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"Stop making obscure crossovers!" They cry. "Never!" I cackle, making more obscure crossovers.


After the defeat of discord, Celestia and Luna see a prophecy engraved in the stars. Unsure of weather it was the result of the chaos lord's magic, or a actual prophecy, the sisters contact the elements of harmony to help the investigation.

In the Celestial Sea, a small meteor crashes into the surface from a planet long lost, sinks to the ocean floor and breaks apart, sending thousands of tiny little unique cells into to the once peaceful sea.

[Unfortunately the story is on hiatus because of this horrid thing called real life. More info can be found here

UPDATE: This is story is gonna be back!

Featured on 31/5/17! Thank you all so much!
Featured again on 3/6/17!

Cover art from here ---> http://hakeryk2.deviantart.com/art/Spore-Wallpaper-2-90913471

Chapters (6)
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Ugh, I should be writing the next chapter, but there are so many good stories!

Pls send help.

Normally, I would be on schedule for once a week, but if this pilot chapter gets enough support, I shall release it tomorrow.

Just to be clear, I am not forcing you to do this, I will post if it doesn't get support, only next week.


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I thought this was impossible! Wow! That was a strong start!

I personally love to play Spore, so I can't wait for more.

Astronamal anomaly astronamal anomaly astronamal anomaly.

Nice, I can't wait for the Animal stage! That stage was always my favorite.

(Who knows, the new creature might talk to Fluttershy)

100/10 Would Read Again.

In all seriousness, I love Spore to death, and seeing a fimfiction with a Spore crossover is just amazing. I hope you push out more chapters soon! I give you all the support! ALL OF IT! :yay:

Later, Spike dies from accidentally swallowing glass.

Did anyone else play the spore game on DS? I loved that when I was a kid...

6869048 i like to play the one on steam plus the dlcs

did you know that there is a cell that is taking genetics from other cells? kinda like spore

6849544 Are you going to continue the story soon? Thanks for your time?

What is WRONG with the Author?

If he/she dosen't get it soon, I'll learn how to open an inbox and tell him/her myself.



Please, it's May 2017 by the time I'm writing this, so write it down, I've waited a LONG time and still on hiatus.


Fortunately I have discovered this site once again, and therefore the status 'Hiatus' will now be converted into 'incomplete'! I'm so sorry for the long wait, I'm drafting out chapter four as I write this.


Phew! That's a releif! I thought I was going to knock myself out.

That was a joke.

I just got into playing Spore again... and this shows up in the featured box?

Now I just gotta read this...

I love spore, and I love what you did with the cell by making it evolve fast as to make it interesting. The way you described it though reminds me of "the visitor" game, because of the whole copying traits from dead things.

I wonder what will happen if they gain magic by eating a unicorn.

But then again, you should use some of my Spore creatures.




Also, the 's' in civilization is actually a 'z'. Maybe the creatures you are talking about can diverge in evolution like our versions, one of which can evolve into my raptor-like creature. Plus, the Spore creatures do seem to be semi-sentient.


Oh, that's ironic, don't you think it is, Odd Shot?


Let's let this person do his/her thing, k.


[MASSIVE SPOILER] I was actually thinking of letting Fluttershy roam the woods looking for the poor lost animal who was so scared that they hurt Mr. Bear. Later, Fluttershy is reported missing. Well, you get the picture.

I wonder if all this chaos will free Discord, or is it just a prophecy?


But anyways, what did you think about my Spore creatures? Be sure to credit me for them.


I might not be able to work it into the story, however I'll give it a good go.

let Fluttershy hand it to her seriously, please! let her survive...

If they eat fluttershy wont that make the creatures more docile?:twilightoops:

Yeah, I'd want her to survive the attack, but she will have to pay a visit to the hospital anyway.

I love the idea that they will get fluttershy since it will make them kinder which will make the future war oriented empire into a more modern society.


Still, this is better than nothing.

Comment posted by Cipher800 deleted Jun 6th, 2017

Chapter 6 is not there yet.

I'm also doing another project called Take me to the sky. It won't update as frequently, as it's my little project. You can find it on my user page.

Comment posted by Cipher800 deleted Jun 11th, 2017

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

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