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Thirteen years later after my reformation; The battle of the bands; and The Friendship Games, we realized that friendship is not all about apple pie life, candy in the sky, and having sweet desserts at Sugarcube Corner all the time. I'm thirty years old and gosh how much things changed since then. Let me tell you my story.

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Poor Sunset I will always love you.... Great start so far.:twilightsmile:

6922106 Hey, thanks for reading, I'm done with chapter 2, on my way to finishing chapter 3. I will publish both chapters 2 and 3 soon so stay tune! :D

How often will you update this

6938027 right now, I am on my way to finishing ch. 5. I would say, every 2 days or so per 1 to 2 chapters. :twilightsmile:

6938027 And on the weekends, which I have more time, I try to strive to finish one chapter a day.

Looking forward to more chapters!! :twilightsheepish:

6940815 Glad you liked the recent chapter. More will be coming your way ^_^

this chapter title reminds me of the old star wars line.. "there's a Disturbance in the force"

Awesome chapter as always.. i do hope wind rider get's his just desserts..

6956693 thanks! Glad you enjoyed, there's more coming. :)

i think you mean Worried Sick.

"Were Pinkie the only strong ones here"
so only pinkie is the strong one.. huh never knew..
i think you mean "Were Pinkie And Me The Only Strong Ones Here"

Other then those.. Awesome chapter as always.. can't wait for more.

6963430 thanks for spotting the errors, lol, I'll fix it now xD. But thanks for supporting my story, gladly appreciate it.

6963437 no problem.. if i spot any-more i'll let ya know...

Great chapter as always!

awesome as heck song that was used..

darn you Wind Rider don't make me get Dwight Likes Sparkles! now do us a favor and get from the story... your ruining it... darnned wind rider and he's powers of ruining things just like Flash Sentry..

that up there was me just have a ittle fun... still dislike Wind Rider... he doesn't seem to understand that Karma can be the B word at times.. and he's pushing it hard...I already feel he's just desserts happening... ahh i can see it now... Sunset jumps out breaks his neck while yelling "Team ThreeStar!"

Amazing... i'm sorry i really can't help my self with these jokes..

Oohhhhh, I can't wait for the next chapter, and that Damn Wind Rider, doesn't know when to stop. I'm kinda thinking Trenderhoof is behind all of this too... BTW, The song is awesome. Just by listening to it, gives me the sense of how much they have changed. I love it! Awesome work as always, Ninjin! Keep on the great work! I really can't wait for the next chapter!

6978543 I dislike Wind Rider too. He might get his just desserts... But in the back of my head, I always have the thought that it's not going to happen.

lol @ team threestar.

I keep wondering if the rest of the Mane 5 will show up...

6978543 haha, glad you enjoyed the recent scenario. Wind Rider is one persistent individual, but would his personality win him a chance to get to his goal? something to think about. :twilightsmile:

6978612 glad you enjoyed it! Oh hey, that's an interesting theory! :ajsmug:

Great story, the only complaint is the big gaps between paragraphs.

6994115 Glad you enjoyed the recent chapter! I will make alterations on the gaps. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Yet again, another awesome scenario.

*SPOIL ALERT**SPOIL ALERT* Funny how Wind Rider always gets beat up badly when the chapter progresses, lol. I love it! xD *SPOIL ALERT**SPOIL ALERT*

Take Dat Wind Rider! just because you can move fast doesn't mean you can escape a arse kicking of a life time.. can't wait for more of those..

And Awesome Chapter!.

i do agree with Sunset.. i ahte 1 sided conversations.

Twilights behaviour in this chapter seems a bit strange she is jumping from

"Sunset... Events happen when you can't control it. It naturally occurs the way it should..."


"Sunset wait, please let me help you, you're one of my best friends, it's my role to help out."

She is contradicting herself.

7001697 thanks for noticing, I'll have a glance at that small passage again.

I am guessing that mane cast of the show in this universe are diffrent pony's.. If not that awkward. Great chapter:twilightsmile:

Why doesn't this story have an Equestria Girls tag?

