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It's been almost two years since Twilight Sparkle left Canterlot to continue her studies in Ponyville, and Shining Armor can't help but miss her. After all, wasn't she supposed to be his Little Sister Best Friend Forever?


Thanks to crazymelomanka for the cover art!

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Inb4 firstwhores like a boss.

Any criticism is welcome. Don't forget to rate and comment, I love hearing back from my readers!

Excellent work sir! Reminds me of the older sibling I never had :fluttershysad:

If I may point out one typo though, in the twelfth paragraph:

"In reply, the white cold had leaned down and nuzzled his baby sister."

That is all. :twilightsmile:

Brilliant story, very well done. There really isn't much, if anything, to criticize here. Characters stayed true to themselves, story flowed well, and made sense. Grammatically, there no glaring errors, with the only problems I encountered being unnecessary commas, and even those were few and far between. Congrats on the great story, and +1 thumbs up to you, my good sir.

I'm a little teary eyed now. That was cute.

I wish I can be like Shining Armor here and miss the old days with my younger siblings. Instead I have to deal with the second born attitude problem my younger sister has. :ajbemused:
Hopefully it will pass.

After reading this, I think I'm going to spend a lot of time with my big sister.
My family is divorced and I don't get to see her much, and I'm feeling the pain that Shining Armor feels in this story.
I protected her from everything (even from our family sometimes). Now, I'm always worrying about her.
Good story, it actually made one single tear fall.
I'm reading this to her for her birthday now :) (after I make her watch the Royal Canterlot Wedding)

I enjoyed that a lot.

The only odd thing to me was Twilihgt being sad to go to Ponyville. Remember, she never expected to end up living there. She was expecting to spend a couple of days at most checking on the celebration preparations and researching NMM.

No reason for her to feel sad or thibk she'd end up separated from her brother for long.

Oops! :pinkiegasp: Thanks for that, fixed.

Thanks. I'm looking for a prereader, so hopefully I'll have that stuff fixed in the near future.

Actually, SHUT UP YOU RUINED THE MOMENT. But good point. This is how it happened in my mind, though, and it fits better with the tone of the story, if not canon. However, you'll notice the lack of specifics given in the first episode. I just filled in the blanks with my idea of what happened. I may actually go back and edit that part a bit, since it's fairly vague anyway, but thank you for pointing that out.
EDIT: I fixed it.

Actually, if you watch the flashbacks during the song BBBFF, it does show Twilight leaving with a look of sadness. It might have been when she was actually moving out as opposed to when she first left, but its there.

Cute. Really liked it, makes me miss my little sister, in fact, im going to give her a ring. :fluttercry:

Thanks! How did you even find this? It's so old and... not popular. :rainbowhuh:

1533820 Doesn't mean its not good. And I found it by going to your page and checking out your stories!

Follow-up question: how did you find me? :rainbowhuh:

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