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I, the OpenPage, solemnly swear to write the words. Also something about a Patreon for the future.


Twilight has been brought into the land of Lothric, with no clue how she got there. Searching for answers on why she was brought here and how to go home again, she must adapt to survive the harsh new land. If she's lucky, make some friends along the way.

Author's Notes

Hello, my good lady's and gents, I am OpenPage and I am bringing you my first ever story! A grand magical story that will set twilight on a whirling adventure through Lothric where she will make friends and die... like die a lot.

This is my first story so I wish for as much feedback as possible. Anyway, I hope you like the story, and all that might come with it.

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So whens that chapter two?

Hello death! I am actually done with chapter two and am editing it as we speak. it sadly may take time because of life and my editor's are lazy, lazy people. if you wanna watch where any of my stories are at, I have a new thing on my page just for that!

Dark souls 3 specifically

At last. I have been waiting for a story like this!

That's why i began writing it actually. I went looking for a decent dark souls 3 book and found none so it inspired me to begin writing this!

Well thank you Tim, I hope this story doesn't let you down.

Twilight in Dark Souls? Colour me interested.

Try not too get to hyped my self...this is this guys first story it would be jumping the gun to just start piling on the praise. Whith that said thoulgh i am excited to see where this goes keep up the good work.:moustache:

Comment posted by Static52 deleted Aug 26th, 2016
Comment posted by Static52 deleted Aug 26th, 2016

Thank you for offering, if I do need help I will message you. I appreciate the offer bread.

You are indeed correct, but if there are things wrong in the story i hope you all will tell me so I can fix it for a better reading experience for everyone.

7513303 shure thing i got this in my watch later ill drop you coment when i get arround to this one:pinkiehappy:

Hello, Thank you for clicking on, and trying my book! I hope any issues don't scare you off and we can go along this adventure together, you getting a decent book and me learning more about writing. Being my first book I hope you will help and point out things that make no sense or are Grammarly incorrect. Thank you and have a nice read!


My job here is done

Thank you sir, your job is indeed now done.

Why isn't Ludleth on his throne? Who is chosen one? Also why no darkness phase for Gundy? Things are geting interesting, I only hope none of the others are going for Usurpation or Betrayal.

Decent chapter, keep up the good work!

Wow, I'm kinda sad I never noticed I screwed that up.

7569224 don't worry it's a common mistake even I made during my play through of DS III

Thank you for the kind word, also that is fantastic info on the correct weapon name. keep them coming as the chapters come along! I'll have to play through the beginning and check it out again but I might go change it in the book sooner or later.

I enjoy this and hope to see you continue this. Something else i think might have been fun. If you had Twi start all the way from the first game and after each game she completes. She will go onto the the next one. So after Dark Souls 1 she goes on and does Dark souls 2. I think it could be funny. Her thinking she will finally be able to go home after she's done with Gwyn. Next thing she knows she is in the Dark souls 2 intro about halfway into falling into the water vortex. Then she wakes up in the field. I think that would have been funny. Maybe that could be a separate story

I also think it might be interesting if the original Ashen one from the game was in this. And Twi and the Ashen one. Went off and did the adventure.( Would prefer if the Ashen one was a girl)

And for the story i do hope you have it be something besides her just fighting them. like maybe do something like a romance with Anri of Astora( Preferably female) or the Firekeeper. But yeah i like the idea and hope to see this continued. And sorry for making this so long. It was longer then i wanted it to be

Hey man, I am super glad you're enjoying the story. I was actually thinking of starting at dark souls one and moving up but didn't know enough about two and one to start there. Maybe I'll write some small side-stories and read up on them. Small spoilers, the original ashen is indeed going to show up, and for now I'm not doing a romance because I honestly don't know how to write romance... but it will have more then just fighting.

7667416 That's completely fine. Just mentioned a romance. Cause i think the story might be better if it had another element to it. Such as more of a Comedy element to it. If that makes sense at all

Ya man I get it, There will definitely be more to the story. Should start next chapter or chapter four.

I'm liking this a lot! MOAR!

Thanks, i fell out of writing because of life and feeling like my writing just isn't up to snuff. But i continue to forget that if i do not continue writing even if its not good to me, then ill never get better. So ill try and get chapter three out just for you!

I actually really like your writing. it flows really well and I don't find myself having to re read things to understand whats being said. Comprehensive, and any grammatical errors are small enough that I either don't notice it or it just doesn't effect my reading experience. ....

....This may be mostly because I'm not much of a grammar Nazi xDDDD

That means so much to me, thank you for the kind words again.

no problem, this is a community after all. Were all friends here :P

This is a great story please continue it

Of course, I enjoy writing it, It will certainly get more. Im just glad people enjoy it at all.

That is good enjoy what you like to do. Also great idea with dark souls

lol, the first flame's so old and tired it's gotten to the point it just wants to quit, but everyone in the worlds like "Nah brah *shoves another glorified yule log into the flames*". tbh, if the world turning into that of darkness didnt look utterly terryfying (theres fucking locust people. LOCUST PEOPLE.) and make people turn into monsters, people wouldnt be so against it i believe.

so, the ashen one's run off with ludleth as a glorified backpack........i know its supposed to be a serious matter, but the mental image your description put in my head makes it hilarious. she just wanted to take him on an adventure!

shame he told her to ignore the poor firekeeper....i mean, she could always be convinced to "see" things the first flames way. (get it? cause you gotta get her the eyes from the canceled out, parallel version of Firelink? .......I'll just see my way out (double badumtis!))

Pft ya, my editor helped me decide off just killing Ludleth and brought up the hilarious idea of Backpack Ludleth! So now we have our exposition spouter out in the world. The flame just wants to die already man, Twi needs to just respect its wishes and kill it.

Sweet. That was really cool. I do like that everything is just as Confusing as the game xD. Twilight be like "I don't even know anymore. Let's just roll with it" xD

Love the story so far. Keep it up!

Isn't that her life even in ponyville? Twi understands rolling with the punches more than anyone. She will science the shit outta Lothric though, we shall learn some dark souls up in here!

Tru that! I can't wait to see what kinda shenanigans insue

lol, Ludleth does not seem to be having a good time.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

He's trying his best to put up with his new friend! And sometimes you gotta compromise for a friend right? Even when their stabbing people you don't want them too.

HMM, that's a tough one for me! I have no inner visualization or voices when I try to imagine so it's hard! I would definitely say the dark souls 3 MC gal sounds like a slightly lower pitch rainbow dash. Gundyr would have a deep gravely voice, naturally loud and boisterous.

To be fair to the ashen one, the vast majority of people you meet in Lothric tend to try to stab you first. i mean, i'm pretty sure you can count the number who dont on one hand

Bah like two hands, maaaaybbbee three? definitely a number bigger then 5 but less then 15

Really only the fire keeper and Andre don't want to stab you. You can't trust anyone else.

You are right, but they are people who want to stab you and don't! that means the world to me.

Wait what are you doing out of the editing pits? Get back in there you!


Like it so far:pinkiesmile: but i need to ask, what armor is she wearing?:rainbowhuh: If i may be so bold to suggest i think the wolf knight set would look good ponyfied if she unlocks it down the road.:twilightsmile:

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