7021684 Now that you mentioned it, it's updated, lol. Thanks for noticing!

Best Chapter yet!.. oh god that was awesome to see Triek Slug Wind Rider... can't wait too see more of that..

7023976 glad you enjoyed it, and it's going to get better!

i need to point this out.. you named the chapter 14.. not 13... you should fix that.

as for the curse i doubt it heavly.. why? because Pinkie is self centered and the rest of the Human 6 don't really care it seems.. Pkus Twilight never did say why she never helped with the curse earler.. that was a Massive Derp on her part.. so all in all? no chance of the curse being removed.. plus somthing tells me the curse is made up just so Twilight can help Sunset re-meet up with her friends.. nothing more nothing less...

*SPOILER ALERT* Whoa... I didn't expect Pinkie to do that at the end... lol...

7030472 That's true... It's like Twilight kept it secretive.... But I was thinking... Twilight did say that she's been watching her through all these years, and maybe Twilight never knew about it until recently when things haven't been going right for Sunset, Plus she's a busy princess in equestria....

I wonder how Tirek is tied to this whole mess... lol... Tirek and Wind Rider, though, lmao!

7030472 well, there are 2 curses that sunset needs to fix. The brainwash curse and the number thirteen curse. Twilight didn't realize until the thirteenth year when things have been going haywire for sunset. Later on in the chapter, you'll soon read how sunset finds the missing pages that were ripped out purposely from the book, and those ripped pages are reasons why Twilight hadn't helped sunset until the thirteenth year. On the other hand, lyra, Pinkie, and Vinyl was not affected by the brainwash curse... And you'll soon find out.

I purposely skipped the number thirteen in the chapter, and went straight to 14. If you get my drift.. Lol :twilightsmile:

ahhh... true true.. looks like i must wait.. but i don't mind.. and yeah i know the skipped 13 reason.. but i still think it should be 13.. it might confused people like there was ment to be a chapter there that you cut or was forgotten to be uploaded...

also i just got your plans Ninja... i'm gonna PM my Guess so i don't Spoil.


true she might have never knew... plus yeah the princess thing is true... we must wait and see...

OK, honestly... I didn't expect that from trenderhoof. This guy is stirring shit up... Excuse my language.. :twilightangry2:

7042006 you've uncovered a spoiler, please cover it, thank you.. :twilightsmile:

If Twi and Sunset get together, I will cry years of joy. ❤❤❤

Sunset and Fluttershy I recognize, but who's the green and white haired girl? It's Lyra, right?

7063398 yes it's lyra, but it's actually pinkie pie thirteen years later, not fluttershy.

here's going to be a wedding! That fight scene though, I love it!

The fourth wall broke. I'm gonna need some duct tape.

"No Twilight Lemme me Tell You Something"
Sunset you Silly Goose.

ohhh brought your self into the fic.. this is gonna be good..

Plus I know Who Ripped The Pages Of The Book!

It Was Princess Luna.. she was bored of Celestia boring her with un-needed lecture's so she grabbed a random book.. happing to be your's and used it to make spit balls and shoot them at Tia... Celestia was not happy with this.. but Pinkie and Discord were... :pinkiesmile:

7072778 lol! Thanks again for pointing that out!

I love how you leave life quotes in some of the chapters.
Once again, this is an awesome chapter, but I'm sensing the end
of this story nearing... :pinkiesad2:
I love your work, man... No Homo...

Awesome chapter!

tisk tisk.. bad Sunset you should have let them know what Wind Rider tryed to do..

and gg Triek.. you failed before you even begun what you are trying to do.. you should never evily laugh near other people who've been though bad things.. like Sirens and Rampaging Sci Twi's.

7087656 glad you enjoyed, and very well said, don't underestimate the power of friendship! :twilightsmile:

Yikes, I might not remember all of my high school classmates' names, but I at least remember their faces. Especially when one of them is like Photo Finish. Eh, I guess it's not important in the long run. Good story, bruv.

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