• Published 2nd Feb 2016
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Safe Landings - Goldfur

When airplanes full of humans transformed into ponies pop out of the timestream, who can they count on to save them? The Aeronautical Returnee Rescue Response Squad! (A Ponies after People story.)

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Stop That Blimp!

“Before you leave, Hal, we have something to give you,” Machspeed told the visiting pony.

The grey pegasus looked puzzled. “Okay,” he replied as he followed the unicorn into the staff common room.

The entire ARRRS crew were gathered and waiting, and Flashpoint was holding up a jacket in her magic. Machspeed took it from her and faced the bemused pegasus.

“On behalf of the Aeronautical Returnee Rescue Response Squad, I’d like to present you with one of our jackets as an unofficial member as thanks for your invaluable help today.”

Hal grinned as he took the jacket, slipping his wings through the slots with practiced ease. “Thanks, guys, I had loads of fun helping out. Believe me, I’m not going to forget this day in a hurry….”

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Go read the rest of Alden MacManx's addition to the Safe Landings stories!

Author's Note:

When Alden MacManx came to me with the suggestion that the ARRRS should rescue a blimp, I demurred because I knew too little about airships in general, and I also thought that it would be pretty dull because all they had to do would be to teleport the crew off and let the airship blow away, or maybe tow it somewhere harmless. Well, Alden proved me wrong and wrote this chapter. I only wrote the introductory part above, so go to his story and show it some love. :twilightsmile:

More guest author episodes on my personal website.

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I will have to say the immortal nightmare summons.

Its just a blimp. How hard can it be? :derpytongue2:

How about saving the Antonov an-225 Mriya?

What happen to the story of the B3?

I've been wondering, what if you made a new rescue chapter, but it'll be revolving our beloved griffon in the A.R.R.R.S , Sky-scream? I always want to see a griffon in action! :raritystarry:

I'll certainly consider it, but I still need a good story for him, and my Muse has been busy elsewhere lately.

O my this collection of short story's all rolled in two one story is amazing.

i will be watching you vary close Goldfur for more story's and updates.


I'll certainly consider it, but I still need a good story for him, and my Muse has been busy elsewhere lately.

Since your muse has been busy elsewhere, when you eventually come back to this, any chance of some chakats showing up? :trollestia:

None whatsoever. Not my universe.

This was definitely much more interesting and amusing then I thought it would be. Props.

I really wish I could give a thumbs up for this story, but there is one fact about this story that bugs me
the part where all the planes are disasembled and scraped.
I am sorry my man but I am a firm believer anti scrapping, I believe that all machines server there purpose, and then are taken apart and rebuilt from the inside out. I believe that even the oldest machines have a place in even the most modern places.
our truck my mom has has god knows how many scratches on it and replacement parts have to come from a junkyard. it is still serving it's purpose as a medeum duty work truck. And with so many miles that the guage is reaching it's limit, it may not be going strong anymore, but by god it is still going.

Modern airplanes require very sophisticated upkeep. Pony society at its current level is literally unable to use or even maintain it. Nor is it a matter of waiting a number of years for the technology to catch up. Pony civilization on Earth is only as advanced as it is because it's borrowing from the past. It has neither the resources nor infrastructure to advance faster. In fact, due to the profligate use of resources by humans pre-Event, they are now scarce and hard to get to, so something like modern aircraft are a gold mine for them. They cannot afford to be sentimental or overoptimistic. My story is set during one of the golden eras after pony society crashed and burned. It's far more positive for that reason, but doubly handicapped due to another round of losses of materials and knowledge.

I also find myself bemused that you won't give the story a thumbs-up because you don't like the idea of salvaging materials and equipment from a plane. Your old truck benefits from being old with spares either able to be bought or salvaged from junk yards. You can't trick out an A380 that way.

What about some ocean going ships?

sad this fic seems to have died, but I guess goldfur is busy on other stories :D

It's progressed further on Goldfur's website. About 5 more chapters or so. Not sure why it's not updated more on here though

How odd, I stopped checking their site cause they were the only one updating stories on it or so it seemed, and as they were posting only pony stories...and said pony stories were posted here too....well... thought they all updated the same

All the rest of the chapters were written by guest authors – Alden McManx, Stellar Light Sparkle, & Starscribe. While they all belonged with the series, I did not wish to claim ownership of them, so they aren't published here in my folder. Go to my personal website to get them all.

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