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It took years for Quills to finally find the inspiration to write, but now that he has, he realizes the story he was creating has a lot more meaning for him, as well as the pegasus who inspired it.


This is the semi-sequel to my previous short story "A Writer's Inspiration," where I wanted to take another slice of life inspired from my own trials and tribulations as a writer, and just how much of an impact Rainbow Dash was to me just as much as she was to Quills.

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Quills always loved stories, so much so he knew he wanted to be a writer, but never knew what he wanted to write for the longest time in his life. Good ideas of stories to be were thrown away, put on hiatus, and he was never able to summon the right words to tell a story.

He was ready to give up on this lost cause until one fateful day he met a pegasus that would change his life forever.


This is a story inspired from AbsoluteAnonymous' "A Writer's Lament," ( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25573/A-Writer%27s-Lament ) a story which helped me break my own writer's block, as well as a story inspired from my own life when it came to writing, and how much I struggled until I found something I cared greatly for, even love, and wanted to write all about. Much like Quills, this pegasus changed my life as well, so this story comes from the bottom of my heart. Hope you enjoy it!

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A thousand years ago, Equestria was divided. Princess Luna was banished from her homeland, taking her followers and loyal “nightbreeds” with her to found a new country now known as The Twenty-Six Territories of the Lunar Confederacy. Trapped in an infertile land between Equestria in the East, the icy North, dragon-infested South, and the mountains and sea of the West, the Confederacy has struggled and suffered for their survival despite leaps and bounds in technological advancements.

Born into a dark age of starvation, rebellions, and population restrictions, Lieutenant Ashen of the Nightwing clan of nightbreeds has endured many hardships, and made many sacrifices in his duty to protect and serve Queen and Country. Perhaps too many.

It’s then when the Confederacy is suddenly attacked, with Equestria as the prime suspect, that Ashen is sent on a mercy mission to initiate peace talks with their eastern neighbor. As the truth of the attack unravels, so too does the emotionally scarred Lieutenant’s sanity and resolve.

The only question left is can the Lieutenant prevent all-out war between his home and the home of a pegasus that will test everything he has come to know about loyalty, or will he lose everything he has left to his duty and regret?


Cover Art by GenericDrawfag/Carnelian (FIMFiction Profile)

Proofread by Pissfer, Perception Filter, AbsurdistScribbler, and Nonameknight.

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