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Even Evil Has Standards


Other choice for user name · 6:31pm July 18th

Not So Harmless Villain

It always amazes me when a usually harmless villain is shown just how "harmless" he/she really is. Whether it's not being held back, given the right weapons, or just being pushed over the edge, Eggman in Sonic Lost World.


I made my first group · 6:50pm May 27th

It's centered around the team that consists of (in order of their first appearance) Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Grogar.

Basically, I just want to read stories centered around this bad bunch, and not have to rely on the main page with "New" and "Updated" sections.


Trial is going on Hiatus · 1:16am Aug 1st, 2018

At least until the show is over or close to being over, because I don't want to make a massive continuity error. Of course I don't know what will happen to this site when this show ends and the reboot begins. Like say, G5 is going on and someone wants to write a story that takes place in G4. I dunno.


Edited Chapter, Help Wanted · 12:54am Jul 9th, 2016

Chapter 7 of my first fanfic, "Thomas Goes To Equestria" has been updated with Twivine officially singing. The song in question seemed appropriate at the time.

Does anyone know how to make an audio? Because that's what I want to do with the story, but I have no idea how.

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