• Published 4th Jun 2012
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Rainbooms and Royalty - Trinary

Alternate Universe: Filly Rainbow Dash has just performed her Sonic Rainboom when she gets a visitor

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The Drop

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The mist receded and Rainbow Dash immediately darted out, calling for her friends. “Guys, look out--!”

Nightmare Moon tossed her head back and laughed, thunder and lightning flashing as she did so. “FOALS! You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! Your precious Elements of Harmony lie shattered on the ground, along with all your hopes of victory!”

Rainbow Dash was ready to dismiss that as another lie when she saw the broken remnants of the six stone spheres and felt her heart sink. The evil alicorn cackled, so confident in her success that she didn’t even make a move to prevent Rainbow Dash’s from joining her. “Rainbow Dash!” Despite everything, she smiled when she heard and saw her friends running towards her. “You’re all right!” Twilight beamed as she stopped short just in front of her.

“Heh, you know me.” Rainbow ran a hoof through her mane. “Just needed to figure out how to make the best entrance ever.”

“Glad t’see yer in one piece.” Applejack said, slapping Rainbow on the back. The pegasus bit her lip, hard, trying not to wince or yelp. “Even if yer brains still have the same consistency of oatmeal.”

“Oatmeal, are you crazy?” Pinkie Pie looked at her.

Fluttershy walked over and laid her neck across Rainbow’s. “We were so worried!”

“It is good to see you again Rainbow Dash.” Rarity nodded. “I for one certainly hope that you have a backup plan now that the Elements of Harmony are….” She fished for a proper description as she viewed the ruined remains. “…a bunch of dumb rocks.” She commented bitterly.

Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes and snorted. “Forget the Elements.” Everypony looked up at her in askance.

“Um, Rainbow Dash?” Twilight looked at her. “But, how are we supposed to stop Nightmare Moon without the Elements of Harmony?”

Dash flapped her wings determinedly. “I’ll tell you how! We’re going to stop her ourselves!” She jutted out a hoof and pointed it at them. “Everything can’t be fixed in a neat little package by a bunch of glowy magical rocks or a wave of a hoof or wishing on a star…the only way to make things right is to do it yourself!”

She pointed angrily at Nightmare Moon. “She tried to tempt me with all my dreams like they were just something that could be given to you as a freebie. Well, Celestia taught me that life doesn’t work that way and that you have to work to get where you want to go.” Rainbow Dash looked at each of her friends in turn. “And you know what? We all worked to get where we are: right here, right now. So who needs a bunch of mystic doodads or whatever when we got us?”

The others were looking at each other not quite sure if they were ready to believe this. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. Fine. She’d just have to prove it. “Pinkie Pie!” She took to the air and pointed pointed to the pink earth pony. “She saved us all from the Swamp of Despair by being joyful and laughing and, well, being random. If she can make us smile when we were reliving our worst moments EVER, then she can do anything!” Pinkie smiled and let out a small hop of joy.

“Rarity,” Dash turned around. “She surrounds herself with beautiful outfits and stuff, but didn’t hesitate to give away something priceless to her if it meant making things better for others. When a pony’s as generous as her, she would do anything to save the world.” Rarity smiled gratefully, touched by the compliment.

“Applejack!” She looked at the orange farmpony. “She might look and act like a simple old cowpony with a big flank,” Dash gave a little smirk at AJ’s annoyed glower. “But stood up and told the truth when she did something wrong, knowing that it might mean giving up her own life. But more than that, she’s true to herself. She might not be the cleverest of ponies, but when you’re that honest and have that strong a sense of justice, it makes others want to be as good and pure as her.” AJ blushed slightly, tugging her hat down.

But Rainbow wasn’t finished. “Fluttershy!” The canary yellow pegasus eeped and looked surprised, even though she must’ve known it was coming. “Aside from being, like, the nicest pony EVER, she managed to make friends with the weirdest and creepiest of creatures.” Fluttershy scuffed her hoof shyly. “When you’re kind enough and compassionate enough to make enemies into friends, nothing’s impossible!”

