• Published 4th Jun 2012
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Rainbooms and Royalty - Trinary

Alternate Universe: Filly Rainbow Dash has just performed her Sonic Rainboom when she gets a visitor

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Well Met by Bright Daylight


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VICTORY! Was there ever a sweeter word? Rainbow Dash might not have known all the big words that eggheads like to use, but she couldn’t think of a single one that was better than that. Victory! She had won the race, defended Fluttershy’s honor and performed the legendary Sonic Rainboom all at the same time! Rainbow Dash felt completely justified in announcing this her “Best day ever!”

She performed a victory lap around the camp, whooping and hollering all the while she blazed a bright rainbow trail behind her. This is so cool! She giddily thought to herself, high on adrenaline and success: a potent combination. Making the impossible, happen? No problem for Rainbow Dash! Future Wonderbolt and greatest flier ever! Ooh! She smiled. She could practically imagine the Wonderbolts writing her now, begging for her to join! So what if she was just a filly? She’d done what every pegasus had always thought was just a legend! That sounded good! Rainbow Dash: The Legend!

She let out a fillyish squeal, secure in the privacy that no pony would hear it. This was so perfect! Rainbow Dash was so caught up with her internal fantasies that it wasn’t until she was halfway around the perimeter did she realize that she had company.

“A lovely day for a flight, isn’t it?”

“Huh?” Rainbow Dash looked this way and that. Who could be following her here? She looked up and her mouth dropped open. She felt all the moisture in her mouth vanish as she looked upon the graceful, giant swan-like wings that with so little effort kept apace with her. More important was the giant—by pony standards—body attached to it, the glimmering gold adornments, her long elegant horn and her amazing mane that never stood still.

“P-princess Celestia?!” Rainbow Dash squeaked, blushing at her ill-timed voice break (she wished she'd grow out of those soon!) and the fact that she was addressing the ruler of all Equestria!

With an elegant barrel roll, the Princess was soon flying side by side with the small cyan filly. “Last time I checked.” The alicorn winked as if sharing a secret with the young filly. “What is your name my dear?”

“I’m Rainbow Dash!” The filly beamed, tossing her short mane with confidence. “One day I’m going to be the greatest flier ever!”

“I don’t doubt it.” Celestia looked out at the still present, if fading, ring of rainbow-colored light. “Simply breathtaking. You have an amazing gift. I’ve never seen a pegasus with your raw abilities.

“Really?” Rainbow Dash felt her wings flap a little faster. “I am pretty cool huh?”

Celestia laughed at the little filly’s confidence. To Rainbow Dash it sounded as pure and clear as rain water rattling off wind chimes. “Very cool.” Celestia confirmed, moving close enough to gently tickling the filly’s nose with her feathers and was rewarded with a giggle. “But no pony is so good or talented that she cannot learn more.” Celestia went on. “I would like you to take that opportunity with me. As my own personal protégé.”

Only one thought went through Rainbow Dash’s mind. “Protewhat now?” She blinked.

Celestia smiled. “As my personal student. I would teach you more about your gifts and what you can truly do with them, as well develop as a well-rounded filly.”

Rainbow tilted her head. “You want me to be fat? But then I wouldn’t be able to fly as fast!” She blurted out earnestly.

It was all Celestia could do to prevent from laughing with merriment. She bit her lip and cleared her throat. “I mean I would teach you all sorts of things, as well as helping you train your body, I would also help train your mind and spirit.”

Rainbow Dash looked confused. “What good will that do?” She asked curiously. “I want to be a great athlete, not an egghead. Uh, your highness.” She belatedly added.

“You would be surprised what a little education can help you accomplish. With your talent and drive, I think you would be capable of anything.”

Shaking with excitement, Rainbow Dash fought to keep her voice even. “D-do you think you could help me become good enough to join the Wonderbolts?” She spoke that name with a reverent awe that Rainbow hadn’t even used in addressing Celestia herself. The thought made the sun princess chuckle.

“If you work hard and become all that I know you could be…the Wonderbolts would be the least of your options.” She promised.

Rainbow Dash didn’t even need to think twice. “Oh yeah, sign me up!” She whirled in mid-air doing a little happy victory dance, too excited to even remember that she had an audience.

“Oh, Rainbow Dash? One more thing!”

"More?!" She spun around looking at the Princess. Celestia pointed at the filly’s flank. Rainbow turned her neck around until she saw what Celestia was pointing at. She’d gotten her Cutie Mark!

“AWESOME!” Rainbow Dash hoof pumped the air. “Oh wow! Maybe I’ll even get to a have a Cutie Markvitzvah too! Sweet!” Rainbow Dash did a loop de loop in the air. She was going to invite everypony, even those three dorks who always annoyed her just so she could rub it in their faces who the best pegasus was! “This really is the BEST DAY EVER!

Princess Celestia smiled as Rainbow Dash flew loops and rolls in sheer joy. Perhaps this had been what she was waiting for. While the young filly didn’t know it, in the moment in which she’d performed her miraculous Sonic Rainboom, a magical connection had been formed between her and several other ponies. Celestia herself could barely bring herself to hope that this had been what she’d been waiting for all this time...and what better omen could she ask for than a cacophony of colors lighting up the sky and the impossible being made possible?

“Soon sister…soon.”

& & &