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This story is a sequel to Sweetie's Mansion

It's been four months since sweetie stopped specter, saved her sister and friends, and been through some therapy. Continuing to fight the ghost fight even when they were all gone, rarity decided to bring Sweetie Belle on vacation. After arriving she finds that she has been framed for a crime she wasn't even there to commit. Now sweetie will have to travel around Island El Delfino to collect the shine sprites and clear her name. But what's with the metal look-alike she keeps seeing?

Note : non-canon sequel to a book thats not mine, Just a fan and wanted a Super Mario Sunshine sequel so here you go!

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Well in my Mario crossovers, Scootaloo is Mario while Sweetie is Luigi. Well I only really made one. Plus I think I only did that because I was in a Scootabelle mood at the time. Where was I going with this? Oh right, good luck with the story, even I more of a Sonic fan than Mario. Sunshine is evil... you need all the luck you can get. Blue coins, blue coins 224.

Thank you random sir/madam, I hope for this story to be even a hundredth of the way as good as the story I'm inspired from. If you continue you reading can you help by leaving comments on what you enjoy or dislike? it would be a big help to the process.

7655191 Madam?! :rainbowderp: There's a Mister in my name :rainbowlaugh: I can read the first chapter, but I'm leaving after the first week of next month ends. I rather not go into it on your story, plus I already wrote a story where The CMC play this game from the devil. (Cough, shameless plug, cough)

Sorry, gotta be careful now-a-days, also nice plug. and its fine if you don't read I'm just happy to not have negativity in the comments.

“How did she talk me into this” sweetie

It's Sweetie Belle or Sweetie. Because it is a name you got to remember to use your capital letters

Rarity gushed to sweetie’s

Sweetie looked over at rarity for a moment then plopped her head back on the windowsill “ya sounds fun” she muttered and stared at the island.

Rarity and I think "Yeah sounds fun" she muttered with a eye roll.

rarity's creation room,

As Rarity entered the dining room, sweetie finish shoving the muffin in her mouth and was making for the door.

Just when Rarity entered the dining room, Sweetie blah, blah, blah the rest is alright.

Sweetie stopped at the door and turned to her sister. “Just some morning runs,” sweetie insisted “a..after the mansion I think being fit might come in handy.”
Staring silently at her sister for a moment, rarity got out of her chair and walked over to Sweetie and pulled her into a hug.
“It's over, you don't need to deal with it all yourself anymore” Rarity whispered running a hoof along sweetie's mane. Sweetie shuddered and pushed rarity off.
“Ill tone it down, promise.” she promised her sister; thinking about the lie she just uttered as she ran out the door.

Remember the enter button is your friend. Also try to use [ hr ] just without the spaces it draws a line so it much cleaner. Like this.

Trotting down the ramp she made her way towards Rarity and the pilot. As she got within hearing distance she could hear the pilot yelling harshly at Rarity.
“There is no way for us to depart again until the runway is clear!” the pilot yelled. Rarity huffed and began walking away, spotting sweetie belle coming towards her.

“Oh, hello Sweetie i’m sorry about the little delay in our vacation,” Rarity said and then sighed “It seems there is some paint thing at the end of the runway so we can't take off.”

Enter button and it's I'm.

“Oh, can I check it out sis?” sweetie looked up giving her sister puppy dog eyes.

“Thanks sis!” Sweetie yelled behind her as she ran towards the end at a speed even rarity was surprised about.

“That training seems to be paying off” rarity muttered as she made her way back into the plane to rest till they got the plane moving again.

“Oh, hello Fludd, I need your help getting rid of this paint” sweetie said making her way into the water.
“The F.L.U.D.D can remove all paints, fires, and movable objects... Pull on handles to fill tanks” The Fludd buzzed waiting for a command

Enter button!

“What do you mean i caused this?” sweetie muttered to herself before getting close enough to start spraying the paint on the stallion.

“Fludd, how do I spray with you?” sweetie asked the pack.

“So now i just have to learn how to aim” Sweetie groaned at the thought.

For thoughts I use the italics button. [ i ] [/ i] e.g. So now I just have to learn how to aim Sweetie groaned at the thought.

Feeling twilights Cutie mark

It's Twilight's cutie mark or Cutie Mark which ever one you feel like using.

feeling her pack shift

Capital F

“The F.L.U.D.D is equipped with an hover mode function to cross small gaps” the fluff buzzed to try and help.

Isn't Fludd not Fluff.

I think that's all of it. Try going to the editor group it seems like you need one. Don't worry I'm one of the ones that can't spell I just know when and where to put capitals letters, it's the bigger words that get me. I hope this helps :twilightsmile:

Huge thanks man, you are definitely a hero. I have a pair of editor's that sadly didn't get to look over this book. I will totally still look into that editor group for help. I have also finished editing what you brought up as best as I could.

7655325 No problem, I'm just happy to help a fellow writer :pinkiehappy: I'm sure you'll do the same.

uh, ya totally man >.>

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