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One day, Octavia decided to go for a walk around town.

A few weeks—then months—later, she became friends with a Griffonian Warlord, had tea with the ambassador of Zebrica, played music for a Draconic god, hoof-bumped a Sea Serpent, stopped a Diamond Dog raid, traveled across an arid desert, joined a pack of Gypsies on a pilgrimage, and found herself in the middle of a bloody race war with nothing but a box of wool socks.

Gods did those things smell.

Inspired by Zenith, a wonderful work from The Descendant.

Now has its own TV Tropes page, courtesy of Phoenix of Aurelius, who doubles as the occasional editor!

Chapters (64)
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Comments ( 161 )

All of it, healed, if you just open your door, smell the roses, and take a long, relaxing walk.

Sounds like the internet is telling me to go outside today.

At some point I picture her being forced to pilot a giant robot.

"Oh come on Octavia it'll be an adventure!"

"but I don't like adventure."

You break my heart, saying there might not be another chapter for a while. This is magnificent!

6196670 Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

6196431 While there may not be giant robots, I can assure you that Octavia isn't really okay with being on this adventure.

6196379 Sometimes it helps, man.

6196959 I actually did go outside.

6196978 Did you find adventure?

6196981 Not really.I just went to the store.:derpytongue2:

6197002 Well, that's close enough! Oh yeah, hope you enjoyed Stroll too by the way, haha. :rainbowlaugh:

6197019 It seems exciting so far.

I, too have ventured out-of-doors. Went to a park. Saw a wedding. Not, like... One I was invited to or anything. It was just... There. And so was I.

6197902 Sometimes, you just need to take a walk.

6197906 ... Or a drive... Or a bike ride... Or all of the above. Solid advice.

I was going to go to bed. But then I didn't.

6232597 Yay! A new comment!

Sorry, I get a little excited for those. Hope you've enjoyed so far!

6232600 After arriving at he end of what's written so far, I can day these past 18 minutes have been wonderful. Good job. Have a... I dunno, Trixie? :trixieshiftleft: Maybe a Twist? :twistnerd:

Naw. Have a Derpy. :derpytongue2:

Damn, Beagle. Nice aim.

6712538 Yeeeeeeeah! Comment!

Fun fact, Deputy Beagle is named after a character in Fallout New Vegas who shares the same name.

6714464 Glad you've enjoyed. Currently working on the next chapter and hope to have it out by this weekend. :twilightsmile:

I like how she took out the first three nearly completely by accident.

Ponifying a Violin? Ugh. Ponifying a weapon? What a bunch of Barbarians!
I know, right? I'm so glad you agree Mr. Double Bass, I'm lucky to have somebody who really understands me. Come give mama a hug :rainbowkiss:.

And, to be upfront, Octavia had never drank diamond-flavored water before.

They were always out.

The supplies are very limited Equestria-wide, and growing baby dragons have priority since it's the closest they have to breast-feeding :moustache: (baby diamond dogs also get priority since it works well as a milk-substitute for them).

6819124 Wow, I hadn't even thought of that.

Man, Spike must be pretty lucky. :ajsmug:

Only one peeve (did I spell that right): I personally think that griffons should be lowercase. Because, y'know, it's a race, not a proper noun. Kinda like elves and humans and ponies. Sorry if I come off as offending though :3

6826111 Griffons should be capitalized. You're right.

But right now, besides simple codenames, it's all Octavia has to call them. A title. It will be undercase if she ever learns their names, don't worry. Hope you've enjoyed the chapters. :heart:

Well, at least Octavia will now be able to cover her gas bill :trollestia: (or a new house, if you decide to be absolutely evil and not even give her home insurance) :fluttercry:.

So Griffins are Nordic? Hmm...

6911824 I actually take griffon names from various different places. Poland, Sweden, Norse mythology, you name it as long as it's not African of any kind.

That's reserved for Zebras. :raritywink: Nice catch though. Definitely suits her, doesn't it?

I didn't get the "rocky" joke.

6950271 Octavia gave a "rocky" sigh out in the beginning of the chapter after almost falling to her death.

Is Tavi... going insane?

6955353 Well, it's very hot out, and she about died not too long ago. She may not have registered that all entirely yet, but it's working its way from the inside. :twilightoops:

Right when Octavia realized she was at her apartment, my first thought was "But what about the oven? :raritydespair:". Well played my good sir, well played :trollestia:

Octavia rolled her eyes. These thieves were obviously novices at their job. She bet that they didn't even know what a dye pack was. Pfft, amateurs.

Wait, has she done this before?
Yeah, so you remember what I said about Tie Fighters? Same story. And still more than worth it.:ajsmug:
Cool story bro.

mostly out of concern for the electric bill she would surely pile up and gorge if she had done so than the possibility of burning her entire humble abode down in a blaze of accidental glory

Plot twist! :pinkiegasp: (up until now, I thought it was a gas oven)

7093290 Luxuries, man, luxuries! :rainbowwild:

Cause ya know, it's "it's just a walk"

7134436 Yes, just a walk. A simple walk around town. :derpytongue2: Nothing more.

7134671 eyes strait, don't look at the man in a mask eating a purple burrito, questions caused wars

I feel like L's name isn't just Lavi. It seems like whenever Valkyrie says her name she just gets cut off at Lavi. Hmmm... Maybe Lavinia?

Also, I have a suggestion for the flashback. Maybe you can put the entire thing in italics? I know it sounds weird, but parts in italics usually indicate thoughts, emphasis, dreams, or flashbacks. Just so it's easier to see the part where she comes back to reality.

7152527 That might be a good suggestion, actually. Thank you! :rainbowkiss:

EDIT: Totally forgot to mention, I made absolute sure that each of the griffon's names makes sense and totally suits them. If you did a little research I'm sure you'd hate me for what Lavi means. :rainbowlaugh:

Perhaps it could be a new form of stress relievers

1. Wouldn't Relief be better here?

As for Octavia's final statement... yeah, left on you'll be back to a really bad burnt smell and what might as well be charcoal whatever that was inside. And a real thorough scrubbing just to get rid of any of the gunk that got stuck to the sides. At least it's on a timer... assuming she didn't just preheat it and forgot to set the timer. Then that's be worse. 'Oh why not take a stroll?' Yeah brain, great idea! Nope, gonna stay in and watch the oven lest it burns the house down.

7154563 Her oven?

Gods, don't even get me started on her pre-timed coffee maker. So many cold mugs. :raritydespair:

come from behind the Sheriffs wagon

1. I believe Sheriff's is more suited here.

I'm pretty sure that the griffon found out her... nett worth.

Bearing her teeth, she knitted her brow

1. Baring in this case.

found the griffon bearing her teeth at her

1. Baring.

Oh boy, this definitely looks like a... walk in the park. Or maybe even a... causal forest trek. So long as she ... sticks to it, nothing can possibly do wrong.

7155548 Yeah as you can tell I'm horrible about bearing and baring. It's not my fault, they're like one letter off. :raritydespair:

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