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Imagine if you could put images up here?


I'ma be re-writing this as the story "Quantum". See ya then! :twilightsmile:

It had been a project years in the making. Even as a filly, Twilight had always dreamt of the accomplishment. Alas, it was a goal that had been fulfilled from many, many years of work. Now, with a fully-intelligent AI at hoof, Twilight aims to start the next step - bringing it into the physical plane of existence. Along with it will come the ideas of love, friendship, kindness, and many more to come.

Eh, I should really think about whether or not I actually want do create a "long" fic out of random ideas I get. This isn't one of the ones that I feel like deserve to be that. Because of that, I'll leave you guys off on a cliffhanger, but I may come back someday to update this. Who knows?

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