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i live to serve the princess of the night, aka the goddess of the moon aka princess luna...^^

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Short and sweet. Lovely little one shot.

Pretty good for a rainy day wank. No lie. Three :moustache:'s of five.

Deduct one :moustache: for relative shortness.
Deduct one :moustache: for need of an Editor.

Overall, upvote.

as she took her coffee thermos from her purse

In first sentence and in second paragraph. Might want to get rid of that little bit of repetitiveness :raritywink:

7189710 Ms. Chrysalis sighed heavily as she entered Canterlot High teacher's lounge,

fixed thank you for that

Sex with the staff? Perhaps I should have said minge benefits to instead.

Sombra's voice reminds me of the toaster.

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