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Starlight Glimmer finally became crowned princess to serve as one of the important roles of friendship: Reformation. Did she bit off more than what she can chew? Can she handle tasks like a princess? Starlight unwillingly faces newer challenges that's never been taught by her mentor, Twilight Sparkle. As destiny awaits her, she will have to face it alone.

Cover Art: Unknown Resource. If anyone knows who made this art, please let me know. I cropped this out from a youtuber's (Warrior Exis) thumbnail.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

To be honest, the concept seems very interesting yet this first chapter felt rushed, like you wanted too much to happen in it. Furthermore the grammar and structure are also a little off. I suggest getting a proof-reader or something to help you. In any case, I wish you luck.

Since when did Starlight ascend to an alicorn!?

8773511 Not yet, but I looked at the coverart.

Fan made cover art.

I wonder if that's what she will look like if (and when) it happens.

Rarity mentioned that you become an alicorn for some Princess worthy deed. The way Starlight is racking them up, it's only a matter of time.

They also did say one of the reasons Starswirl never became an alicorn is because he didn't understand friendship. I think Starlight knows it very well now.

8773669 I finished reading the chapter. So far, I couldn’t find any errors, but I’ve got a strong hunch that anyone who’s going to ascend won’t be able to use their heightened magical power except when they’re not around anyone. Luna’s out of touch, what with still regaining her magic. Twilight’s gonna be busy taking care of the future replacement capital of Equestria. Celestia can’t fight her way out a paper bag without somepony holding the paper bag and Cadence just has her hooves tied with Flurry Heart and the Crystal Empire... and doing the horizontal with Shining Armor every weekend.

On a side note, Starlight here might be too occupied with sauerkraut and Germane’s equivalent of the autobahn or something like that.

I actually think Starlight would hate being sent far away, like she is in this story. It would mean leaving all the friends she has made ( Spike, Mane 6, Maud, Sunburst, Trixie).

Germaney. Yeah as if they haven't had enough dictators there.

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