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A pony who harbors a crush on Rainbow Dash finally says "Hi." Is that all that this pony will say? Or will this affair stop without actually starting?

((This is a lipogram, a story that doesn't use the letter "e" at any point. Done for a challenge in Author Support. Any feedback is appreciated!

Also, thanks to Skdaffle for the cover art!))

((As I write this, I have 10 times as many views as thumbs. Please, comment and rate, I love hearing back from my readers more than anything.))

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Comments ( 36 )

You actually did this. Huh. Good job!

How the heck? Well, I'm envious. Yours is far more smooth and fluid than mine will ever be. Excellent work. :yay:

Wow, I come back after supper to block people from saying "First" and find you guys here? AND two thumbs up? Thanks!


Of course I did! You say that like you didn't think I would. :fluttershysad:


Wow. That means a whole lot coming from you, thank you so much! :pinkiehappy: Also, my brother did prereading and helped me with some syntax here and there, which made certain spots look a lot better than I could have on my own, so he deserves some thanks, too.

So far, only you and Ginger were the ones who took the challenge, though. I didn't doubt you. I wish more people had participated, though.


I know, I wish there were others, too. I would have liked to see what other people did with this idea, but oh well. Is this like a prompt in that there will be a winner, or is this just for fun? I'm fine with either, although I have to say I do love competitions. :twilightsmile:

It was just for fun. I saw it as more of a writing excercise. There will be more of these in the future.

Yes. I'm actually having in my mind plans for a future of group challenges everywhere! Like the prompt, I'm starting to think of a weekly "Writing excercise" in which I challenge you to write a story of certain length with a handicap of my choice.


Wow, that's what I was going to suggest. Maybe we could throw in some incentive to participate, such as a feature on the homepage for the best entry or something like that.

I see some errors you may want to get a editor or something :scootangel: , other than that good job:pinkiehappy:

Next challange: write a legit clopfic without using the letter e >:D

or better yet, any vowles at all ^.^

no jk, I like a good clop, just sans e is fine. DO IT!

This story was confusing.

12/0 likes/dislikes? impressive! and awesome! tracked!

Quite impressive, i got kind of a stalker vibe in the middle :rainbowderp: but whatever. Very well written; 'e' is the most common letter in the English language, that is a nasty handicap to work around. 'Grats!
also, liked just for the idea!

wow i've never heard of a story without using a certain very common letter, this was interesting. :twilightsmile:

Could you give an example? I thought I had checked this pretty thoroughly.

Sorry, no clop from me. That's just not my thing.

What exactly confused you?

Thanks! This is the most popular story I've written so far, actually.

Yeah, stalker vibe is about what I was going for. I'll be writing another more in-depth story describing the details of the relationship between these two in the future for you reading pleasure, and also to fill in a few holes that I had to leave in this one due to the lack of usage of "e".

731022 now 14/0 :pinkiegasp: darn your, your awesomeness rating has surpassed my 13/0. congratulations :twilightsmile: ill just have to work harder!

This was actually a very good short story! :pinkiehappy:
I liked the way you made it 1st person and then referred to Rainbow Dash as 2nd person. (or 2nd pony in this case! :rainbowlaugh:)
Can I just ask, was the OC male or female??


Look at the last sentence, silly! :pinkiehappy:

This was actually a very good short story! :pinkiehappy:
I liked the way you made it 1st person and then referred to Rainbow Dash as 2nd person. (or 2nd pony in this case! :rainbowlaugh:)
Can I just ask, was the OC male or female??


Um, you just said that.

737913 Whoops, didn't mean to submit my comment twice. Sorry bout that!
And okay, I just wasn't sure. :pinkiehappy:

Took me a long time to get round to reading this, and I have to say you are a genius. Probably the first romance that I've read that didn't make me feel a bit uncomfortable. 'Genius' just genius:pinkiehappy:

Wow, thanks! I've got another one coming up here soon, once I finish some artz and the second chapter of my other story, Withered Roses.

755013 Great. As long as it isn't clop I'll happily read. You're the first one, like I said, that I actually liked a romance story

Well, sorry to-- I mean, you're in luck!

No, seriously, I don't do clop. If I ever do clop (very doubtful at this point), I'll make sure to put it on a separate account. But again, that's doubtful at best.

pinkie rating: 8 Super awesome + 3 for no e

didn't like the story but the fact that you did this without the letter E is amazing
no like from me but no dislike either i don't want to ruin your perfect streak :twilightsheepish:

Haha, thanks. What didn't you like? The romance? That's what I was assuming would put anyone off.

779962 i don't want to be hatin or anything but i didn't like the romance. (it creeped me the hell out "Lyra Heartstrings" style)
which is OK for some but for me it's just not right.
use of words in some cases was difficult to understand (because it was a lipogram i could understand)
and your character was unrelatable (i couldn't seem to sympathise with him enough because i couldn't understand him)(either that or i'm just dumb:derpytongue2:)

Oh, I see what you mean. It's really hard to develop a character without using the letter 'e', especially since not using that letter forced me to keep this short and sweet.

780086 yeah i guess your right... i still cannot give it a like though but it would still be interesting how this story progresses (with an 'e' this time) :pinkiecrazy:
i'll watch for now

I'm actually working on that, although the next one is going to be much longer and kinda sad.

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