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I, the OpenPage, solemnly swear to write the words. Also something about a Patreon for the future.


Twilight finds that her new home in Ponyville is magical. It is unique and different from Canterlot. But the weather sucks. It rains much too often, and how are you suppose to even check the schedules in such a small town! Not fair is what it is, But maybe a friend will change her mind.

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Too bad this is a one chapter story. It was cute and fun to read and the ending left room for more. Nicely done.

Thanks! I wrote it as a one-shot but I would gladly write more of just cute small moments in Ponyville. The ending was left open on purpose for hopefully a return with another friend.

Nice story, short and cute!

thank you! I like people liking my stuff! :twilightblush:

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