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Even Evil Has Standards


Louis Terwilliker has just accepted his teaching license, being the first human in Equestria to do so. But I don't think he expected his first job to be at a place that was full of females, in both student and staff.

And when he stumbles upon a piece of a mad god from another universe that this one doesn't even know about, he's going to have, as the Cuphead Devil would say, one HELL of a time.
My own take on the HiE fics, as well as the "Spike goes to an all girl academy" fic. R63 is expected, alternate universe as shown, Equestria is part of the USA (its history is easier to remember than Equestrian, I'm ashamed to admit), events leading up to the clopping (John de Lancie blushes) will be shown, but not the actual thing.

And awaaay we go!

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Every time something major happens in Equestria, it's always shrugged off the pony(s) always get off easy...if they are seen as a "protagonist" or say sorry and it's a happy ending for every pony. Those seen as "bad" are given their "comeuppance".


It's high time said actions came back to nip ponies in the bud and by George are they gonna get it!

So come one, come all, and see the trial of the century!

Oh and should you come by when this story is long, the only order in reading you start with is the prologue. After that...take your pick Burly...Burl...Be...Billy boy.

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This was made for two purposes:

For a darkfic requested by the Brony Horror group administrator.

My personal fate for Principal Cinch. Three words: I. Hate. Her. Apparently, she gets off with a reprimanded from her own staff and students. *singsong* Not in this story she doesn't.

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Loosely based off of the 2007 adaptation of "Sweeny Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street", Thomas Billington is arrested and banished from Sodor for crimes he didn't do. Now he has returned with a grudge and will do anything to satisfy his revenge.

If I may say so, I added a few touches of my own. I didn't want this to be plagiaristic to this one version I read. Also, don't expect some songs to be in here, due to this version's inspiration.

Credit goes to Stephen Sondheim and Tim Burton.

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This story is a sequel to Thomas goes to Equestria

Pinkie Pie is thinking about asking out Percy as a bit of a cheer up after the events of the third ending in the prequel. But her plan is put on hold when Lady of Chaos Eris, resurrected Timothy, and warlock ram Screwtape blackmail her into turning "this jolly land a place they long to leave" via Screwtape's library.
But when an unexpected ally sends Thomas to Tartarus, Twilight follows. Now they must brave the dangers of Equestria's Hell, but at what cost will the ruler let them go? He won't make it easy.

Based (somewhat) off of the Deviant Art comic "The Six Winged Serpent", only cleaner.
Rated T cause that's as close I can get without rating it M. Gore is mentioned, doesn't happen.

Fan made (sort of) song: Welcome to my Library.

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Thomas is visiting Romane to woo the Princess Twilight Sparkle, but 3000 bits is required to gain entrance. He only has 700 bits, but is able to get the rest from a merchant friend's devious enemy on one condition: if he isn't paid back in 3 months, the merchant will pay with a pound of flesh. Inspired by Shakespony: Twelfth Night by DisneyFanatic23.

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Everyone knows (or should know) the AU story from "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure" where Thomas the Tank Engine runs away from Sodor after the dynamite incident, deciding to go to York. In this version, however, he ends up in Equestria, where he makes new friends in the Mane 6, as well as catching the eye of a certain alicorn.

Thinking of making into an audio

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