She turned around. “And then there’s Twilight. What can I say? Most awesome unicorn, ever!” Rainbow beamed. “She managed to beat the most powerful unicorn in Canterlot and free her brother from Nightmare Moon’s control. With her magic, we’re unstoppable!” Dash flew around her friends in a big circle. “When all this started I didn’t think you ladies would be up to this. I was wrong.” She admitted. “I asked if any of you had ever done the impossible…well, you all have now.”

“Let’s not forget about you sugarcube.” Applejack nudged Rainbow with her head. “Don’t sell yerself short…something ah never thought ah’d need to say.” She added wryly, to giggles from the others. “Sugarcube, yer alright. You blur the line between foolish and brave so much ah’d forget they were two different words.” She slapped Rainbow Dash on the withers. “You’ve stuck by us through thick and thin and there ain’t nothing that stopped you from gettin’ to Ditzy and Shining and yer other friends. Shucks, ah’d say you were the loyalest pony ah ever met!”

“They’re right!” Pinkie flounced. “We are superincrediawesomazing! Just like my song! You’ve got everything that you need, right in front of you! Nothing’s stopping you, nothing that you can’t do that the world can throw at you!”

“I-I suppose if we can do all that…” Fluttershy hesitantly added. “Then I guess we CAN do anything!”

Rarity nodded. “I agree darlings, who needs some tacky old bits of rock when we have the most fabulous and amazing ponies in all of Equestria, and the most fashionable as well?”

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!” Rainbow Dash pumped her hoof in the air. “Well, mostly.” She amended. “Anyway! Are you girls ready?”

“Yeah!” Came the enthused reply.

“Are we gonna kick Nightmare Moon’s flank all the way back to the moon?”


“Then let’s GO!”


The six mares charged at Nightmare Moon as she stood, unintimated and unimpressed as they ran towards her. Out of the corner of her eye, she detected a flicker of light coming from the remnants of the Elements of Harmony. The six shattered balls each softly started to pulse with a color of the rainbow…as did the six approaching mares, determination etched onto each of their faces. “It’s impossible.” She whispered, a twinge of fear working its way into her black heart.

She felt something tap her on the head. “Excuse me?” Nightmare Moon looked up to see the pink one somehow standing atop her head on her hind legs…without even noticing how she had gotten up there! “Hiya!” Pinkie waved. “Um, I’m supposed to say something really brave and heroic now but all I can think of is….El Kabong!” She shouted, whipping out a guitar from someplace in her mane (Nightmare Moon blinked in surprise) and brought it crashing down on the wicked mare’s head with an audible KLONG!

Nightmare Moon bellowed, clutching her head as Pinkie Pie hopped off, stumbling off the dais and towards the center of her throne room. “When I get a hold of you—”

“Heeeyaw!” Applejack whooped as she planted her front hooves on the floor and lashed out with her back ones, bucking the evil princess in the side. “How’d you like THEM apples?”

Stumbling, the Nightmare had no time to recover before Twilight Sparkle blasted her other side with a powerful stream of magic. Rarity wrapped a perfumed, lacy hanky around her hoof and delivered a quick jab to the side of her head. “I always found that a velvet hoof inside a lace boot was the best solution,” she commented.

Fluttershy meekly held up her hoof. She didn’t so much punch the dark queen as much as she stumbled into it with enough force to snap her head back.

“HEY!” Rainbow Dash shouted as Nightmare Moon regained her bearings. She looked up just in time to see a blue hoof approaching her face. A meaty THOK! Filled the air. “Keep in on everpony! Pinkie Pie!”

“Spoooon!” Came the enthusiastic cry as she introduced her hooves to Nightmare Moon’s face and threw a party for them.

“Applejack!” Again, the powerful hind legs of Applejack lashed out, striking Nightmare Moon like she was nothing but a tree to be bucked. “Rarity!” The unicorn delivered a strong kick of her own to the side of Nightmare Moon’s head. “Fluttershy!” A meek, danty smack was applied to the alicorn’s cheek. “Twilight!” A surge of magic blasted the alicorn towards Rainbow Dash. The blue pegasus grinned as she lashed out with both hooves jabbing with a series of lightning punches, finishing with a fierce uppercut that sent her foe flying back. Rainbow Dash darted out of the nearest window and flew around the entire castle only to reenter through a window on the opposite side of the room and strike Nightmare Moon again from her other side!

