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Quills always loved stories, so much so he knew he wanted to be a writer, but never knew what he wanted to write for the longest time in his life. Good ideas of stories to be were thrown away, put on hiatus, and he was never able to summon the right words to tell a story.

He was ready to give up on this lost cause until one fateful day he met a pegasus that would change his life forever.


This is a story inspired from AbsoluteAnonymous' "A Writer's Lament," ( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25573/A-Writer%27s-Lament ) a story which helped me break my own writer's block, as well as a story inspired from my own life when it came to writing, and how much I struggled until I found something I cared greatly for, even love, and wanted to write all about. Much like Quills, this pegasus changed my life as well, so this story comes from the bottom of my heart. Hope you enjoy it!

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Added to my Read Later list!

Oh my gosh, WOW! That was great! Just the kind of fanfic that I like! :pinkiehappy:
It was so adorable between those two!! :heart: And I feel like I can relate to Quills seeing as I am a writer too. and the ending was just perfect.
Definitely adding this to my favourites! Great job! I loved it! :yay:

Anything that can help me get personality ideas for Rainbow Dash from different author perspectives is much obliged! I really like the character Quills... He's extremely relateable, especially to all the authors on this website. I sometimes find my self extremely frustrated when writing music (my real special talent) and go long times without any inspiration. But then something hits me, and everything about what i want to do makes sense. Quills is a good foil for anybody who is frustrated with creating art.

827850 Thank you soo soo much for your kind words, it means a lot to me! I'm glad some folks out there actually like Quills. :twilightsmile: Though honestly he's just a portrayal of myself with my struggles with writing. I'm just happy to share my epiphany with others, though I'll admit this story more or less shows my deep, dark crush on Rainbow Dash. :twilightblush:

I really like this story, and the OC. I can see some of myself in him.

congradulations! In just 4,308 words you managed to create not only a likeable OC but also one i wouldn't mind seeing in a relationship with dash.

I know this work is quite old and you've improved since then but any one who's got a crush on dash deserves a stache :moustache:

There's this saying:
"Write not what you want to write, but what you want to read."

A damn fine bit of work this was, I approve of this! :yay:

Nicely done.

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