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This story is a sequel to Unicorn Horns Are Made Of Candy

Pinkie and Twilight experience the effects of withdrawal after discovering the downside to horn-licking. It's not just tasty - it's also highly addictive!

Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

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What a funny little story.
Not sure if I'm analyzing it wrong, but I also like the more serious concept you gave the story with the "Slice of Life" tag.

Well, that was hilarious.

This was hilarious. Also, you should feel bad about turning all unicorns into drug dealers.

"Hey you, kid! What do you say, would you like... A lick?"
"Cool foals don't lick! Don't be a loser!"

And stuff :rainbowwild:
Either way, have a like!

Coming up next: Pegasus Wings Are Made of Opioids.

I came here to say "horneroin"
mission anti-failed

Now at least this one makes some real attempts at humor! There's some real jokes in there. Unfortunately, a lot of them are a bit crude and make light of dark addiction subjects ... but still. For me, it was the pacing/POV that took me out of it. Things tend to jump around straight from one thing to another, with precious little in transition. This story seems a little neurotic in that way. Maybe that was on purpose? But either way, it makes for a somewhat frustrating read.

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this was a pain in the ass to read as the web page kept crashing and only for this story. but yeah, spike's one of the many victim's in this and there are going to be a lot more.

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