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Oh yeah, definitely worth the read, made me feel all warm inside~

Now excuse me while i go molest NekoNushi :twilightsmile:

That was really great and beautiful! I'm very glad i read it because it was definitely worth it. You should keep up the good work! :rainbowkiss:

I should really hate myself for reading this, but...it was really well written and was a hetero Dash fic which in the community has a ratio of about 35:65. I tend to rate thing based on their own merits even mature rated fic like this. I don't quit classify this as clop, just because it had emotion in it and it had a point.

The fic itself was well written, there wasn't any grammar errors, the protagonist wasn't a whiny Gary Sue and Dash came off as really likeable. It actually had diabetic levels of d'awww, it was funny in parts and it was on the heartwarming side of the spectrum.

So yeah, this is a good fic and I can say in terms of quality I'd give it a solid 5 out 5 stars if you follow the old rating system.

Peace Out

This was majorly dawwwwww inducing. I don't even like the whole 'second person' thing with the "you then" "you did" stuff but this was great. Heart warming and adorable, yet still sexy. Good job :ajsmug:

Simply fucking beautiful

I haven't read a lot of second person stories, but I thought this was super-cute. Well done! I'll definitely be watching you.

(Does it make me a bad person if I admit the title caught me because it reminded me of a Celine Dion song? :derpytongue2: )

you sir/madam have brought a wonderful smile to my face
take my thumb and fav
it is the least i can do

Nooo I wanted to do a HumanXDash fic :fluttercry: You beat me too it...

Oh well, I can't argue with that :pinkiehappy: Great job! :pinkiehappy: Really amazing story.

Oh well, I'm pretty sure there's room for two fics :rainbowwild:

I haven't even read the fic yet and I'm admitting that you know my deepest secret. Btw, you forgot to mention her adorable smile and her great sense of humor in the description. :rainbowwild:


:rainbowlaugh: ANYWAYS,this was pretty cute and heartwarming,as your intentions' been made clear. I could feel the main guy's feelings (EXCEPT FOR THE ORGASM), just how much his passion and love he has for our dearest Dashie, the most popular of ships. Thanks for writing this story...and now I've run out of time to do homework. Dang it.

Beautiful man, beautiful. My heart was fluttering the whole time.

I do have one thing that I look forward to, though. After I’m done doing all the mountains of homework I’m assigned, after I’m done working out to keep myself in shape, I plop my ass down in the computer room, boot up the PC, and go to YouTube, and type in this in the search bar:

“My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.”

That part made me remember the day when i lost myself to the ponies. 24.10. is a small holiday for me now. :fluttercry:

By the way. Ever heard Aj or Photo Finish without accent? I cried 3 times since a know MLP: FiM. 1. My little Dashie :applecry: , 2. Applejack without accent in german (WHY, just... WHY) and 3. Photo Finish without accent (its the bucking joke for pete´s sake)

Sex scenes kinda felt rushed and your opening to dash's emotional side was poor. Over then that good fic.

:rainbowkiss: Loved it! :heart:

If it's possible, I'd like to see this as a part of a series, with the same level of quality and detail you've used here applied to the rest of the Mane 6. :ajsmug::yay::pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile:

While authors such as TAW tend to skip right to the smut, leaving relatively little in the way of plot (no pun intended), this reaches a far more emotional level, balancing both plot and "Plot."

Anyhoo, I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. :moustache:

Adding to favorites list:twilightsmile:

395665 I'm glad you liked it!

396736 Thank ye' kindly!

396768 I'm not sure i'll be able to though. High school AP classes are hard work. XD

396847 Thanks, im happy you enjoyed it ^^

396932 I'm honored you enjoyed it so thoroughly!

396937 Aha, thanks bro! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

397002 Thank ye' kindly sir, i'm glad you like it!

397127 Thank you^^ and im just glad you clicked the link :rainbowkiss:

397276 I'm honored to bring a smile to your face! and i'm a sir if you care. :moustache:

397613 I wish you the best of luck with yours. :twilightsmile:

397700 You're right, good sir. I'll be sure to add it. :twilightsmile:

397936 I'm so happy you enjoyed it, and it's nice to confirm that my intentions show through. So thank you for reading it!
And i'm sorry about your homework XD

399549 i do care good sir
i wish i could give you my other thumb
but alas
it is not possible

397941 Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it! :twilightsmile:

398659 I'll be sure to look those stories up, thanks!

398714 Thank you for the constructive criticism, i'll be sure to pay more attention to that if I decide to write more :twilightsmile:

398747 Thank you so much! I'm honored that you like it! :scootangel:

399094 Glad you enjoyed it, good sir!

399569 It was worth it...kinda XD and hey,I'm reading it for the third time!

400302 I am truly humbled sir, thank you. :twilightsmile:


Do I get no love for this?:pinkiesad2: I heavily edited this. :ajbemused:
Nahh just kidding :twilightsmile: Glad everypony here liked it as much as I did.

400809 This guy right here, needs a big round of applause for being so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

399552 Thanks mate, no way I can write one as well as yours, but I can try at least :rainbowwild:

400809 Well, I love the story, so props to you too! :pinkiehappy:

401194 You know, if you need an editor/ second opinion if you start writing, I'll be more than willing to help you out! It's good practice for me as well. But only if you want. ^^

401248 I'll keep that in mind, thanks! :pinkiehappy:


401149 Why thank you Francis (that's his name btw :trollestia:) I highly appreciate that. :twilightsmile:

Yes. I loved this.

418859 I am honored, sir, glad you enjoyed it!

Huh, I'm not usually a fan of Rainbow Dash centric stories but this was really well written. It almost didn't even seem like clop, much closer to a sensual fic. Well done mate.

440708 Thanks so much! :twilightsmile:

I liked the story a lot, it was both emotionally touching when it tried to be and hot when it tired to be. If anything then the begining threw me off. I think you say something about having had a crush on RD for weeks, but just after you say about having been friends with Pinkie Pie for years.

This just confused me as you established that he liked RD before even being drawn into the world, that it would take him years to actully build up a crush seems weird.

There were some other minor things(mention of the word "god" even though I assume ponies would be confused by that) and the whole "Do you love me" after the dude just bought choclate, rented a hot air baloon and made Twi make a spell on him to go and visist her... duh.. lol

(only other note, some comedic part of me kept expecting Twilight's spell to run out(and that he forgot bout it) and the main char to just plumet to his death... so awkwardly funny/sad. But glad that did not happen)

Overall, goodjob and sorry for long comment.

443352 Thank you for the constructive criticism, I'll make sure that your concerns do not fall on def ears. :rainbowkiss: And don't be sorry about the long comment, I quite enjoy when someone takes time out of their life to help me improve my stories, and I'm gald you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

I :heart:'d it and thought it was a great story. You should add more, please.:rainbowkiss:

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