are seen as a "protagonist" or say sorry and it's a happy ending for every pony. Those seen as "bad" are given their "comeuppance".


It's high time said actions came back to nip ponies in the bud and by George are they gonna get it!

So come one, come all, and see the trial of the century!

Oh and should you come by when this story is long, the only order in reading you start with is the prologue. After that...take your pick Burly...Burl...Be...Billy boy.

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This does not seem like a very entertaining story so far. Especially since the first episode chosen seems to be complaining about the very events that led up to the lesson necessary. It doesn't even seem like much of a story so far, just an excuse to express issues with the show, under the thinnest guise of a story. Maybe an attempt to mirror similar ideas such as Letters From a Disgruntled Friendship Student.

Here are some episodes I hope you do for your story:
The Best Night Ever
Mysterious Mare Do Well
Ponyville Confidential
A Cantelrot Wedding
28 Pranks Later

Do you even have to ask about the last four? (Rhetorical question.)

This story is EXACTLY how I wanted others to have the characters being CALLED OUT for their actions, Many Thanks.

No, I just came across this story tonight & it got me thinking that's all.

This is an interesting read. I think I'll keep track of this.

If you're bothering to have trials, why are these so short? What the heck is "third-degree racism"? Does Zecora have a deed to her house without which trespassing - let alone breaking and vandalism - is meaningless? Where is Zecora, anyway? Shouldn't she be on the stand? Under whose laws are these trials being held? Why are the villains even bothering with this farce? They wouldn't have any reason to care about legality.

This is a good read, though the bindings and gags were a bit much for me, but I'm not going to tell you how to write your fic, great job! :pinkiehappy:

The length depends on the situation though it sounds like you think that just because this one is short, the rest will be. Though if I had to guess, length depends on the severity and infamy. The "racism in the third degree" is more like a Black Comedy element.

Comment posted by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof deleted Oct 10th, 2017

Okay. What's the name of the defense attorney? Irwin R, Shyster? Bear Lee Eagle?

So, this is the idea you had a while back. We still need a defense attorney.

8326584 Check this out.

Okay, this is just plain weird. And the verdict for this is very not thought out. How many books are there on dragons? There were none in her library before it got blown up. I have no idea how many books there are in Canterlot in the palace library. The villains are running the show, so they won't care if something comes to threaten Equestria (Hell, they might ask it to join the jury).

Okay. My primary problem with this story is lack of a defense attorney. They are all being called out on stuff they did, yet there is also someone who defends their actions as well... no matter how much we agree or disagree with them.

As for trials I want to read:

Boast Busters: Trixie (falsifying information), Snips & Snails(destruction of private and public property), Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack (unfortunately, heckling is not a crime, but it did cause Trixie to provide falsified information) called for their actions.
Over a Barrel: Pinkie Pie for inciting a riot.
Applebuck Season: Applejack charged with endangerment for reckless behavior.
Swarm of the Century: Fluttershy for the destruction of the town because she decided to keep one little parasprite.
A Bird in a Hoof: Fluttershy for kidnapping and Twilight for accomplice after the fact.
Stare Master: Sweetie Belle for larceny (taking Rarity rare fabric and using it without permission).
A Dog and Pony Show: Rarity for noise pollution (civil suit for almost making the diamond dog deaf).

Because people are trolls. :ajsmug: They don't like me saying there should be a defense attorney, but I remember that "Trial" episode quite clearly. As there is someone trying to make sure they are punished, I feel there should be someone to try and get them out of it.

Oh don't worry, mein bitter herr. They're not going to be found guilty for EVERY issue. Some of them aren't even harsh enough to be on trial. That's why there's recesses.

Someone actually talking about how trixie was in the right? Thank celestia.

Hmm. Looks interesting, I've already tracking it, should be interesting.

I just want to say to those that have gripes with this story; you're within your rights, but I don't think this story should be taken so seriously. Can you say this is hardly a story? Yeah, you can. However, I think it still hits on a much needed catharsis that most people missed out on for those specific episodes. And, yes, it isn't as fancy as other accusation fics but it is also going into episodes that not many other fics pay heed to.

What I'm mostly trying to say is that I, personally, enjoy this piece because it gives me what I want right now. Not have it be dragged out for multiple chapters. Not to say there's anything wrong with that, but I just think this story deserves a few points for using the most direct approach.


So now Twilight is not allowed in the Everfree, under Tree arrest, and have have to clean Ponyville every Sunday.

Shouldn't all her friends have been up there with regard to leaving Spike stranded?

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