“Keep it up!” Rainbow Dash called as her friend surrounded Nightmare Moon in a circle. “Again! Pinkie Pie! Applejack! Rarity! Fluttershy! Twilight!”

With hooves and wings and magic was rained down upon the dark mare as she was knocked to and fro. She would no sooner turn from one attacker only to be beset by the rest. And everywhere she turned, every place she looked, there was Rainbow Dash. Darting here, appearing there, always with an encouraging shout to one of her friends or a defiant cry railing against Nightmare Moon. She was buffeted by her wings, sore all over from the lashing of Dash’s hooves against her hide and the angry, determined glint in her eye that chilled even her hard heart.

Worse, the longer the fight went on, the more closely the six cooperated and worked together, the more they pulsed with the light emanating from the Elements of Harmony. “No!” Her eyes widened. “NO, NO, NO!” Her eyes shined solid white as she tossed her wings wide, a shockwave of energy erupting from her that tossed her attackers back. There was a bright flash and everypony in the throne room found themselves pressed against the wall.

“ENOUGH!” She panted as her horn shimmered. Black strips burst from the tip and encircled the ponies. One wrapped itself around Fluttershy’s middle, pinning her wings down. Two more attached themselves to Twilight and Rarity’s horn, blocking their magic, before circling down to tie their legs together. Two more hogtied Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

Only Rainbow Dash was left unaffected. She panted, glaring at Nightmare Moon. “Let them go!”

Nightmare Moon chuffed. “I warned you Rainbow Dash…I warned you that I would make you suffer as nopony ever has for defying me.”

“You know, when you said you were going to kill me, I didn’t imagine that I’d by dying of old age.” She narrowed her eyes. “Unless you plan on doing me in with your killer breath. Pwah! You’ve got a royal case of B.O. your heinous!”

“Make your feeble jokes while you can.” The alicorn tossed her head dismissively. “They will not avail you here.”

“That’s right, keep on talking me to death.” Dash rolled her eyes. “You’ve gone this long, why stop now?”

The Nightmare’s horn shimmered and the throne room reassembled itself. Part of the wall fell away, revealing the night sky and the great heights upon which the tower stood. Five long protrusions jutted out into the air, each of her friends deposited upon one of them. Rainbow Dash jerked up at seeing them tied and bound precariously at the edge, a hair’s length away from falling off. She attempted to fly out and grab them only to find her tail tied and bound to the floor with Nightmare Moon’s magic.

Nightmare Moon’s ears twitched and she turned her head to see Ditzy Doo and Zecora trying to carry Shining Armor and Silver Lining and Steelwing out. Rainbow tried to warn them. “Ditzy, Zecora, RUN!” But it was too late. Soon the five of them were bound to the wall, trapped.

“Now…” Nightmare Moon spun around. “We are going to play a little game…you fancy yourself the fastest in the world? One of the greatest fliers ever?”

Rainbow Dash extended her wings and arched them up in a threatening fashion. “You let me go and I’ll show you how fast I can kick your rump.”

Nightmare Moon bared her teeth. “Let’s put that to the test!” She levitated Twilight and the others off their precarious positions and held them out over the abyss. “How many of your friends do you think you’ll be able to save before they hit the ground? Two? Three? Maybe four if you’re extraordinarily lucky? But not all of them.” The Nightmare was smug. “Your friends called you the loyalest of all. Let’s see what they think now! So who will you choose to save? Who will you save to sacrifice? The choice is yours. Better pick fast!”

She laughed as she released her hold on Rainbow Dash’s tail just as she let the others drop off the edge. They screamed as they fell, making Nightmare Moon laugh as Rainbow let out an anguished cry of her own as she flew down after them, knowing that Nightmare Moon was right: she wasn’t fast enough, wasn’t good enough.

& & &