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This story is a sequel to Unicorn Horns Are Made Of Candy

Candy horns were only the first symptom of a much larger problem. The fabric of reality itself may be about to unravel, and there's nothing that anypony can do about it.

Winner of the WTF Award and Honorable Mention for the Surprise! Award in ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

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What the hell did I just read? Have an upvote.

What we see here, is a YouTubePoop, transcripted into a fimfiction story post.

Exemplary execution, efficient, effervescent exposé! Encore!

Much Logic
Such sense

Well, I just lost a few sanity and IQ points! Have a like, fav, and follow on me!

This just in, Discord wrote a fanfiction, it was pretty good.

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of this site.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate it.

This is what happens when you mix too much universes on one.

EDIT: While drinking alcohol and at the same time on high on shrooms while having crack watching Discord.

Now I've got "The Cat Came Back" in my head.

7059674 the fabric of reality collapsed

Author Interviewer

I can't say I enjoyed this one, though I laughed at the cookie. :/

Well, darn. You were so close to going on my Best Authors award board... but... I can't favorite this. :facehoof: I'm sorry...I know random is random, but it just.. didn't make any sense, logical or illogical. I didn't really get any laughs or happiness from reading this..

Okay ... so, yeah. This big binge of QuickFics fics ends with a bang. I feel like Discord would be very happy in this new universe. (And I did giggle a little at Simon being one of the judges in a trial.) And this is definitely a strong contender for the WTF award. Very strong.

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I find it highly impressive that you made this story make no sense at all. I’m too logical to write good random fics like this masterpiece.

It seem the monkeys did create a masterpiece, after all.

“You are very welcome, my lady,” Charles said, bowing and then moonwalking out of the room.

I read Charles' line in Charles the French's voice... sort of.

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