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Brilliant work mate. Liked, faved and possibly watching you in future.

you an aircraft enthusiast by any chance

Actually, about the author's note, an F-15C Eagle was able to land with one wing after it got torn off in a mid-air collision. Now, I got nothing else to say besides the fact that I enjoyed this story. :3

Pretty good, although it'd be better if there was an actual reason behind RD's decision to randomly jump the protagonist's bones. A bit more dialogue during the lovemaking wouldn't go amiss either.

Very interesting. I want a sequel. I give thou 5 moustash :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

...And then they did it.

The End

689187 Yep, a veteran Israeli pilot landed his F15 after losing a wing. He was able to stabilize and recover by increasing his speed. Basically, he turned the plane into a missile. An F15 has a greater than 1 thrust to weight ratio. So, technically it is possible for said plane to fly with NO wings. Also, RPGs have a directional shaped charge explosive designed to destroy tanks. It is very possible that said explosive charge would not destroy the wing of an aircraft. This has happened numerous times with A10s.

This was fantastic! Great piece of literature, keep it up! :rainbowkiss:

...F-18 ftw....

And also I would be destroyed from sorrow if I left my cats.

PS: I truely wanted to see the plane in Equestria T_T

Edit: I actually skipped the clop-part. It isn't interesting to me.

689534 an A10 isn't a plane... it's a tank that had wings surgically stapled to it,,,

"and she took your penis out of your mouth"....:rainbowkiss:

haha thanks :rainbowkiss:
Used to. More into commercial aircraft rather than fighter craft. *shrug*
aiiight, thanks for the advice :pinkiehappy:
Why can't I hold all of this mustache :flutterrage:
I chose the F-14 Tomcat because it was suggested by one of my friends. :twilightblush:
Sorry. Derped there a moment. Forgive me for that error :twilightsheepish:

I Loved that error. :twilightsmile:

Fantastic write, much enjoyed read. Two thumbs way up

Pretty damn good I must say myself (more into the falling in love part than the actual sex, should have put in the end that he didn't want to go back and he would be happy there instead of earth.)

692362 when you mentioned f-114 tomcat i instantly thought of topgun

:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5/5 Moustace with a favorite from this filly who just read this story, my filly mind needs brain bleach none-the-less great story! :scootangel:

(._.) And I believed Dominate Species was weird. Excuse but I believ I'm going to go trip off of the edge of my roof now. Ill leave another comment when I return.:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:


Dude?!?!?! DaFuQ


Aww that made me literally puke on my desk right now dammit:pinkiesick:

Awwwyeahhh. Thanks :pinkiehappy:
noted. Will be considered in future Clopfics :rainbowkiss:
Never even watched the show, but I heard it was good. Might watch it if I can find the time :unsuresweetie:
There should be discounted brain bleach because I don't even know what I'm reading these days. :pinkiecrazy:
>trip off of the edge of my roof now

699636 its ok broski it'S areally good film by the way though

699636 This is why you might be good at comedy

oh and the first response said The Holy One Sounds Right. I agree. :pinkiecrazy:

@Maple Sunset

You should turn this into a regular story btws. And I said I was gonna trip off the edge of my roof because I read the whole cloppy part and my brain could not comprhend wther or not it was hot, or plain disgusting...:twilightblush:

@Maple Sunset

No hard feelings right?


Wow RD...Salacious impulses ftw.:rainbowlaugh:
This is pretty good, a few mistakes here and there, and I feel as though this could have been a bit longer, to allow RD and anon to share exposition and sentiment. The latter only seemed to be present at the end, and I'm certain this fic isn't just a one-night-stand type of thing, according to the "I love you" exchanges.
Regardless, I like this. Fell asleep after reading it, and had a pretty... nice dream of me and Rainbow.:twilightblush: Good job, and I hope to see more from you soon, mate.

You managed to choose my most 3rd favorite aircraft in the world, f15 being my first, and t50 PAKFA being my second, you should take a look at that one it kinda looks like a crossover of a f22 and a su25.

Well it wasn't bad but tbh I didn't like it that much either. The clop part was written well, but the first part just seemed like it trailed too much into describing a plane rather than telling a story. Also the transition was very shaky and rushed; it's another "and then they fucked" situation, because Rainbow literally just met the guy and then immediately kissed him, then asked him to do her :rainbowhuh:

My personal favorite aircraft are the McDonnel-Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle and the MIG (Mikoyan Guerovich) 31 Foxhound.:yay: Fun Fact 1:The F-15 with its two Pratt and Whitney F-100 turbofan engines running at full afterburner without V-max(velocity-max, a final advanced stage of afterburner) engauged burns approximately 1235 pounds, or 190 gallons of JP-4 jet fuel per minute . With a maximum fuel payload of 24700 pounds(including external drop tanks) this gives it a run time of a little less than 20 minutes at full afterburner. Fun Fact 2: To this day, the F-15E Strike Eagle with its detachable, contour matching "fast pack" tanks is the only jet fighter(not counting interceptors such as the MIG 25 and 31) in existance that is able to cross the Atlantic Ocean without assistance from a fuel tanker.

I came on Rainbow's face... it was fuckin' funny.

Well, you know what they say...
If you know what I mean? ;:D If you know what i'm saying? ;:) If you know what i'm getting at? ;:P If you know what i'm implying? ಠwಠ If you know... ;:3

I enjoyed reading this so much, mainly because of my enthusiam for the United State Air Force as well as the Royal Air Force. You guys in the UK are prety proffesional with your military and it was great to read something taken from a foreign prespective. I'm planing to enlist in the USAF and one day become an officer so I can fly. Oh God, I swear I was sort of imagining this story happening to me in the future. Three things though...

1. I know you like to use the word "you" a lot which could be changed but I'm not even going to argue because this was a good story
2. I felt like there could have been more dialogue between Rainbow Dash jumping on the pilot. If I were him, I question why this pegasus would have an affection for me in the first place before jumping the gun in my pants
3. Does the UK use SI units or US customary units? Because I notice you used the words kilometers and inches, which normally don't fit.

My favorite part was at the end when Rainbow was wraping the pilot (name please!) with her wings. I'd so want that. Thank you for the excellent piece! :rainbowdetermined2:

it went from story, story, ranbow dash home, walk in the door, bam sexy time dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Rainbow_Dash.png end sexy time, to there in love :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

My only real problem, and it is a problem that comes up in any HiE story that brings up language, is that they would probably call there Language Equestrian or something along those regards even if it was the same as English. That little pet peive of mine does not stop me from enjoying a story though

The RAF? Are there any bloody Americans on this website?
709956 I do and will, chap.

Well that escalated quickly...
I like though, nicely done. I've always wanted to join the RAF.

Human crafts suck,". I mean a ziolian RESIDENTIAL craft can take at LEAST 10 nukes to the wing and without a SCRATCH and a RPG can take down tomcat! And nukes are weak too our weapons can at least put a hole in the wing! I rest my case.

Skrew the formalities
The king of ziolia

"Where in the big blue potato is Equestria, and how the flapjack fridays did I even get here?"


Planes can't fly with just one wing, silly :pinkiehappy:

Are you sure about that?:trixieshiftright:

1983, Israel

2800198 that takes skill more so then flying in one engine.

691033 I would also like to see more planes survive entering equestria. Poor vehicles never make it trucks, helicopter s, planes nothing makes it into equestria only the humans.

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